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    Easily. 5 days ago  
    Sure. 5 days ago  
    Treecko tbh with u. 5 days ago  
    Endgame. 2 weeks ago  
    Easily. 2 weeks ago  
    wolverine would totaly kick his ass! i mean come on the guy has claws big ass claws i might add and the black panthers has kitty size claws...size matters! 2 weeks ago  
    I think Atrocitus could win 6/10. Atrocitus is pretty smart actually and he's billions of years old, he also knows blood magic. 2 weeks ago  
    Been to both prefer California though. 3 weeks ago +1
    Nathan drake is a sh*t character. 3 weeks ago  
    Middle- Earth 3 weeks ago +1
    Many. 4 weeks ago  
    Sure. 4 weeks ago  
    Sure. 4 weeks ago  
    Space mountain. 4 weeks ago  
    Dumbo. 4 weeks ago  
    Deadlier. 4 weeks ago  
    It will be hell of awkward. 4 weeks ago  
    necessities. 4 weeks ago +1
    Agree with asthomasa. 4 weeks ago  
    I’m desperate in my life. 4 weeks ago  
    With a little cinnamon yummy. 4 weeks ago  
    Hell yeah no one leaves me. 4 weeks ago  
    Awesome. 4 weeks ago +1
    Welp time to interact more. 4 weeks ago  
    Wilson. 4 weeks ago  
    Welp I give up in life. 4 weeks ago  
    B is a incredibly lame letter. 4 weeks ago  
    Honey bunches of oats. 4 weeks ago  
    One of my favorites. 4 weeks ago  
    Massachusetts. 4 weeks ago  
    Wanna go back I remember going to the San Diego zoo it was so god damn fun. 4 weeks ago  
    Dr doom. 4 weeks ago  
    Sure. 4 weeks ago  
    Loved how it takes you through the sea. 4 weeks ago  
    Flying. 4 weeks ago  
    Better flavor. 4 weeks ago  
    Don’t really use twitter. 4 weeks ago  
    No not really. 4 weeks ago  
    I had a bearded dragon growing up and it was pretty easy to care for. 4 weeks ago  
    Sounds yummy. 4 weeks ago  
    Love horror. 4 weeks ago  
    More entertaining. 4 weeks ago  
    a holocaust victim is more atttractive than those 2... bleh. 4 weeks ago  
    Lmao sounds good. 4 weeks ago  
    Definitely peg-legs.. At least if it was difficult to walk I could use a wheelchair and pick things up or just generally do everyday things. 4 weeks ago  
    Sure. 4 weeks ago  
    Ali because Tyson was never trained properly to go 10 rounds, much less 12-15. The longer the fight went, the more dominant Ali would become. 4 weeks ago  
    Love me some sweet corn. 4 weeks ago  
    Jeez idk. 4 weeks ago  
    Gotta go with funnel cake but depends. 4 weeks ago  
    Salt at least plays a crucial role in maintaining human health. 4 weeks ago  
    Relaxing. 4 weeks ago  
    Lugia. 4 weeks ago  
    Long boards are better because they have softer wheels which allows u to cruise easier and more stability. 4 weeks ago  
    Looks half full to me. 4 weeks ago  
    Germany is beautiful and has excellent food. 4 weeks ago  
    Tough one. 4 weeks ago  
    Kermit sucide. 4 weeks ago  
    Yea. 4 weeks ago  
    Correct spelling for the birds is booby. 4 weeks ago  
    Love some hunky men. 4 weeks ago  
    Tbh neither. 4 weeks ago  
    I will drop them in a giant vat of molten metal. 4 weeks ago  
    Russia, definitely. They have a superior army, and if they have Crimea, they can attack from two sides. 4 weeks ago  
    Wrong one North Korea does not have any way threatening the US itself. 4 weeks ago  
    Andy is coming. 4 weeks ago  
    I ain’t Korean. 4 weeks ago  
    I do but not my health. 4 weeks ago  
    Sure. 4 weeks ago  
    One of my favorite Jedi. 4 weeks ago  
    SPLINTERS INSIDE MY BODY OH GOD WHY Ill take steel, thank you. 4 weeks ago  
    Like me some blunts. 4 weeks ago  
    Just imagine you getting hit by a car on full speed while your facing a care, it would be a miracle if you wold escape alive. 4 weeks ago  
    Drug cartels/violence I’m in. 4 weeks ago  
    I hate bug. 4 weeks ago  
    The lion king. 4 weeks ago  
    Never. Way too expensive, like $20 to $50 for one. Smells bad, kinda sour lingering odor. Smelly pussy probably smells worse. 4 weeks ago  
