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    more fun 5 years ago  
    maybe hes the kind of christian thats against that 5 years ago  
    r a p e get ur hands away from me 5 years ago +1
    at this point 5 years ago +1
    rip his face off 5 years ago +1
    ching chang chong 5 years ago  
    vishnu 5 years ago  
    trick question lube is holy water if you know what i mean wink 5 years ago  
    thumbs up 5 years ago  
    prude 5 years ago  
    u lil prude 5 years ago +1
    asl yolo 5 years ago  
    can u help me 5 years ago  
    thats what i thought too 5 years ago  
    if you win you can quit school/job forever and do whatever you want but if you lose nothing happens because youre dead 5 years ago  
    i love how everyone says they download illegially 5 years ago  
    no rape jokes are good 5 years ago +1
    hitler doesnt effect you anymore 5 years ago  
    because lots of gay black people live in america 5 years ago  
    neither there are great jokes for both of them 5 years ago  
    something has to be already made 5 years ago  
    photobomb the asians 5 years ago +1
    i would plow through everyone because id be in an armored car thats my pimp ride yo 5 years ago +2
    sorry i need pizza?? 5 years ago +2
    f*ck diamonds 5 years ago +5
    this is terrible what the hell 5 years ago +2
    actually has swag 5 years ago  
    it gon kill u 5 years ago  
    its called you move to the states 5 years ago  
    i could shoot anybody 5 years ago  
    you cant have a son you dont get to have sex (unless youre into adopting asians) 5 years ago  
    us canadians need our snow 5 years ago +2
    what son you cant have sex unless youre into asians??? 5 years ago  
    a very happy sport 5 years ago  
    thats kind of gay but ok 5 years ago  
    vat in the name of vishnu 5 years ago  
    obviously 5 years ago  
    first vote yo thats what happens when you refresh the page for a minute straight 5 years ago  
    r u hiding in ur profile pic because u got abused as a child 5 years ago  
    whatever unicorn girl 5 years ago  
    enjoy your exploding diarriah 5 years ago +83
    same yo 5 years ago  
    its a random power 5 years ago  
    kids meal 5 years ago  
    tons 5 years ago  
    id drop out of school and travel 5 years ago  
    that means he was fingering your ass hope everyone knows that 5 years ago  
    obama omg ur my idol i love u!!!1 5 years ago +2
    oink oink mother f*ckers 5 years ago +4
    why do i need power 5 years ago  
    excuse to sleep forever 5 years ago +2
    ill kill them 5 years ago  
    doesnt say i cant be on a cruise ship 5 years ago +5
    aussie josh 5 years ago +3
    i see what u did there 5 years ago  
    you are my favorite person 5 years ago +4
    kill myself? 5 years ago +5
    aye 5 years ago  
    hothtohtohothothothothothothothothot 5 years ago  
    scream 5 years ago +3
    perf 5 years ago  
    worth it in the long run 5 years ago  
    what re choose the sharpender 5 years ago  
    no they dont maybe youre just poor 5 years ago  
    this was hard 5 years ago +1
    hi hotties 5 years ago +3
    safety in numbers xoxo 5 years ago +1
    be an assasin touch your victims they turn into water 5 years ago +1
    they mean being tattooed against your will 5 years ago  
    please calm please clam 5 years ago  
    kids this is what happens when you dont finish school 5 years ago +5
    y0l0 5 years ago +1
    both are worthy 5 years ago +1
    is that not obama 5 years ago  
    yes 5 years ago +1
    assasin's creed 4 5 years ago  
    vAT IN THE NAME OF VISHNU 5 years ago  
    what a hottie mc tottie 5 years ago +2
    hitler is my role model 5 years ago +4
    chance i could win 5 years ago  
    it actually tastes good though 5 years ago +1
    depends 5 years ago  
    my name is adolf tho 5 years ago  
    im not emo i dont listen to rock 5 years ago +2
    absolutly 5 years ago  
    //////// 5 years ago  
    yes 5 years ago  
    HITLER I LOVE YOU 5 years ago  
    id shoot both of them lil jews 5 years ago +5
    depends 5 years ago  
    cant make jokes about titanic 5 years ago +2
    follow me guys xoxoxo 5 years ago  
    way 5 years ago  
    id shot it either wau 5 years ago  
    id makea prison gang 5 years ago  
    i want unlimited wishes 5 years ago +2
    call me giovanna 5 years ago  
    call me asian 5 years ago  
    i need my dick 5 years ago  
    still alive and kickin lol 5 years ago  
    33% are retarded 5 years ago  
    easier to drink 5 years ago  
    but if you get in a room they cant open the door 5 years ago  
    if they are fast and you are in an open feild you are dead 5 years ago +1
    helen keller is a hottie 5 years ago +1
    slowest mac > fastest pc 5 years ago +1
    are the spiders that big 5 years ago +1
    yolo 6 years ago +1
    do u evn litf 6 years ago  
    yolo 6 years ago  
    call me hitler 6 years ago +1
    hitler is my hero xoxo 6 years ago  
    hitler has swag 6 years ago  
    instagram 6 years ago +2
    gossip girls 6 years ago  
    hot am i right 6 years ago  
    wow first vote 6 years ago  
    do people eat each other in frozen or 6 years ago  
    one cute thing or 100 cute things is my reasoning 6 years ago  
    what is air 6 years ago  
    hitler no im on your side 6 years ago  
    gas them all 6 years ago  
    step 1: make a shiv step 2: shank shank shank shank shank 6 years ago +6
    sarah palin 6 years ago  
    i dont really kiss them um 6 years ago +3
    lots to do at an airport 6 years ago +1
    i think they mean the tents 6 years ago  
    step 1: make a shiv 6 years ago  
    they have to catch me first 6 years ago +2
    step 1: make a shiv 6 years ago  
    shaq's black 6 years ago +1
    what 6 years ago +1
    i think i'd get fat if i sat 6 years ago +3
    it probably wouldn't be my favorite song anymore 6 years ago +1
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