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Would you rather be a patriot of japan or finland 6 years ago 262 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a hypocrite or smart ass 6 years ago 280 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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im american 6 years ago +1
well i suppose not all cops abuse their power but they all have the ability to do so with out much backlash. 6 years ago  
i could abuse my authority like all the other cops 6 years ago  
if i was given the powers over physics i would probably royally destroy the entire universe. 6 years ago  
i am who i make of myself 6 years ago +2
just because your born in a certain way dosent mean you deserve to die 6 years ago  
but if we illegalise guns the only people with guns will be the bad guys, the only difference that would occur would be gun sales switching from the white market to the black market. 6 years ago  
*I'm pre-ordering Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 so I can get that Naruto in Goku costume 6 years ago  
*A bit of both. 6 years ago  
*This was already asked. 6 years ago  
first of all this is assuming the christian god exists so if he did exist and did what the bible clames he did that he would be very cruel, and do you have any better arguments other than calling people faggots and devil worshipers 6 years ago +2
id buy a door so i could cut a hole through it like a spy. 6 years ago  
do you think he would fulfill his promise of finding man bear pig? 6 years ago  
maby so, but the question insinuates that a higher power is prescribing these purposes 6 years ago  
well, yes but the question is being disingenuous. 6 years ago +1
ive never had a food fight i thought they were just one of those things you see on tv. 6 years ago +5
life only has the meaning you give it 6 years ago +4
no, what they are teaching in school is not a religion it is what science has shown us thus far. 6 years ago  
what is the guest from illinois 6 years ago  
my Spanish class freaked out when they herd this word. 6 years ago  
i have a exuse for staying inside 6 years ago  
except how the universe rapidly expanded from a singularity and them several billion years later life on earth started to evolve from ameno acids.and we can recreate the ameno acids in a laboratory from non-living organisms. 6 years ago  
oh sorry i thought you chose grant and said that about bismark because of what happend in ww2 6 years ago  
wow...f***in racist. 6 years ago  
any life is better than no life even if it means i have to a ignorant christain in it. 6 years ago  
would you care to elaborate? 6 years ago  
how is it not wrong? 6 years ago  
and your evidence is...? 6 years ago +1
no one is saying you are, were just saying we evolved from a common ansester. 6 years ago +2
i would like to have a good meal before i go to colonize another planet. 6 years ago +1
but your in jail for your entire life...its kind of a obvious decision. 6 years ago +3
im just saying killing jason would be easier than killing slenderman 6 years ago  
i think their talking about in the real world. 6 years ago +1
i would have to have someone soaking up enemy damage though 6 years ago  
i wouldn't because of the possibility of getting hacked and then dieing 6 years ago +3
as far as i know jason is human and therefor can be killed 6 years ago  
because i havent heard as many funny 11/9 jokes. 6 years ago  
so much sex 6 years ago +1
you would run out of ammo. 6 years ago +1
my little pony, nuf said. 6 years ago +1
dammit i didnt think of that! 6 years ago +1
i wont care cause ill be dead. 6 years ago +1
my little pony is the obvious. 6 years ago  
give out the ultimate punishment of having everyone they will ever love die. 6 years ago +1
she might start liking me back for saving her ass 6 years ago +4
if the bible is correct then didn't he kill everyone besides 8 people and a cuple animals? 6 years ago  
they would both be terribly but as a cyberman i couldn't do as much damage 6 years ago  
whether you speak Korean or not wasn't the question. 6 years ago  
what anime is that from? 6 years ago +1
depends on how many people play. 6 years ago  
and mistakes done by religion: the crusades, the 100 years war, the american civil war, The Troubles in Ireland, Rwanda 1994, Boznia-Herzegovina (and by extension Kosovo), The Ivory Coast civil wars, Cyprus, East, Timor civil war, Sri Lankan civil war, Current Iraqi civil war, Hezbollah vs. Israel, Syria vs. Israel, Kashmir civil war, Chechnya civil war, Sudan, Thirty Years War...shall i continue? 6 years ago +1
let me direct you to a video explaining that 6 years ago  
