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    hat? 5 years ago  
    its called ear muffs or ear plugs 5 years ago  
    if your homeless you still dont have friends 5 years ago  
    i dont wear jeans 5 years ago  
    why would you have 10 cars although you could sell them but even that might not allow you to get a lambo 5 years ago  
    i would say thx 5 years ago  
    i will be 115 and my kid will be 93 5 years ago  
    voth 5 years ago  
    im 15 cm shorter than her currently and im 12 5 years ago  
    piranhas dont take one bite to make you dead 5 years ago  
    sleeping on my stomach makes me feel sick so uea 5 years ago  
    shave bruh 5 years ago  
    soccer is so much better 5 years ago  
    im from Auckland which is one of the best citys in the world so yea 5 years ago  
    i am the youngest 5 years ago  
    10 minutes pain = eternity of goodness 5 years ago  
    not all acid is bad 5 years ago  
    if you stop a war it stops world hunger 5 years ago  
    cats! 5 years ago  
    done both before 5 years ago  
    take a bath bruh 5 years ago  
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