    Why is this a question. 4 weeks ago  
    yes, even though i'm not that good, i like it. 4 weeks ago  
    Drink spoiled milk. It doesn't specify how much spoiled milk, so I would just take one tiny sip. 4 weeks ago  
    Easily. 4 weeks ago  
    Quality. Quantity doesn't mean anything, because they could be gone in a week. 4 weeks ago  
    Boy. 4 weeks ago  
    Definitely USA as we know US has biggest military in the world they will go up to any extend to destroy their enimies. 4 weeks ago  
    Prosthetic, only cause wheelchairs really kinda suck ass. 4 weeks ago  
    Sure. 4 weeks ago  
    Manly color. 4 weeks ago  
    It was not a good experience. 4 weeks ago  
    Pizza Hut. 4 weeks ago  
    One of the best. 4 weeks ago  
    Knowing my luck I'd probably be the first zombie. 4 weeks ago  
    The year 1994 was good. 4 weeks ago  
    Usually the ones that give me inspiration for an amazing book, movie, video game, or all three. 4 weeks ago  
    Rape nuts. Disgusting 4 weeks ago  
    Wow. 4 weeks ago  
    Turtle eats slug end of race. 4 weeks ago  
    My cooking might actually taste somewhat decent. 1 month ago  
    Gold. 1 month ago  
    More unique. 1 month ago  
    Gays should be allowed to fight because they are just as capable as fighting as women and men in our country that fight just because they love someone of the same gender doesn't mean they can't defend our country. 1 month ago  
    Starbucks. 1 month ago  
    Brock I don’t even know who Tracy is. 1 month ago  
    itachi mainly because of his broken genjuts and his mangekyou sharingan and susanoo. 1 month ago  
    Obito. 1 month ago  
    Naruto and sasuke. 1 month ago  
    Sure. 1 month ago  
    So pretty. 1 month ago  
    About 14 to 20 times a week. 1 month ago  
    More variety of life in the ocean. 1 month ago  
    Vancouver screw Seattle. 1 month ago  
    Three years. 1 month ago  
    Idaho is probably the most boring state. 1 month ago  
    Burji. 1 month ago  
    Both gay. 1 month ago  
    Gotta go with Uxie. 1 month ago  
    Hate Brazil. 1 month ago  
    SL63 AMG. 1 month ago  
    Frosted Flakes. 1 month ago  
    Currently have 1. 1 month ago  
    Easily. 1 month ago  
    Tbh neither. 1 month ago  
    Tbh neither. 1 month ago  
    Interesting. 1 month ago  
    Man gotta go with Lapras. 1 month ago  
    The cat in the hat Waz the thing. 1 month ago  
    Sure. 1 month ago  
    Men in black. 1 month ago  
    Shoes. 1 month ago  
    I hate sun. 1 month ago  
    Reservoir dogs. 1 month ago  
    Marines. 1 month ago  
    Daniel Craig. 1 month ago  
    Skrillex. 1 month ago  
    yeah, no one can guarantee firefly is the good guys, those guys will probably end up like Umberlla corporation, and do eugenics and contorl who can have the vaccine 1 month ago  
    Pulp fiction. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    Steelers. 1 month ago  
    Now you see me. 1 month ago  
    Tough one. 1 month ago  
    Sorry Tupac. 1 month ago  
    3DS. 1 month ago  
    People who riot try to change something. They want freedom, they want to prove a point, and they want to express their opinions to the country or even the world. 1 month ago  
    Dark souls. 1 month ago  
    The crew 2. 1 month ago  
    Waffles. 1 month ago  
    Work from home. 1 month ago  
    What would happen if the chicken finally won a battle against Peter griffin. 1 month ago  
    American reunion. 1 month ago  
    Sure. 1 month ago  
    Until such time as a robot is indistinguishable from a human, in terms of functionality, rather then aesthetics, then I will always pick human. 1 month ago +1
    Sure. 1 month ago  
    Isn't Future Trunks a better swordsman? Shouldn't he win? 1 month ago  
    Empathy is stronger than sympathy. 1 month ago  
    Bleach. 1 month ago  
    Never seen RWBY. 1 month ago  
    Depends. 1 month ago  
    I love broccoli. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    Ligma. 1 month ago  
