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    I live in Chicago so that would not be visiting it 6 years ago  
    I didn't think about comparing to the rest of the world until after I voted 6 years ago  
    depends on what you think of as an assault riffle 6 years ago +1
    we had to invent the written word. 6 years ago  
    she's told me she ha a crush on me before 6 years ago  
    Most of our rich people know people and had a lot of good stocks 6 years ago +4
    some abuse their power and some bad people control good police but overall policemen/women are good 6 years ago  
    German, Latin, English 6 years ago  
    How long have the parents been married? long time...No 6 years ago  
    both Israel and Hamas were in the wrong and the Palestinian people were stuck in the cross fire. 6 years ago  
    the congress is completely broken and so many agency corrupt and corporations have way to much power in the government 6 years ago +1
    I think people should have guns but there should be regulations and a waiting period and background checks at the very least 6 years ago  
    option B implies that being gay is unnatural and that people can be turned gay, and turned back to straight, which is not true. it also does imply a choice, your childhood does affect you by how you choose to interpret them, how you where raised, making being gay a product of society and thus unnatural. Even though the option does not use the word choice it implies that it is a choice. 6 years ago +2
    were you born "straight". when did you make the decision to be straight. if my sexuality is a choice so is yours 6 years ago +1
    I already know russian 6 years ago  
    kim's life is entirely manufactured. her daddy got her every thing she has done, or people listen to only because of her father. she has not earned anything 6 years ago +5
    gay, my bf would not want women 6 years ago +1
    America is no longer the best country in the world. we're number one in a lot of things none of them are good 6 years ago +1
    minecraft has creepers 6 years ago  
    they are both protected under the first amendment the second amendment says you can own a gun, with reasonable restrictions (ruled by the suprem court) 6 years ago  
    most defiantly. No one won the Korean war thats still technically going 6 years ago  
    I LOVED these when I was little 6 years ago +2
    zebras can actually hold a humans weight 6 years ago  
    the universe is so large. its ignorant to think earth is the only place that can support life 6 years ago  
    kim has no talent 6 years ago  
    im gay. can't get pregnant 6 years ago  
    that is what I mean 6 years ago  
    God as in the christian god. NO way 6 years ago  
    I got raped so we would get closer from it 6 years ago  
    in both there is no justice. the second at least no one else dies 6 years ago  
    work and maybe starve to death(china), or starve to death(Africa) 6 years ago  
    the USA has fallen so far because of our broken congress and radicals on both sides not wanting to do anything they didn't think of 6 years ago  
    i mean no. leave the joker alone for awhile out of respect for Heath Ledger 6 years ago  
    because fox "news" is just far-right wing propaganda with few real fact. MSNBC is biased but use facts 6 years ago  
    original saga 6 years ago  
    I mean science. if you learn science you also learn math 6 years ago  
    some times its abused 6 years ago  
    A Fascist is the exact opposite of Communism, a fascist wants everyone in the country to be totally devoted to the government. often ignore most/all social issues, forces the economic class line be drawn with government officials at the top everyone else at the bottom. and are very militarised society. try to indoctrinate children at school. sponsors fear mongers. Obama has made universal healthcare and trying to make buying guns harder ( the opposite of what a fascist would do) 6 years ago  
    BACON!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
    you apparently don't know what a fascist is 6 years ago +4
    Rush Limbaugh is a fear mongering fundamentalist 6 years ago +2
    the war on drugs is a waste of tax dollars and causes way more problems then t claims to solve 6 years ago +1
    kkk hated only blacks and their supporters. WBC hates everyone 6 years ago +2
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