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I love this website :)

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    S-----E-------X is now legal +1
    Work hard, play hard  
    Being in love with your loved person in your dreams is also a dream idiots  
    With a high determination and preseverance, you'll eventually like him. A human's heart is soft.  
    I can die with dignity  
    If I like someone, I do not feel ashamed to tell the world school about the person that I admired and liked. So what? As long as I not being hated at school than it's okay  
    That's me.  
    I can travel around the world. I also can help every poor children to make their lives better.  
    As a girl, if my ex was trying to rap me, I would kill him to defend myself. I will not go to jail because of that.  
    I enjoy extreme sports  
    Rejection is the stepping stone for you to achieve the ultimate victory in life.  
    The Power Of Love. love sees no man  
    It's called motivation.  
    Get out from the friendzone and make love  
    At least I will try my best to make the world a better place then.  
    A poor person who is loved and is happy in his or her life is more successful than a person who has trillions of money but is alone and suffocating in life  
    I don't have loving friends so I need a soulmate to be by my side forever  
    He won't fight with a girl. If he still does it, then he's not a gentleman.  
    Passion is overwhelmingly powerful than Money  
    Fk One Dirction  
    Love hurts but it's alright  
    Nope. I hate One Direction  
    I'm 75% is a girl like Mila Kunis. Being different from most of the girls is not a problem. But instead, people will see you as a wacky, cool, homely and eccentric  
    Go straight to the point man  
    I was dumped by friends many times and it was embarrasing until I cried when I got home.  
    Investment guys.  
    Yeah! Less hairy then  
    ASian people love ths  
    What is a blue waffle anyway?  
    Lady Gaga everybody  
    Maggots are actually creamy and tasty. Yo people, you should try them  
    I'm still underage to do it..  
    At least I'm 100% confirmed that I'm sh*t-free  
    We'll eventually make out and be best friends even tough it takes time  
    Being humble is not a crime.  
    It's technology people. Online watching? +1
    If you are incredibly and extraordinary smart, you will still gain popularity in your school  
    I'm a Muslim. Can't touch pigs  
    Being vegan forever is not a problem....  
    No penis. Imma girl  
    one of the best college in the world. Who the hell will reject an offer to Harvard? OMG  
    I can do things without getting stressed up or being scolded severely. Thug life and peace out.  
    Use bleaching agent with constant scrubbing, brushing and washing. :)  
    I hate birthdays. My friends never remember my birthday. So why would I care about thinking to throw a party?  
    Remember Nyle Dimarco shook the world by being the first deaf person to win the America Next's Top World? Being deaf is just being deaf, but one can still live normally.  
    It's okay, God remembers me :)  
    Sleep is a gift from God. Can you imagine how it hurts to see a person around you who tried so hard to sleep to relax the stressed mind but still can't. I rather sleep than staying awake thinking the possibilities, the overloading paper works and the problems that one has.  
    You'll be like Sherlock Holmes if you can read anybody's mind, isn't it supposed to be cool  
    Walking in the winter wonderland...  
    i will donate the million of bucks that I have to families that live in extreme poverty? Who's with me?  
    Perhaps you can change the world to a better place so that your grandchild won't suffer??  
    Transexual rocks (But I'm not)  
    To prevent excessively wasted food and your budget to make invitation cards ....  
    What's the point of this question, the answer is so damn obvious! :(  
    Experience rules than Observation Only  
    Yeah! I can finally go to further my studies in Australia, my dream country.. ( If this is real, this is really cool )  
    I am a girl and I love tall guys  
    Some girls doesn't keep their hair and prefer being bald. :D  
    Being Healthy is Simple by being a vegan. :D  
    It's just a game. Why take it seriously while you can still enjoy it?  
    Both but I prefer the acoustic guitar. The melody itself is much relaxing, calming, natural and become the food to my ears.  
    A Smart Leader will be remembered forever. For instance, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. Salutation for them!  
    It's life experiences that matters  
    Neither. F this question  
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