    Trust me kissing without makeup is better. 1 month ago  
    It’s ok for black people to say the n word but not white. 1 month ago  
    Easily. 1 month ago  
    Try me. 1 month ago  
    A good defense reduces the amount of mistakes you create which in turn gives you an advantage. 1 month ago  
    Women have a higher pain tolerance than men. 1 month ago  
    Chris Paul. 1 month ago  
    Taylor. 1 month ago  
    What? 1 month ago  
    Here I come Paris, France. 1 month ago  
    Idk. 1 month ago  
    Trump. 1 month ago  
    Very scary. 1 month ago  
    Green. 1 month ago  
    I can’t eat a cockroach. 1 month ago  
    Hopper. 1 month ago  
    Sounds more tasty. 1 month ago  
    Taylor. 1 month ago  
    How is Lilo & Stitch winning 1 month ago  
    Pretty. 1 month ago  
    This or reach. 1 month ago  
    Don’t care for A. 1 month ago  
    Bubbles. 1 month ago  
    Michael. 1 month ago  
    No competition here. 1 month ago  
    I’m getting hard. 1 month ago  
    Damn tough one. 1 month ago  
    Cheese. 1 month ago  
    Water for sure. 1 month ago  
    Tough. 1 month ago  
    Damn. 1 month ago  
    Ketchup. 1 month ago  
    Damn so sexy. 1 month ago  
    Cool. 1 month ago  
    Bigger. 1 month ago  
    Sure. 1 month ago  
    Fords for sure. 1 month ago  
    Pop. 1 month ago  
    Chicago. 1 month ago  
    Thor destroys him. 1 month ago  
    Hulk just uses brute force, but Broly has blast power and can power up. Broly end of story. 1 month ago  
    Mystic Gohan Uber curbstomp! He is faster, stronger, more blasting firepower and better hand to hand combat, Kon-el doesnt have a chance 1 month ago  
    Deathstroke bullet tore into black panthers flesh. 1 month ago  
    MM wins vision can't really do anything. 1 month ago  
    Superman and ww stomp. 1 month ago  
    There is no way iron man can get through the lantern ring. 1 month ago  
    Based on power scarlet witch. 1 month ago  
    Thanos wins without the gauntlet. Thanos massively stomps with the gauntlet. 1 month ago  
    Alright. 1 month ago  
    Breed. 1 month ago  
    Lugia. 1 month ago  
    Really?! 1 month ago  
    Vaporeon my fav. 1 month ago  
    Fire. 1 month ago  
    Water. 1 month ago  
    Tough. 1 month ago  
    Depends on the situation. 1 month ago  
    Not B. 1 month ago  
    Oreos. 1 month ago  
    Oreos. 1 month ago  
    Easier to store. 1 month ago  
    Alright. 1 month ago  
    I'd rather sit in the dark at night with candles and lamps than never be able to take a shower in my own house. Or do dishes. Or go to the bathroom. The house would smell absolutely horrid if I didn't have running water. 1 month ago  
    Love cocaine. 1 month ago  
    Basketball easily. 1 month ago  
    Soccer. 1 month ago  
    The fights over before it begins. Flash. 1 month ago  
    Good question. 1 month ago +2
    Water? 1 month ago  
    Marques. 1 month ago  
    Taxation is not theft, because citizens have agreed to pay taxes. 1 month ago  
    I would honestly pick smart and ugly because if I’m smart enough I can eventually make enough money to fix the ugly. 1 month ago  
    Large Mansion by myself. I'll entertain myself by throwing elaborate parties and basically be the great gatsby. 1 month ago  
    Stupid and rich can easily waste their wealth. Smart and poor can eventually become middle income or rich. 1 month ago  
    I don’t really care. 1 month ago  
    I know most people here are going to say no, but I think most of these people are lying. 1 month ago  
    No one needs to know. 1 month ago  
    Bagels for sure. 1 month ago  
    More badass. 1 month ago  
    North America. 1 month ago  
    Skittles. 1 month ago  
    Sure. 1 month ago  
    Rain. It doesn’t require shoveling. 1 month ago  
    Irene u right. 1 month ago  
    Lebron James. 1 month ago  
    3 feet or 400 pounds..... 3 feet. 1 month ago  
    Wall-E. 1 month ago  
    How to train. 1 month ago  
    Racism yes. 1 month ago  
    Fact. 1 month ago  
