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    I'm not a jew, just sayin 3 years ago +13
    to brighten my day 3 years ago +1
    you still get sex 3 years ago +1
    im a guy 3 years ago  
    i am a guy and if gay guys are attracted to you the that means that means that girls will be attracted to you 3 years ago  
    free room to jack off 3 years ago  
    you get fat at a computer inside and stronger and more fit working outside doing physical labor 3 years ago  
    sex, sex, fu*king sex 3 years ago  
    im 13 3 years ago  
    i am a guy 3 years ago  
    wtf is magic kingdom 3 years ago  
    Im not gay and i would do hermione 3 years ago  
    i am already in a relationship 3 years ago  
    im 13 3 years ago  
    billyg, same 3 years ago  
    They can all see my huge shlong 3 years ago  
    make new friends 3 years ago  
    i agree 3 years ago  
    i win 3 years ago  
    The other people in the group can do all the work 3 years ago  
    What major thing has obama done, please tell me.(not obama care because that sucks) 3 years ago +1
    you can fly 3 years ago  
    The pictures are bias, you get to drink and have sex(without getting in trouble 3 years ago  
    Being burned is the most painful way to die. 3 years ago  
    PC is the f**king best 3 years ago +1
    I love subway more than McDonald's, but subway is really pricey 3 years ago  
    Racism can be funny, but i am a white guy and i get the good side of both 3 years ago  
    Maybe just a day or two as a girl but not the rest of my life 3 years ago  
    When seeking you get bribed to say that you were not found. 3 years ago  
    Who the f*** cares but white girls 3 years ago  

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