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after all this time? always

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What Ryan is better? Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds 2 years ago 79 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Better hockey team? LA Kings or Chicago Blackhawks 3 years ago 55 votes 3 comments 0 likes
What TV show is better? Dexter or Breaking Bad 3 years ago 111 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ask me any question or not because I am not worth it 3 years ago 67 votes 68 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear these socks or these socks 3 years ago 166 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Who is more badass? Ballatrix Lestrange or Severus Snape 3 years ago 93 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have blue hair or green hair 3 years ago 135 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear make up like this for the rest of your life or dress like this for the rest of your life 3 years ago 135 votes 3 comments 0 likes
How would you rate me as a user? 0-5 or 6-10 3 years ago 108 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer Emma Stone blonde or red head 4 years ago 152 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date him or date him 4 years ago 81 votes 19 comments 0 likes

Slackergirl123 has posted the following comments:

haha ikr! 2 years ago  
neva 2 years ago  
finally someone normal! 2 years ago  
haha! that's mainly why I like him!! that an crazy stupid love!! 2 years ago  
pfft...the only reason he wud be better is cuz hes Canadian :D 2 years ago  
aw common!! ryan gosling is a much better actor! 2 years ago  
that's hard! 2 years ago  
love this show! 2 years ago  
eh...not that bad 2 years ago  
love this dude 2 years ago  
ur one now is perf! 2 years ago  
just made me even prettier! 3 years ago  
I bet the emma will win...she shud win everytime! 3 years ago  
a is ew 3 years ago  
bring her back with my lyops 3 years ago  
ikr!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
me fav person ever! 3 years ago  
eff miss click...and ur over 10! 3 years ago  
hahaha funny 3 years ago  
my dad is dead 3 years ago  
whore 3 years ago  
14 3 years ago  
yerp 3 years ago +1
meee 3 years ago  
sniff...just leave me all alone! ill miss you! bye! 3 years ago  
ME 3 years ago  
they were going through a rough time and I apparently and the "sunshine" of the family...holding us together 3 years ago  
if only that was true 3 years ago  
mindless Pie 3 years ago +3
;) hes French! gotta love him 3 years ago  
BETH COME BAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
miss click....getting drunk 3 years ago  
oh shutup! that was a typo! 3 years ago  
those both look like marker 3 years ago  
cool question! 3 years ago  
;) 3 years ago  
hot 3 years ago  
yerp 3 years ago  
defo 3 years ago  
ya! 3 years ago  
honey ;) 3 years ago +1
BOTH 3 years ago  
;D 3 years ago  
good question ;) 3 years ago  
that is beautiful! 3 years ago  
not if u honestly don't have anything to say! 3 years ago  
songs 3 years ago  
hahaha picture going into someones how and looking in the mirror *cracks* "ummmm that was me..just...seeing as I am soooooo hot I cracked" 3 years ago  
ya 3 years ago  
A) sexy ;) even tho its not true B) b*tchy 3 years ago  
kill anon, bang RedEgle and live happily ever after with jrob196 3 years ago  
hot 3 years ago  
MARRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! ;) 3 years ago  
any more stuff about star wars and I swear I will cut someones head off and use it as a tennis ball for my pure enjoyment! 3 years ago +1
that's just mean 3 years ago +1
lol! see how smart I am 3 years ago  
haha...close enough?? 3 years ago  
meeeeeee 3 years ago  
yup..arnt u like 34?? 3 years ago  
I love him 3 years ago  
mm I think I wud 3 years ago  
old enough to no I dnt wanna be kissed by u 3 years ago  
I hate star wars 3 years ago  
duh! 3 years ago +2
hawt 3 years ago  
hit me with ur best shot 3 years ago  
;) 3 years ago  
psh 3 years ago  
mmmm shall end by the time you turn 80 3 years ago  
like your smooth charm ;) 3 years ago  
haha this is gunna catch on...common boys! your turn! 3 years ago  
#Hilterfanclub 3 years ago  
really?? give it a rest 3 years ago  
I like A! 3 years ago  
defo 3 years ago  
hot 3 years ago  
hmmm good one 3 years ago  
hahaha 3 years ago  