    Ellen Degeneres. 1 month ago  
    Thin mints. 1 month ago  
    Shark. Because a shark as 1 single weapon, really. It's mouthful of teeth. A lion? Has not only got a face full of fangs, it also has 20 very mean claws attached at the end of 4 strong limbs. 1 month ago  
    Nope no matter how closed the friends is, I would never take the blame of his or her deeds on my head. 1 month ago  
    Yachts make me feel anxious and like I’m going to die a horrible death. So jet. 1 month ago  
    More events. 1 month ago  
    Wolf. 1 month ago  
    Of course leader of people. Invention is about finding something new, I am sure most of us can invented something new-story, music, dance, drama, art, game. 1 month ago  
    Yummy. 1 month ago  
    Not even a compentation. 1 month ago  
    Altmer. 1 month ago  
    Toothpicks, lightly kick the wall. 1 month ago  
    Packers. 1 month ago  
    Probably 1 of the greatest video game. 1 month ago  
    I would prefer playing video games. Games are like movies but with better visuals. 1 month ago  
    Sucks I don’t have feelings. 1 month ago  
    Welp time to go to Japan. 1 month ago  
    I’m done How is GTA V winning. 1 month ago  
    My favorite president. 1 month ago  
    Rockets. 1 month ago  
    Markiplier. 1 month ago  
    I like to play basketball more. 1 month ago  
    Blue. 1 month ago  
    Timberwolves. 1 month ago  
    Not even a competition. 1 month ago  
    Darth maul. 1 month ago  
    Way better. 1 month ago  
    Vanilla. 1 month ago  
    Whichever is cheapest. 1 month ago  
    Michael. 1 month ago  
    Jeez. 1 month ago  
    Dog without question. 1 month ago  
    Freddie Mercury. 1 month ago  
    Katy Perry. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    Sure 1 month ago  
    Shadow. 1 month ago  
    Sounds good. 1 month ago  
    Mostly coo-pon, but I use both interchangeably at times. 1 month ago  
    Easily. 1 month ago  
    The incredibles. 1 month ago  
    Just like fetty wap. 1 month ago  
    Sisters. 1 month ago  
    I like myself is better. 1 month ago  
    Chuck. 1 month ago  
    Link. 1 month ago  
    Yes. I believe love at first sight can happen. 1 month ago  
    I would rather be loved more. 1 month ago  
    Another name of love is called as trust. 1 month ago  
    Yes, I think most (or at least many) people have, but won’t admit it. 1 month ago  
    Definitely pee. 1 month ago  
    I’d say giant. Buying clothes would be a hassle but i would always get picked first for pickup basketball and getting cats out of trees. 1 month ago  
    No one should be slapping anyone. 1 month ago  
    Pokemon for sure. 1 month ago  
    Tough. 1 month ago  
    Good 1. 1 month ago  
    Chemistry drugs cough drugs. 1 month ago  
    I remember I took astronomy in high school and really liked it. 1 month ago  
    Lmao terrible idea. 1 month ago  
    If I had to choose one, I would rather know how. It would probably drive me insane to know when I was going to die. 1 month ago  
    Chuck Norris. It would be an honor for him to whoop my ass. 1 month ago  
    It depends on the situation. 1 month ago  
    The debt. 1 month ago  
    22 Jump. 1 month ago  
    Less expensive. 1 month ago  
    Kabuki. 1 month ago  
    Absolutely not. 1 month ago  
    The hangover. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    Reeses’s. 1 month ago  
    Dr Pepper. 1 month ago  
    Don’t care for mint. 1 month ago  
    David. 1 month ago  
    Sounds good. 1 month ago  
    Why not? 1 month ago  
    He dipped. 1 month ago  
    As it should. 1 month ago  
    Feel the effects. 1 month ago  
    Is Wrexham in United Kingdom. Lol I’m dumb. 1 month ago  
    Welp. 1 month ago  
    Screw that. 1 month ago  
    Love em both. 1 month ago  
    Like art. 1 month ago  
    I hate spiders. 1 month ago  
    B looks fun. 1 month ago  
    Eric Cartman. 1 month ago  
    George. 1 month ago +1
    No contest. 1 month ago  
    My old house had a pond and I always had duckies in my yard good times. 1 month ago  
