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stats is way too easy... i took calc last year and now im just bored out of my mind in stats 6 years ago  
been bowling for 12 years, work at a bowling alley, and personally know a professional bowler 6 years ago  
winters would be awful here in illinois 6 years ago  
the meaning is of life is to reproduce and further your specific sequence of genetic code. i doubt that this is what the question was looking for though, so i voted no 6 years ago +1
and religion was involved in most, if not all wars since the beginning of warfare 6 years ago  
personally, i think the people shouldn't get to vote at all for president, but that the electoral college should also be hugely increased in size, to a few thousand 6 years ago  
these questions are the same... people just keep increasing the dollar amount 6 years ago +3
i hate donuts... 6 years ago +1
a throwing knife requires the hit to be somewhere on the sharp part of the blade to be effective. the ninja star can hit anywhere 6 years ago  
i watched one of shaytards' videos... it was really awful 6 years ago  
i love watching minecraft commentaries. best channels for minecraft imo are jeromeasf and thabajancanadian 6 years ago +1
I hope you aren't thinking of like flash games or something... computer games include things like World of Warcraft, DOTA, Portal, Team Fortress 2, etc 6 years ago  
irvine 6 years ago  
luigi has mad hops 6 years ago +1
living in the mountains is basically poverty, because money is useless, but there's also no one to help you out. 6 years ago +2
yes 6 years ago  
if i learn a substantial amount, ill be able to get a good job, maybe not 1million a year, but still good 6 years ago +2
yeah if you scuba dove in there you would die no matter what... mount everest is climable 6 years ago  
halo 6 years ago +2
calculus is so much fun :D 6 years ago  
im atheist and i have several christian friends and even a muslim friend 6 years ago +2
i agree that you should not slap back, but the reason is not because it's a female, the reason is because it's just pointless violence. if I was actually endangered by a female, i'd do whatever it takes to get out of danger, just as i would with a guy. 6 years ago +5
that's endurance, not strength 6 years ago +2
don't hurt me, no more 6 years ago  
exactly what i was thinking. quiting wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth 300 grand 6 years ago +1
55% like rap... the VAST majority of rap is awful... 6 years ago +3
did not know this... then why do christians have such a problem with abortion? 6 years ago +5
"snipe" with our highly inaccurate muskets? 6 years ago  
imagination exists in space. its just electrons moving through our brain in specific patterns 6 years ago +1
both 6 years ago +4
I don't understand why people prefer the br... the zoom on it is so small 6 years ago +1
male lions have sex several times per day, frequently with different lionesses 6 years ago  
exactly... 200 million in a little over a month is not realistic... especially now that the hype for it is dying down 6 years ago +1
in a direct democracy, literally nothing would get done... EVERY VOTER would have to vote on EVERY LAW. 6 years ago +4
horror films are very unrealistic... 6 years ago +3
less mass 6 years ago +4
invisibility is better. and can be used for pretty much the same purpose. 6 years ago  
there's one planet like 600 light years away that's in its star's habitable zone. but it's also like 2.5 times the size of earth, so you may get crushed by your own weight if you go there 6 years ago  
then why vote no 6 years ago +6
enemies* 6 years ago +3
not really, because if you're permanently smiling, everyone would know that for some reason you can't stop 6 years ago +6
dear god people... next you'll be telling me you put ketchup on your hot dogs! 6 years ago +3
im 17 6 years ago  
honestly, juice tastes better than soda 6 years ago +2
spetsnaz were extremely vigorously trained. pretty sure they are the hardest trained soldiers ever, besides maybe spartans 6 years ago +2
they found his tomb or something at some point 6 years ago  
why do you have to believe in god first? jesus was an actual person that lived on earth and preached christianity. saying i have to believe in god first to believe in jesus is like saying i have to believe in god to believe in barack obama 6 years ago  
i believe in jesus but not god... he was proven to have existed 6 years ago +4
wow... i thought steak would have tons more votes 6 years ago +5
NEVAR 6 years ago  
i agree. cheesecake is far better than pie 6 years ago  
i really don't care what they're made of. they could be made of dog sh*t for all i care. all that matters to me is that they are safe to eat and taste good 6 years ago +1
prefer 6 years ago  
who says 1000 spartans? maybe it's literally every spartan who has ever spawned in halo games, which numbers in the billions. or maybe it's only the named spartans in the series, which would drop the number to 50ish. the question doesn't provide enough info 6 years ago +1
i'm already above average as far as intelligence goes, but below average as far as attractiveness goes. so... easy choice 6 years ago  
if i forget and literally no one knows, then there's no problem in it 6 years ago  
freeze it, take it out a few hours before you want to use it, then refreeze it when you're done using it 6 years ago  
