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    Oh... more Anoying... 2 years ago  
    Oh, I read the question wrong... it's fun seeing a sweet innocent 2 years ago  
    I don't like PC gaming XD 2 years ago  
    Always fun... 2 years ago +1
    Really? What's wrong with this world :O 2 years ago  
    Double jump, and break your knees every time you land XD 2 years ago +1
    ... O.0 2 years ago  
    Don't even answer thatXD 2 years ago  
    Would I rather Abraham Lincoln? What am I? Gay? 2 years ago  
    WE ARE THE 60% 2 years ago  
    I don't hate anime in anyway, but watching ... nah. I wanna be in control to play with some friends. Smash'm up! 2 years ago  
    I want back when there was some darn peach and quiet :( 2 years ago  
    Medical knowledge is too important... (I thought it was the Netherlands 2 years ago  
    Sorry if I need to make a choose I choose China 2 years ago  
    Really guys... 2 years ago  
    That's me right there :J 2 years ago +1
    If you can't turn on you tv with a home console you ate screwed, but if you can but cannot turn on your console you wait till it works with some TV to keep you company in your lonely life XD 2 years ago  
    But my favorite franchises are from quote big companies. 2 years ago  
    Like both, both have good and awful games. 2 years ago  
    Don't go digging to deep, (if music and technology weren't related) I would choose music, I need music!!! 2 years ago  
    Bha, I hate FF :/ 2 years ago  
    Thank god!! 2 years ago  
    Srly 2 years ago  
    I would play minesweepers if I have to. 2 years ago  
    Everything's better. 2 years ago  
    Just joking, I love going out. XD 2 years ago +2
    Oh, that bright thing upstairs? 2 years ago  
    What's a "sun" ??? 2 years ago  
    Heck yea! 2 years ago  
    Not really my taste, but I ain't god. You do you ;) 2 years ago  
    Yea! My jam ;) 2 years ago +1
    Both die none date!!! 2 years ago  
    STOP 2 years ago  
    Hell baby!!! 2 years ago +1
    They are both horrifying alright. 2 years ago +1
    Shut up with this question. 2 years ago  
    Why didn't you ask "who would you rather kill?" 2 years ago +2

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