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    It says you can't adopt, so NO WIN. FAIL. +2
    it's too long, I know :(  
    Okay, I didn't know that. It's just the way he said it made it seem like he was calling girls cows.  
    invest +2
    you don't have to sleep with her. "Dating" doesn't imply sex. +1
    Taylor has real abs. Robert doesn't. +2
    so a normal 2 year old or a normal 15 year old? +555
    I only chose cuz New England has the word "England" in it... and I like England  
    I'm a nerd and proud of it!  
    I'm 14, and I wouldn't drink anyway even if I was 21 or older. +2
    I don't have to DIE. I'm clearly a skilled witch, because the Goblet of Fire only chooses witches/wizards eligible for the tournament, so I could probably defend myself pretty well. Especially if I am like Hermione.  
    How is that offensive?  
    Uh, yeah, it kinda is.  
    ahem. Obama.  
    black cars attract heat.  
    bleh. just bleh.  
    Or maybe we're actually good people. Shocking, right? There are actually good people on this planet.  
    it has to be ALIVE  
    Lil Wayne sounds like a tortured cat.  
    in the WILD.  
    Oh, okay. Now I understand.  
    Oh, the irony.  
    But it says, which would you pick if you had these options. I would pick "B". and because I can choose how I die, I choose to die peacefully at old age.  
    I choose to die peacefully of old age...  
    that's a guy? +1
    create the script! that's more fun! +2
    I loved that movie!  
    that's kind of like, would you rather get turned down or not even ask? If you don't ask, you'll never know. +2
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