sorry usmanc I know your really cool I but I don't really know you 3 years ago  
well think of it like this.... I think they should ban alcohol and legalize weed... you always here about like people coming home drunk and doing awful things to family members or thinking its funny to drive super fast! but when ur on weed you never hear about people getting in car crashes or beating there family members...sooo I think they should! 3 years ago  
defo! 3 years ago  
:D 3 years ago  
ikr! 3 years ago  
cheers! 3 years ago +1
hhaa I never noticed that 3 years ago  
harsh! 3 years ago +1
ya well they r in a fight 3 years ago  
ikr! 3 years ago  
hey! shutup 3 years ago  
girls girls ur both pretty! 3 years ago  
defo! 3 years ago +1
MMMHMMM 3 years ago  
lmao 3 years ago  
my history isn't even bad 3 years ago  
I dunno! I like him 3 years ago +1
ummm....proly Wipe your eyes by Maroon 5 3 years ago  
all if em 3 years ago  
they r the same person 3 years ago +2
oooo that's a homepage! 3 years ago +1
yes! 3 years ago  
I do this wnyway 3 years ago  
when I burp I say buuuuurrrp 3 years ago +1
:D! 3 years ago  
DUH! 3 years ago  
hah ooooooops! I meant A 3 years ago  
A=sluts 3 years ago  
oci! 3 years ago +1
haha u from england?? 3 years ago +1
Canada 3 years ago  
i can do A 3 years ago  
Ring my bells or Unwell 3 years ago  
anything but blonde 3 years ago  
I lost my faith in u 3 years ago  
oooooooh snaaap! 3 years ago  
f*ck ya! 3 years ago  
be able to read minds 3 years ago  
B is my fav singer 3 years ago +2
cheers 3 years ago  
hot 3 years ago  
babe or bubs 3 years ago  
Already have b 3 years ago  
RedEagle 3 years ago  
that's what mine are like 3 years ago  
7. 3 years ago +1
my boyfriend 3 years ago  
LOST 3 years ago  
YES! IN UR FACE DJwaffles! 3 years ago  
did I get it rite?? 3 years ago  
im both 3 years ago  
cant pick! American_Jedi makes very good questions and is super epic! but RedEagle is really cool...any a ladies man 3 years ago  
me! 3 years ago  
na! its like this! "spider goch! spider - goch! radioactive spider-goch!" pls dnt ask where I got that. 3 years ago  
I do this anyway 3 years ago  
that's what I have 3 years ago  
like one of my fav celebs! 3 years ago  
she is beautiful 3 years ago  
yay! 3 years ago  
miss click and what the hell is rrrather? 3 years ago  
I have no clue who u r 3 years ago  
ill name is Ernst 3 years ago  
already have B 3 years ago  
:D 3 years ago  
both r ragingly ugly 3 years ago +1
that's amazing! 3 years ago  
YUUUUUP 3 years ago  
yup! left me for me best friend :( 3 years ago  
YES!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago +1
:( 3 years ago  
no offense... but no duh. 3 years ago +1
well the break up was ok but the reason I found out latter was absolutely unbelievable...he was a lying cheater 3 years ago  
why shud he??? he likes doing it. 3 years ago  
haha! 3 years ago  
NP! 3 years ago +1
Dragah has really good question 3 years ago +2
ME FAV PERSON!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
DJwaffles = MY BESTIE! 3 years ago +1 sport?? 3 years ago  
I did answer...and I couldn't care less what u think of me. 3 years ago  
hehe! 3 years ago  
I wasn't overly pleased with the results but I think he will do fine 3 years ago  
so cool! 3 years ago +1
ew.. 3 years ago  
eh....whatever... 3 years ago  
2 so far 3 years ago  
never heard it 3 years ago  
so good!!!!!! 3 years ago +2
sniff to late! 3 years ago  
hot 3 years ago  
I LOVE BOXING! 3 years ago +1
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!1 wait is it ur birthday? 3 years ago +1
B looks like the waitress from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia 3 years ago  
403 3 years ago  
mmmm I dunno...I think he will be ok 3 years ago  
SOOO HOT1 3 years ago  
ok well lets re word that...he is blind in one eye 3 years ago  
my bro has this! 3 years ago  
Emma Stone 3 years ago +2
homepage this! 3 years ago +3
9. 3 years ago +2
I HATE YOU JUSTIN!!!!! 3 years ago  
ummmm I am not gunna commit suicide anytime soon 3 years ago  
ikr! 3 years ago  
really? its super good. if ur into a high school teacher and I kid making the best meth there is that its blue then u wud like it. but Dexter is way better 3 years ago +1
oh! that's y! 3 years ago  
ummm nope! love it! my bf thinks I am nuts for liking it! 3 years ago +1
ya I agree but I like Dexter more 3 years ago  
ikr! 3 years ago  
hard 3 years ago  
yay! 3 years ago  
ill only marry u if I get free chocolates every nite! 3 years ago  
