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Would you rather marry Justin Bieber(super rich) or An average man, but loves you truely and will never cheat you 3 years ago 95 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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4minute is Korean not Japanese;; If you think they are both Japanese I admit Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese are hard to constrast but Google them if you aren't sure. 3 years ago +1
Plastic surgery, people! 3 years ago  
11% are assholes 3 years ago  
green is cool:) 3 years ago +82
from the future; they have both! 3 years ago  
why?? 3 years ago  
Yass!! 3 years ago  
Don't they taste the same? 3 years ago +1
Hey Asians are good at... drivein(crashs a car)g 3 years ago  
Eminem is cool, JB is not;; 3 years ago  
Star trek left a mark in SF history. Star wars French kissed it 3 years ago  
The 13% people clicked their votes in the wrong box 3 years ago  
You can ride in those! 3 years ago  
what kind of wishes? 3 years ago  
Plastic surgery everyone!! 3 years ago  
at least's it's Korean and NOT JB 3 years ago  
you can get more money when u have more time 3 years ago  
it hurts when u can read minds 3 years ago  
casual rocks hah! 3 years ago  
Penguins are cute after they grow up too;; 3 years ago  
You can live without having the ability to read minds; you can't live without the ability to read . 3 years ago  
Chose one this 3 years ago  
Why does people like overtanned people that doesn't look sexy?? I mean Beyonce is gorgeous, but.. not a fan of tanned skin 3 years ago  
gosh i'm asian;; I don't like either jobs okay? 3 years ago  
Smart people leave in history, hot guys doesn't. 3 years ago  
the smartest person leaves on history, hot guys don't. 3 years ago  
at least you won't get killed by some sharks in the ocean;; 3 years ago  
Really? Something cool against life? 3 years ago  
At least money doesn't cheat on you..? 3 years ago  
I'm asian and I'll get killed in the 1800s with these clothes and this appearance.. 3 years ago  

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