    My favorite. 1 month ago  
    Stand. Sounds healthier :) 1 month ago  
    Sugar. 1 month ago  
    Like Halloween. 1 month ago  
    Fresh. 1 month ago  
    Yea look at it. 1 month ago  
    Way better. 1 month ago  
    Never had spray candy but warheads Jesus. 1 month ago  
    Don’t do it lil Wayne. 1 month ago  
    O no my blood leaking. 1 month ago  
    Easily. 1 month ago  
    It’s pretty old. 1 month ago  
    Beef. 1 month ago  
    With their respective brains it would not matter. If that isn't the case, then bird 1 month ago  
    My favorite. 1 month ago  
    Easily. 1 month ago  
    Who wears hat backwards anymore. 1 month ago  
    Japanese is easier to learn. 1 month ago  
    I do. 1 month ago  
    Haven’t heard of SkyBlu. 1 month ago  
    Death note. 1 month ago  
    Yes. 1 month ago  
    There fake. 1 month ago  
    I hate it. 1 month ago  
    ET. 1 month ago  
    Nas. 1 month ago  
    I would honestly pick smart and ugly because if I’m smart enough I can eventually make enough money to fix the ugly 1 month ago  
    Like Katy’s voice. 1 month ago  
    Beef burgers. 1 month ago  
    Drake. 1 month ago  
    Well, I wouldn't want to be kicked in the balls by anybody so I'll go with face. 1 month ago  
    Butters or Kenny. 1 month ago  
    Love fall. 1 month ago  
    I like Skrillex. 1 month ago  
    Ice cream. 1 month ago  
    Golden retriever. 1 month ago  
    Come on both. 1 month ago  
    I will purposely climb up and down and make the loudest noise possible. 1 month ago  
    Definitely. 1 month ago  
    Emma Watson damn. 1 month ago  
    As uncomfortable as cheeto fingers would be, i would literally go mad if i always had a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat. 1 month ago  
    My answer would definitely be smart, because being smart can make you rich. 1 month ago  
    I prefer 2D. The main reason is that I feel like 3D does not enhance the movie experience, and wearing the glasses feels cumbersome and annoying. 1 month ago  
    Fred. 1 month ago  
    Love my strawberries. 1 month ago  
    Takis taste weird to me. 1 month ago  
    Easy Hershey’s candy. Reese’s and kit kats. 1 month ago  
    My favorite. 1 month ago  
    Berry. 1 month ago  
    Green. 1 month ago  
    Gold has been a better investment than silver. 1 month ago  
    Wolf living in the Canadian wilderness. 1 month ago  
    Ponytail. I like both, but a ponytail flops around, which I find kind of exciting to watch. 1 month ago  
    For me I have to say write a paper .test make me anxious and I am pretty good writer when I put my mind to it and focus. 1 month ago  
    Pretty 1 month ago  
    Fine. 1 month ago  
    Dumbledore got nothing. 1 month ago  
    Yes 1 month ago  
    So cute. 1 month ago  
    Finding Nemo. 1 month ago  
    Long straight blonde hair does it for me. 1 month ago  
    Don’t really drink coffee but if I have a taste for it I always go to Starbucks. 1 month ago  
    Elephant trunk u can always have it removed and reshaped. 1 month ago  
    Depends. 1 month ago  
    Rihanna. 1 month ago  
    Winter. 1 month ago  
    Katy Perry. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    Haven’t heard of Hoodie Allen. 1 month ago  
    Strawberry. 1 month ago  
    Toaster strudels. 1 month ago  
    Sprite. 1 month ago  
    Arizona green tea. 1 month ago  
    O woody. 1 month ago  
    1 thing I learned as u get older, you’ll probably prefer close friendships over squad. 1 month ago  
    Be loved but never love 1 month ago  
    I'd personally go with the tongues for hair. 1 month ago  
    As counter-intuitive as it may sound, I’d rather feel only pain. 1 month ago  
    Yes, I cheat at video games- it’s half the fun. 1 month ago  
    Skyfall. 1 month ago  
    Currently chugging 1. 1 month ago  
    Plato taught Aristotle. 1 month ago  
    Musically talented. Something that I can use the rest of my life, to create art and inspire vision. 1 month ago  