with option b, that basically means you go to hell... 6 years ago +1
neither 6 years ago +3
we can use freezers 6 years ago  
inhumane* 6 years ago +2
i hate chocolate covered fruit 6 years ago +1
this only happens in rare cases... myself and most of my friends have been playing violent games (like gta, halo, cod, etc) since like age 12 and we aren't really aggressive at all 6 years ago  
bugatti is worth like $1.5 million... 6 years ago +7
but i have no problems according to the question, so somehow hunger is not a problem 6 years ago  
well the other option is to literally be unable to use it... 6 years ago  
im graduating high school this year and i gotta worry about college... 6 years ago  
why is there a walking dead picture for romero 6 years ago  
um... no. going through time would leave you at the same point in space, although i assume the asker means the same point relative to the earth. going through space would be like traveling from here to australia instantly, or the moon, or somewhere 6 years ago +3
dafuq is maplestory 6 years ago +2
you die no matter what 6 years ago  
the didact was more powerful, but had much less character developement 6 years ago  
i literally never listen to music except for whatever is playing on the radio in the car 6 years ago  
personally, i think this phrase is bullsh*t. id rather be blind my whole life than lose my sight at age 20. then i won't know what im missing. 6 years ago +3
its not racist. racism would be if he implied that white people are simply better than black people. but he didn't. 6 years ago +5
im surprised more people didn't choose breaking bad... if you're in the walking dead, you're probably gonna die no matter who you are. in breaking bad, you could just be an extra at Los Pollos Hermanos or something 6 years ago +1
me too, but i think that would get old faster than mexican 6 years ago  
i wouldn't know option b was happening 6 years ago  
it doesnt say how tired... maybe i just always feel like i need another half hour of sleep 6 years ago  
simple and clean? the kingdom hearts 1 theme song? OMG I SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR HER 6 years ago  
the vast majority of space is nothingness 6 years ago +9
you would perceive your death as lasting for an infinite amount of time 6 years ago  
yeah, but the question is saying you'd also get all the DLC for free 6 years ago  
assuming he is not including humans in the category of animals, killing every animal would severely cripple the human population because one of our main food sources would be gone. also, no animals means flowers have a much harder time pollinating, so a lot of plants would die as well. 6 years ago +1
cheese nips are disgusting 6 years ago +5
lol a convent 6 years ago  
This question is literally asking if something illegal is a crime. BY DEFINITION it's a crime. But apparently 63% of you don't realize that. 6 years ago +2
because then it would be a 1-party system, and those do not work 6 years ago  
leave the internet. 6 years ago +12
you can get married as young as you want with parental consent 6 years ago +1
what does hyfr mean 6 years ago  
DOWNVOTE 6 years ago +1
the monarchs in england have no power. basically, the queen is just a diplomat 6 years ago  
you'll be dead. no way a human body can survive a 50mph impact. With the molotov cocktail, you could put yourself out with water or if you're lucky by stopping, dropping, and rolling 6 years ago +1
1) the flag isn't a huge issue 2) America is still a very young country 3) The following states have had Spanish roots, just like Puerto Rico: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah 6 years ago +6
how the hell do you not like halo... 6 years ago +4
scientists have somehow actually measured the pain of each 6 years ago  
i hate beaches 6 years ago +1
mods, creating skins, and creating texture packs have nothing to do with updates 6 years ago  
I NEED A DOWNVOTE BUTTON 10 was easily the best 6 years ago +2
simple: if i can make 1 person's wish come true per day, i get them to wish for what i want sometimes, because their wishes are permanent 6 years ago +1
minecraft is limited. i think its like a 30,000,000x30,000,000 block square 6 years ago  
aids is only one disease. cancer affects many more people and is spread across more types 6 years ago +1
not sure what im at now, probably 130+, 1 per year would make me a super genius when im older 6 years ago  
as far as instantaneous pain goes, a kick in the balls is far more painful than birth. but, birth also lasts much longer. 6 years ago  
there's also tons of negative videos about romney. and this question is "who is going to win" not "who do you want to win" 6 years ago  
wormholes have enough gravity to literally bend space 6 years ago  
im only 17 so... 6 years ago +1
it does matter. it shouldn't, but it has had an effect on how we vote 6 years ago +1
dafuq?! 6 years ago  
is willow the same person who plays lily on how i met your mother? 6 years ago  
space mountain was closed down the one time i went to disney >:( 6 years ago  
pie is soooooo much better than cake 6 years ago +2
the 20s were great 6 years ago  
actually studies have shown that breakfast may slow your metabolism 6 years ago  
it doesn't say all old houses. so you could just knock down 2 6 years ago  