i would be myself as a pony, witch would of course be awesome...for a short time at least. 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago +3
im happy to expand my knowledge by my self and having control of the elements would be better then no sickness. 6 years ago  
the only reason people defend Amanda Todd is to make them feel better about themselves 6 years ago +5
dammit picked the wrong, the penny is more expensive to produce than its worth and nothing can be conveniently bought with pennies 6 years ago  
i liked assassins creed 3 but the multiplier just didn't make me want to play more 6 years ago  
but theirs hundreds of religions and all of them believing their right with little to no evidence supporting any of them and its very much dependent on wear you live like if you were born in the middle east you would probably grow up to be a muslum but if you grew up in america you would probably be a christian and if you live in the UK you would probably be a atheist but at least theirs evidence for the big bang and evolution and no evidence for god 6 years ago +2
dubstep all night! i guess i could do that in my restraunt but then i suppose it wouldn't be a very popular. 6 years ago +26
at lest someone makes sense im getting out of this country the second i have the chance. 6 years ago  
yeah i think were agreeing im saying "let them leave" and your saying "they have the right to leave" 6 years ago  
yeah let them leave, maby we can sell it back to mexico for a sweet profit. 6 years ago  
i wish Texas would ceccced 6 years ago +6
(\ 6 years ago  
well im pretty sure Jesus would want to kill all the non-cristains or something similar. 6 years ago +3
id go assassin's creed in dat civil war 6 years ago  
in the ground, da. 6 years ago  
clicked the wrong one but i would want to be a cop so i can abuse my powers like most other cops 6 years ago  
if the UN decided to stop all of our nuclear programs we would be loosing our sh*t. and were no more trust worthy than Iran. 6 years ago  
it says "would you let her" meaning she has the choice. 6 years ago +1
i like big butts and i cannot lie. 6 years ago  
TheAmazingAtheist 2012 7 years ago +4
by cheapens do you mean look allot smarter? 7 years ago +1
you could chose to have sex when your about to die from age 7 years ago +1
most things on tv is complete crap and you can watch it online. 7 years ago +2
but it just said you cant. 7 years ago  
you could break in anywhere that uses security cameras. 7 years ago +2
um no 7 years ago +9
your right i do 7 years ago  
all the people that are complaining are just butthurt that he won, and im american 7 years ago  
i guess i can play offline 7 years ago +1
i can live with religious fanatics 7 years ago  
atheist because we're right 7 years ago +5
i kinda want to be the silent badass 7 years ago  
YES! 7 years ago  
mastubation isnt gay so why not this? 7 years ago +6
wow.......thats really stupid read up on your current drugs he was high on bath salts 7 years ago  
then what created god and if you say he was there since the beginning than we can say that the big bang created time as well 7 years ago  
lesbians are hot 7 years ago +3
ummm hitler was a cristain 7 years ago +4
big bang but i like the god picture 7 years ago +1
this better lead to sex...... 7 years ago +7
picked it for the anime boobs 7 years ago  
america is broken 2 civil war ftw 7 years ago  
dat ass 7 years ago +3
both would kill you 7 years ago +6
xkapownd FTW! 7 years ago +1
eternal life is a curse 7 years ago +6
and how did your god get there? 7 years ago  
yah because its easy to be a slut but its hard to be a stud and get all the b*tches. 7 years ago  
shot the lock! 7 years ago  
italy because france smells like sh*t piss and vomit 7 years ago  
both Candidate suck donkey balls but were in somewhat of a recovery and considering ron pauls history of debt and job loss for Massachusetts id vote obama. 7 years ago  
i like books but i dont like harry poter 7 years ago  
geek chicks are hot 7 years ago  
i hate how there are so many retards on the internet 7 years ago  
and those are all relay gay 7 years ago  
like how microsoft dosent sh*t out a product every year exactly the same as the last? 7 years ago  
to be ginger you need freckles 7 years ago  
can you bang the insaine chick? 7 years ago  
then that would be how you died and thats what he would tell you 7 years ago  
but why would he want me ,an atheist to exist then? 7 years ago  
apples gay i wont eat fruit in protest! 7 years ago  
lesbians are hot 7 years ago  
worst enemy, you cant kill your best friend.....or can you! 7 years ago  
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