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    and I wonder why Americans have a high obesity rate..  
    seen both!  
    already do  
    doesn't matter had sex.. +6
    wrong one.. I would like to fight for a cause +1
    incorrect. The filet mignon is the tip of the tenderloin. It doesn't get much bigger than 3 inches  
    except was is kinda necessary for peace and what not. +1
    that house, smexy ladies, fast cars, freedom to do almost anything. There would be quite a bit to look forward to. damn why did I choose the smarts..  
    Oh man I just broke my number one rule.. Do not stick your d*ck in crazy!  
    f*ckin eh Canada!  
    not only does it taste better, it quenches your thirst better to. gaatoorrradde +2
    and showering at night magically stops sweating and filth? +8
    you both did vote tho.. there is a skip button at the top  
    holy sh*t.. you have got to learn to spell  
    hung like a horse! +3
    lol except it would still be gods creation. That is like saying guns kill people when it is actually the person using the gun that makes it happen.  
    air conditioning bud +5
    lol so is the internet +2
    mmm fries... wait.. what??  
    but you did vote.. there is a skip button on the top right, just so you know.  
    I'm pretty sure there isn't any country that is completely independent  
    I said that that's what I believe, not that it's in the bible. Just my opinion +1
    I do not understand this train of thought.. We would still fight over land and resources  
    Where did all those common elements and chemicals come from? Plus, I am pretty sure humans can't create life out of something that has not been previously alive. I call bullsh*t on the majority of your statement.  
    I believe in creation that was followed by evolution. does that work? +5
    hmm there appears to be marvel characters in the D.C. picture +2
    Oh Canada! +3
    exactly ;)  
    Yeah she doesn't care about the most smartest questions! lol  
    I am the youngest of 5. Coincidense, or Twilight zone!?  
    and Canada. So I interpret this American football  
    does anybody else find these mildly annoying? +8
    I'm hard ;)  
    You never talked about Newton at you're school? weird...  
    Agree to disagree +1
    Doesn't matter had sex +2
    I was gonna like this comment, then I saw your name...  
    Like a boss? +1
    I've always liked a little bush ;) +3
    Contradictory statement?  
    If you know what he means then FU +1
    Personal opinion buddy  
    Knowing every language would be useless to me. Also you are from the States, that can't be the dumbest thing haha +1
    Me too, it's really not that bad. +1
    I will do anything for a good steak  
    Wolverine would destroy Spidey  
    I am a rum kinda guy  
    how is this a question? +2
    Fake boobs and whore all the way +1
    Marvel has a way better franchise than DC. I like Thor and Wolverine personally  
    and how do you know this? +4
    Lambo's are overrated +1
    only if kiera knightley is there +1
    I need my steak +1
    useless or epic +1
    i love my penis  
    cheaper +1
    and MJ raped little boys  
    one of the greatest influences on music or a pedo? +3
    you can always shave +2
    Owls dont sh*t? My god you need to get out more +1
    Plato was Aristotle's student and was influenced greatly by his beliefs +2
    I'M A MAN! +3
    I believe you. its more common than people think. My bud got hit by lightning a little while ago.  
    Just gotta buy me lucky charms +3
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