no, not to the actual city. it was a terrible event, but the city itself wasn't hurt that much 6 years ago  
i think it would be pretty cool to have Slender right outside my window. Now, if it was Slenderman or The Operator, that would be different 6 years ago +1
braces suck... they hurt 6 years ago  
"a lot" is opinionated. also, i can't even drink a glass of water if im not thirsty 6 years ago  
its ok if they use YOUR facebook. idc 6 years ago +2
9-11: two buildings gone, some surrounding buildings damaged Sandy: EVERY building damaged. it says nothing about the people, just the city 6 years ago  
who chose jennamarbles... she is so f*cking annoying 6 years ago +1
black hole=quickish death. endless abyss=you fall until you starve to death 6 years ago +2
biologically, a cucumber is also a fruit. and literally anything with seeds is a fruit. culinarily, a tomato is still a fruit 6 years ago  
i didnt like cod4... and i loved black ops, black ops 2 looks like its gonna be pretty good too 6 years ago  
if we make it legal, there will be more drinking for a year or two, but after that there will be even less. a lot of teens drink now partially BECAUSE its illegal 6 years ago +3
there's a chance of some genetic problems, but it isn't guaranteed 6 years ago +1
imo, mw2 was the only good game infinity ward made... 6 years ago  
doesn't say they have to be in my scrotum. maybe im a testicle thief 6 years ago +4
so you would spend $30 literally because apple is respectable? 6 years ago  
i find eyes of different colors to be extremely attractive 6 years ago +3
i agree with you that biology is far more important to humans, but physics is more important to the universe 6 years ago  
whats wrong with them? they don't have a negative effect on the country, their only negatives stem from religious beliefs. so what happened to separating church and state? 6 years ago +11
beethoven 6 years ago +1
travelling to the past is dangerous... i could end up doing something to alter the present 6 years ago +4
that was a tough one 6 years ago  
i agree that trump is a douche for doing this, but if obama doesn't accept, he'll look bad in the eyes of the general public... and if he does, those people who aren't voting for him because they think he's from kenya may change their minds 6 years ago +1
chopsticks are already easy 6 years ago  
lol. pornstars and hardcore porn 6 years ago +6
no. out of sprite, sierra mist, and 7up (all lemon-lime drinks) they have very different flavors. sprite is the best, then 7up, then sierra mist. same applies to coke and pepsi. both colas, but coke is better 6 years ago  
honestly, if i knew id repeat the same day 365 times and there would be no consequences for any day but the last one, i'd do some pretty perverted stuff... 6 years ago +3
"random movie of your choice." what 6 years ago +7
if i lose my memory, i basically am losing friends and family. and everything else 6 years ago +3
jetpacks require soooo much fuel and even one with a full tank will only fly you for like 30 seconds 6 years ago +1
industrial revolution had AWFUL working conditions 6 years ago +2
who is daniel fortesque? what games is he from 6 years ago +1
well seeing as im an american, i dont think a canadian one would work for me 6 years ago +1
so... option 1 is toy story, option 2 is any toy you want...? other than that there's no difference? 6 years ago  
with a direct democracy even the simplest laws would take years to pass... North Korea just nuked us? alright we'll declare war in 3 or 4 years 6 years ago +3
doesnt say i have to know they are watching 6 years ago +1
honestly, i think baldness can look badass. example: walter white 6 years ago +4
because with no parties, there will be no unity in the government, everyone will be out for their own interests 6 years ago  
someone tell me what's wrong with an abortion. until a baby is capable of feeling or conscious thought, whichever comes first, i see no problem with abortion whatsoever 6 years ago +7
that was tough... 6 years ago +1
jesus was real, he was an actual man that existed and preached christianity. but he didn't have any powers and what he was preaching was wrong 6 years ago +3
no political party is EXTREMELY dangerous... 6 years ago +6
and if your response to lena is that it's the baby's life, the baby is at this point just a mass of cells. it would be similar to just scratching your arm and killing off some skin cells 6 years ago +3
if you're going to be on the internet, get some thicker skin. i never take online insults seriously, just deal with it. or, fight back, who cares, you're anonymous 6 years ago +11
not if you are good at chess... i personally love watching people play 6 years ago +2
would I like it? yes. should it be in there? no 6 years ago +7
i have the power of the christian god. boom. i just granted myself the power of EVERY god and EVERY superhero 6 years ago +5
college could very well determine who you marry 6 years ago  
plagas infected are much easier to fight than those infected with the t-virus. also, re4 village has much more ammo availability 6 years ago +1
the question is worded badly. i think that the wealthy should pay more taxes, but have to pay the same percentages. 1% of 1,000,000 is more than 1% of 1,000 6 years ago +14
if im not happy, whats the point in having money? 6 years ago +1
he was for segregation... thats pretty racist 6 years ago  
