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    Yeah I could.  
    That can be misleading.  
    Isn't that great!?! +6
    I would tame said duck. +1
    Fine. Don't live on this planet, where you gonna go pussy? +3
    Sorry Granny.  
    I like my face ;-; +2
    I'd be sparkly as F*CK +1
    Dave Grohl~  
    A negro.  
    I love my dog more than any puppies.  
    both. food's food. +2
    I am above the laws of physics, and would be fine naked in space. +2
    I'd have a flying squirrel suit :3..  
    At least they'll pay me back.  
    I actually use the one on the right. +1
    Can't lose what you don't have.  
    I'd be educating nigguh's all the time.  
    There is a sh-t load to do in Vegas, you just have to know the right people.  
    If I could run I would. +1
    I'd be selling weed to everyone in Harvard.  
    That's good food.  
    I'd dip my f-cking head in acid, and I'd be tripping balls.  
    I'd be the coolest kid EVER.  
    I would go insane if I woke up deaf.  
    I wouldn't be the next Hitler or anything, people wouldn't like me because I created the zombie virus.  
    I would tame the polar bear. And teach it to roll joints. +1
    FRIENDS. I'll find someone while I'm there ;P  
    If you could read minds you'd learn things you're better off not knowing.  
    I'd get to go to all the concerts!!  
    I can hotbox the f-ck out of the elevator  
    I already don't have a cell phone ;O  
    Yes you could.  
    If I was naturally the hottest person, well, nothing would change really. I'm f*cking awesome.  
    I have to die sometime, might as well go out with a bang, or at least rich. And if I do die, my family gets the money ;P  
    Damn at least I didn't lose money.  
    I don't the authors comment is really allowed to apply to me .o.  
    I'll be spoiled American, thanks.  
    I'd be Skrappology, and I will be there God.  
    Pink Floyd.  
    I really wouldn't care  
    Both are hated, but one lives better :P  
    To the future!!!!!  
    What the F*CK does this have to do with politics? Just answer the damn question. +1
    Smoke weed erryday.  
    I'd rather have time to actually enjoy my life. Wow some of you people are stupid.  
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