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Would you rather eat a sweet bagel or a savoury bagel 7 years ago 759 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which creature would you rather be... Midgit or Ginger 7 years ago 321 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Is Boo the cutest puppy in the world? Yes. or No. 7 years ago 1,344 votes 19 comments 0 likes
If Pokemon was real, would you stay at school and get a good education or drop out of school and become and pokemon master 7 years ago 1,351 votes 23 comments 2 likes
Would you rather play Call of Duty or Tetris 7 years ago 2,095 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.. Eat Chinese food for a week or Tap Megan Fox 7 years ago 2,471 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fight.. 1 Huge Bear or 10 Small Bears 7 years ago 690 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which is better? Nyan Cat or Leak Spin 7 years ago 1,020 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Are you scared of spiders? Yes. or No. 7 years ago 399 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Pokemon.. Chocolate!!!!! or Pizza????? 7 years ago 368 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which fictional thing would you rather be real.. Pok√©mon or God 7 years ago 90,653 votes 5,226 comments 10 likes
Would you rather.. Have to listen to Justin Bieber all day, everyday for the rest of your life, but die a painless death. or Not have to listen to Justin Bieber ever again, but die a painful death. 7 years ago 1,035 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... be smart, well educated, and therefor not believe in god. or be dumb, deluded and therefor believe in god. 7 years ago 924 votes 53 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.. Play Minecraft or Go Outside 7 years ago 865,905 votes 7,281 comments 36 likes
Would you rather masturbate to.. 2 Girls 1 Cup or The Human Centipede 7 years ago 283,518 votes 594 comments 30 likes
Would you rather.. Play videogames or Have sex 7 years ago 5,559 votes 45 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.. have your girlfriend MAKE you watch all the twilight movies, one after the other.. or hang yourself. 7 years ago 1,300 votes 32 comments 0 likes
How did you want Death Note to end? Kira wins and becomes god of a new world. or Near wins and Kira dies. 7 years ago 726 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have.. Stretched Ears or Stretched Labret 7 years ago 216 votes 4 comments 0 likes
What do you think about God and Religion? A load of rubbish! or People can think what they want, even if it's wrong... 7 years ago 562 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.. Eat a bacon sandwich. or eat a bacon roll. 7 years ago 1,195 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather.. Be rich, famous, and loved by all. or Fall in a hole and die. 7 years ago 4,602 votes 115 comments 0 likes

Shadowsora has posted the following comments:

It is from an animal called bleach 5 years ago  
I really hope so!!! :D 7 years ago  
Haha, it's amazing how many Americans are still religious. It's the 21st century.. thought people would of grown out of all that crap by now... 7 years ago +3
Hahaha, indeed, your answer is a joke ;D 7 years ago +4
You are a good example to all women. 7 years ago +1
Well, I was right. And maybe if you wernt such a pervert, you may have a girlfriend. ;) Haha, i bet they were online relationships with people you havnt met - you seem like that type of person to me xD 7 years ago  
just... just no. 7 years ago +5
agreed! 7 years ago +3
you have low standards 7 years ago +3
Never said they wernt O: i guess people without souls can be awesome too ! : D 7 years ago  
that is an awful picture of andy sixx xD 7 years ago  
it's just a troll, dont get too excited xD 7 years ago  
this is a hard question :/ 7 years ago +6
uh, cuz it's awesome.. 7 years ago +2
uncommon? it just wouldnt exist and there would be no need for it 7 years ago  
guest, um, you don't know me so.. yeah. 7 years ago +1
the question states you do 7 years ago  
no. you are. 7 years ago  
i am yet to meet one O: 7 years ago +3
you would still be pale and have freckles sadly :/ 7 years ago  
uh, yeah he did. if he wasnt he would of said 'I believe he is real' or something simular. 7 years ago  
yeah and the octopus looks totally different........(: 7 years ago +6
who are these people ? o.e 7 years ago +3
fat chicks ? really ? i hope you put this in the gross section -.- 7 years ago +9
still worth a try (: 7 years ago +2
it's cut that way to be super cute O: (not my dog) 7 years ago  
right. so you are saying that he let the holocaust happen to make a point? great guy he is. besides, there is just as much evidence for the existance of santa as the existance of god - they are as likely as eachother to exist. 7 years ago  
you have no proof that hes is. logic is the proof that he isnt real. 7 years ago  
sorry puppies and kittens :/ 7 years ago +2
well i would feel good because im trying to help people C: 7 years ago +4
star wars ^.^ 7 years ago  
be sure to tell god i say hello next time you see him. and tell him he's slacking off because he allows world wars, poverty etc.... 7 years ago  
Ryuk cuz he's not dead C: 7 years ago +7
by shinigama it could mean the soul reapers from bleach as that's what they are called in the japanese version, or shinigama-sama from soul eater. O: I'd be a soul reaper C: 7 years ago  
Penguin dj : D 7 years ago +1
Would like to point out tho, Grandmothers dont have periods, and Grandfathers find it hard to get an erection, so both cups would be empty in reality : D 7 years ago +7
just.. no. D: 7 years ago  
haha bit obv xD 7 years ago  
you babe 7 years ago +2
aslong as they were freshly dead (: 7 years ago +2
Why would they be ? S: 7 years ago  
all these guys are dumb as hell. irresponsible sex can mean many things, but in this question it probably means sleeping around (having sex with lots of different people if no-one knows what that is either), it could also mean unprotected sex etc... 7 years ago  
well, you can get vibrating tounge bars, if that helps. google it. 7 years ago  
well i have a tounge piercing, so lip next C: 7 years ago  
omnomnom 7 years ago +3
hell yup. 7 years ago +3
you are part of that 63%, you voted pokemon... 7 years ago +2
It would drive me crazy if i knew what everyone was thinking. Besides somethings are better left unsaid and i wouldnt wanna exspose myself to such information... 7 years ago +1
would be interesting for a change (: 7 years ago  
I'd tap them both at the same time! 7 years ago +1
o.o 7 years ago +2
no... 7 years ago  
check my questions, i have many serious ones... 7 years ago  
its a horrible horrible series of movies..... 7 years ago +1
that cake looks good 7 years ago +1
hmm that biscuit is tempting.....but nah would have to be the second option (: 7 years ago  
Now you are as bad as me. You are expressing your opinion as fact. I dont believe in god, but when i state he doesnt exist, everyone gos nuts. Why should you be allowed to state your opinion as fact? 7 years ago +5
stop trying to get out of it..... 7 years ago +2
you misread the question, you have to listen to him none-stop 7 years ago  
Are you sure you don't mean: 'which one do you hate less?' 7 years ago +7
that's why you spend your life on this website eh ? ;D 7 years ago +2
cheating? don't be dumb.. 7 years ago +1
well my ear is stretched to 20mm anyway... i have the whole and a heavy lock would fit nicely in it.. sounds good! 7 years ago  
What? Did you not read what i just said? I said i DONT want to live in ignorance... 7 years ago +1
but you did vote bro... lol 7 years ago  
LOL 7 years ago  
OMNOMNOM 7 years ago +3
well i know it would be nice to believe in a 'creator' and a 'purpose', but i personally i would rather just face reality and deal with it.. not live in ignorance... 7 years ago +6
and that is why you don't have a girlfriend.... 7 years ago  
ew o.o 7 years ago  
whaaaaa, more people would take it? insaaaaneee 7 years ago +1
you voted shoot a baby..... 7 years ago +4
well i dont wanna date a 6 yeah old.... 7 years ago +2
hmmm have to be the midgets.. for the lols... 7 years ago  
hmmm mewtwo is stronger but mew is just tooo cute O: 7 years ago +2
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