they have the right... rights are defined by a country's rules, so if Iran says they can have one, they can have one. whether or not that's good is a different story 6 years ago +5
dentures 6 years ago +2
lol minecraft blindfolded all the way to the enderdragon would be near impossible... the soccer one would just be really difficult 6 years ago  
selena omg yes 6 years ago  
if you erase trail of tears, depression probably wouldn't happen because americans would still be restricted to the east coast and the economy would be very different 6 years ago +5
if someone is suffering from injuries or disease, they can ask the doctor to euthanize them, aka lethal injection 6 years ago  
i wouldn't say "no way gross" i would just say no. tbh, i wish i was bi. it would make finding someone a little easier 6 years ago +10
california doesnt get hot in certain areas... i went there in july and the area i was in never got above 80 F 6 years ago  
aerospace engineering 6 years ago  
EVERY living thing is a zombie except plants? what about protists, and fungi, and bacteria O.o 6 years ago +3
these arent generations -.- 6 years ago +5
pirates is not a generation 6 years ago +6
no, food. like out of all foods ever 6 years ago  
plain cheesecake is literally my favorite food 6 years ago +1
use mouthwash 6 years ago  
you don't know. you believe. if you knew, that would mean at some point in your life you saw proof of god's existence and that there is absolutely no way that the proof could be incorrect. 6 years ago +2
no? 6 years ago  
option a already applies to me 6 years ago +17
i just finished season 4 of breaking bad on netflix. dat season finale :) 6 years ago  
huckleberry finn is really good, havent read war and peace but its like 1000 pages, so if it sucked i would not enjoy msylef 6 years ago  
wishes are much easier to control 6 years ago +8
the fixed angles make for better fear levels and better graphics. 6 years ago  
already read gatsby. its good, but i hate re-reading books 6 years ago +2
they got away from the original series with 4. 6 isnt getting away, its staying away 6 years ago  
i pull my eyelashes out all the time. just the loose ones, it feels good 6 years ago  
we just talked about both of this in spanish class 6 years ago +6
scientists think that female orgasms are 7-100 times as powerful as male. i would be testing this. a lot. 6 years ago +2
hehe i work at a bowling alley and someone did that a couple weeks ago. also, that dude's hand is upside down 6 years ago  
phil of the future isnt 90s 6 years ago +1
superman just needs to fly out of hulks reach and use laser vision 6 years ago  
hmmmmm guy with assault rifle or guy with weird gadgets 6 years ago  
i really dont care because i dont use social networks or my camera 6 years ago +5
only for an instant 6 years ago +2
chris has more training 6 years ago +2
i drink half a gallon of dr pepper every night that i work 6 years ago +3
ok, i like family guy, but seriously? people like it more than the walking dead?!? 6 years ago +3
just my wallet. ill empty its contents. 6 years ago  
car accidents kill more. 6 years ago  
i really hate underground, and mission is bleh. i like arkaden 6 years ago +1
malcom x wanted segregation 6 years ago  
but if you cant feel pain, it would just feel like you have something on your back, like a shirt or something 6 years ago  
they reincarnate if they die, but if they die again during the regeneration process they die forever 6 years ago  
get dentures and wash them daily with denture cleaner 6 years ago +1
what if someone slashed your back open? 6 years ago  
plan within 50 years means the latest i will die is age 67... no thank you 6 years ago +2
lol kidding right? 6 years ago +6
sunburn=people feel bad for you. sweat=people think you're gross. and it says look sunburnt, not have sunburn 6 years ago +1
physics affects literally everything in the entire universe. biology as we know it only affects organisms on planet earth 6 years ago  
darwin studies biology. einstein studies physics. physics is far more important than biology 6 years ago +3
it's the tryptophan 6 years ago +3
all the fact checkers say romney... so romney 6 years ago +2
i would be MUCH more famous and make MUCH more money if I always got holes in one than if I always made basketball shots 6 years ago +8
for those of you badmouthing the name "football" they chose that because the ball is a foot long, not because you use your feet 6 years ago +4
shot in the earlobe. or a hair. 6 years ago +2
I can throw the same argument back at you. Why do you think there is a magical being with control over everything? Where did he come from? He just randomly appeared? No matter which way you believe, you will get to a point where you do not know where something came from. 6 years ago  
these "ghost experiences" are just sound waves of a specific frequency range that cause and feeling of dread, and sometimes hallucinations 6 years ago  
i see no reason to keep marriage 1 on 1 if the married people don't want it that way. Separation of church and state, laws should have absolutely nothing to do with religion. 6 years ago +1
he's like 74. gonna die soon 6 years ago  
art isn't a sport... or even a physical activity 6 years ago +9
left handed people live 7 years less on average 6 years ago  
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