    Not even a competition. 1 month ago  
    Last Laugh. The final outcome is the one that actually matters. 1 month ago  
    Paul McCartney my favorite. 1 month ago  
    Nah. 1 month ago  
    Rihanna. 1 month ago  
    Lady Gaga. 1 month ago  
    AT&T is much better than Verizon/ t mobile/ sprint. 1 month ago  
    Modern family. 1 month ago  
    In my opinions yes, I prefer red to white wine most of the time. 1 month ago  
    I like em both. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    Yea. 1 month ago  
    Turbo. 1 month ago  
    I enjoyed it. 1 month ago  
    If you're happy at least you don't want to kill yourself. 1 month ago  
    alien invasion, cause with ww3 the world will probably be completly destroyed, with alien invasion we still have a small chance of winning. 1 month ago  
    Infinite power. Infinite knowledge would be boring. 1 month ago  
    More time to enjoy life. 1 month ago  
    Russian roulette. I don't mind death if I lose. If I win I'm beyond set for life. Sounds fun. Lets do it. 1 month ago  
    Wrong 1 I always do. 1 month ago  
    I used to. 1 month ago  
    Burn some calories. 1 month ago  
    Yea. 1 month ago  
    The legal drinking age should be lowered to about 18 or 19. 1 month ago +1
    Explains why they are so yummy 1 month ago  
    I don’t think. 1 month ago  
    People are liars. 1 month ago  
    Sounds fun. 1 month ago  
    Depends on the scenario. If it was for family then I would want to be wanted, but for work I would rather be needed. 1 month ago  
    Probably more exciting. 1 month ago  
    Bruce lee was never over rated. He was a man who was and probably will be one of the best martial arts actor/trainer in Hollywood. 1 month ago  
    0-1 1 month ago  
    Credit card is more convenient method of payment than using cash. 1 month ago  
    Super speed is way better. I would just travel around the world without any problems. 1 month ago  
    Own a dragon. Definitely. 1 month ago  
    Finger as long as my legs so I would point with immense emphasis. 1 month ago  
    I’d rather have a horse. I like horses, I can ride well enough to have fun. 1 month ago  
    I can repeat a song as much as I like. 1 month ago  
    Basically every day. 1 month ago  
    Def. Learning sign language would be kinda hot. You could create your own sexy signs! 1 month ago  
    Men and women can be equally materialistic. 1 month ago  
    Brains. Always. Being able to have interesting conversations with someone I'm on a date with is awesome. 1 month ago  
    Nope refrigerator. 1 month ago  
    People still use these. 1 month ago  
    Tough. 1 month ago  
    Eating an oreo dry is like pouring sand down your throat, milk is the only way to eat them. Even the creme by itself isn't great dry. 1 month ago  
    Might be better for neck and spine. 1 month ago  
    Like em heated. 1 month ago  
    Absolutely. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    Definitely cook. 1 month ago  
    third person would be pretty helpful actually. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    More energy efficient. 1 month ago  
    Nice and brown. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
    Nope. 1 month ago  
    Nope. 1 month ago  
    Oreos or Pepperidge Farm. 1 month ago  
    Many times. Like during iron giant. I was the only adult in the theater and all the kids laughed at me. 1 month ago  
    Interesting. 1 month ago  
    I love rainy days. 1 month ago  
    22. 1 month ago  
    Easily. 1 month ago  
    No, never knew any of my great- grandparents. 1 month ago  
    Screw u for us picking. 1 month ago  
    Donald Duck. 1 month ago  
    I mean I use it. 1 month ago  
    Probably. 1 month ago  
    The best. Grew up with it. 1 month ago  
    The elder scrolls V:Skyrim. 1 month ago  
    Depends. 1 month ago  
    Mr burns. 1 month ago  
    O yea. 1 month ago  
    For sure. 1 month ago  
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