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    This is so sad to me. You truly "wouldn't feel much" if you ran over a "bum?" I hope this is a joke. If not, then I hope you have to deal with homelessness at some point in your life.  
    Okay, that's valid I guess. I'm not an animal person, so it kind of freaks me out that so many people hold pets with higher regard than humans. To me it's irrelevant that it's a stranger. All humans trump all animals in my mind, but I guess I'm surprisingly the minority view on that.  
    Again, I just want someone to explain this "waiting" phenomenon. I know humans do not have to pee every 30 minutes, so my only theory is that the hot water is triggering the urge to pee for a lot of you. I can't recall ever having to pee while in the shower. Peeing and shower are 2 totally separate actions for me.  
    Actually, the stats show roughly the same numbers for men and women, which I think is weird because, as a woman, it seems the pee would go all over your legs...unless you squat.  
    I really want to know why no one is suggesting to pee BEFORE the shower...or why peeing is synchronized with showering at all.  
    Do you think the picture represents all homeless people? Also, do you mean the guy has it coming just because he's flipping someone off in an apparently impaired mental state?  
    Depends on the weather! +1
    Honestly, probably just because I speak English.  
    Green's a little more natural. My skin's a little olive already.  
    I'd munch a lot of celery!  
    Why does this unnecessary rivalry exist? +1
    LOL! Love this question.  
    I really wonder if people are serious when they answer these questions that involve people dying. I would choose nearly ANYTHING over killing someone. I really hope that's the mentality of most, but I'm afraid it may not be. +1
    Pollution would also greatly reduce the suffering of countless animals, as well as humans.  
    I don't know why everyone is claiming we don't get bad weather though...we just had a tornado warning last night, which is a common thing in central Indiana...and every year there is significant damage due to tornadoes...I don't think it's any more than other states though (maybe even less).  
    Hey guys! Indiana isn't so bad! It also isn't so great! In fact, I'd say it is objectively mediocre. But I am indeed happy here. :)  
    If this was a lifetime endeavor, definitely the pedicurist. I'd get used to the feet and would find meaning in that. +1
    Well, if I had a girlfriend, I'd already be gay, so it might not be so surprising...but even if my boyfriend caught me, so what? +4
    I really hope 85% of people are just being sh*theads on purpose and don't really mean it. Dogs are sweet, but "bums" are HUMAN. +52
    I'm just more of an artist than a programmer...nothing about the times.  
    You could have your partner dress in animal costumes...or secretly stare at your cat across the room during sex. That's way less creepy than staring at a photo of your mom across the room.  
    I want to change my answer. My gut told me the boat because I love boats and what fun would that be! But I could use the jet for a lot of positive sending groups of people for humanitarian aid around the world. I making this un-fun?  
    I assume this means "have your friend take the blame"...for whatever he/she did. If it means having him/her take the blame for something I did, my answer would be different.  
    Both really!  
    That first dress looks fussy and obnoxious. Surprised it's more popular. +2
    It really depends on just HOW hairy we're talking, but I could presumably shave & wax successfully. +1
    This really depends on the length of time. One day- definitely go without washing hair. More than 2 days- hair would need washed, so some other dental hygiene routine would need to take over for the brushing.  
    Awesome question. All of the positives of religion can be accomplished without "religion" itself.  
    Very interesting to me that 29% of men chose Palestine, compared to 53% of women. I just wonder if women are more likely to be conscientious and to root for those who are disadvantaged. +1
    lynn718- How does one do it, then? (For real.)  
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