lets get him! 3 years ago +1
how dare u! u already asked usmanc and it wasn't in person! NO!!!!! 3 years ago +1
who the hell wud do A 3 years ago +5
whaaaaaat?? 3 years ago  
YAY! 3 years ago  
cuz he is epic! 3 years ago  
ummmm wow hard one.... lets see...join you... I think. 3 years ago  
soooo hot! 3 years ago  
my best friend is a guy and everyone think we r dating so my mom said I couldn't see him anymore! I think that is bullsh*t! 3 years ago  
defo! and I thot u went to bed! 3 years ago +1
cheers 3 years ago +1
sooooo funny! 3 years ago  
defo 3 years ago  
ikr! 3 years ago  
I do B already! it soooo amazing 3 years ago  
umm duh 3 years ago  
dnt have one so this wud be easy 3 years ago  
deo 3 years ago  
how old are you?? 3 years ago  
internet, food, books, and my friends 3 years ago  
yup! i do 3 years ago  
ummm singer or writer 3 years ago  
ummm yes? 3 years ago  
for me its love. but it could be anything 3 years ago  
he likes Murdoch! 3 years ago +1
and you! 3 years ago  
yes!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
Brooklyn but call Brook 3 years ago  
yes! it was amazing! 3 years ago +1
Saturn 3 years ago  
13 3 years ago  
haha yup 3 years ago  
yes I do! 3 years ago  
love it!!!!!!!! sooooo good 3 years ago +1
haha! ummmm they r ok. 3 years ago +1
did u mean book? and I like the books better! but I mainly just like the idea and how much thought went into it 3 years ago  
13 3 years ago  
both!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
love the intro for this show! 3 years ago  
I think hot will get your farther and that's unfortunate. but I like cute better 3 years ago  
aww thanks! and ummm pandas proly a 9 3 years ago  
no. I would go for the purple ones instead 3 years ago  
NP! 3 years ago  
nice I am 13! 3 years ago  
ikr! how old r u?? 3 years ago  
oic 3 years ago  
oh nice! I love that name! 3 years ago  
nope. imma gunna guess its not what I think it is 3 years ago  
and here I thought u were a good user 3 years ago +1
well I don't have a dad and my moms music aint like mine 3 years ago +1
whats your name? 3 years ago  
defo! 3 years ago +1
nice! 3 years ago  
miss click.... B wud sucks 3 years ago  
143 days 3 years ago  
sing 3 years ago  
defo 3 years ago  
oh nice! 3 years ago  
whats your name? 3 years ago  
hehe 3 years ago  
defo 3 years ago  
NICE!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
defo 3 years ago  
yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
I do this already 3 years ago  
age? 3 years ago  
OK THANKS! hey am I part of the best users thing? 3 years ago  
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LETS HAVE A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
YES! MY FAV PERSON EVER! 3 years ago  
DUH! 3 years ago +1
YES!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM! 3 years ago  
cant pick! these are my fav thing ever in the world!! 3 years ago +2
ME ME! 3 years ago  
YES! UR THE BEST USER! 3 years ago  
smiff... imma cry 3 years ago  
holy crap! this is like a twin to my cat!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
I never log out 3 years ago +1
basically did this already 3 years ago  
of course he did. shuda known 3 years ago  
oh nice! 3 years ago  
how old are you? 3 years ago  
did I? well nope I am 13 3 years ago  
nice! a year older than me 3 years ago +1
jacket , money and phone 3 years ago +1
my fav person 3 years ago  
how old are you? 3 years ago +1
how old are you? 3 years ago  
I screwed 3 years ago  
u make a point 3 years ago  
me??? 3 years ago  
DJ! MY BUDDY! 3 years ago  
NICE! 3 years ago  
I always do this 3 years ago  
r u satisfied? 3 years ago  
I cant be without music 3 years ago  
i dont care 3 years ago +1
haha 3 years ago  
miss click 3 years ago +6
yay!! 3 years ago  
hehe 3 years ago +1
why thank you! 3 years ago  
hah yup! cheers! 3 years ago  
thanks! 3 years ago +1
;) 3 years ago  
great 3 years ago +1
don't rly no him 3 years ago  
epic! 3 years ago +1
MA BESTIE! 3 years ago  
MA BESTIE! 3 years ago  
annoying 3 years ago  
epic! she likes harry potter! 3 years ago  
she is cool! 3 years ago +1
7 or 8 3 years ago  
nope its not 3 years ago  
why? your a good user 3 years ago  
i didn't say you were bad! I don't think u are at all! just overrated 3 years ago  
bit overrated but cool 3 years ago +1
he has good questions 3 years ago  
he is epic 3 years ago  
YES! DEFO! 3 years ago  
AAAAAAA! I wud do him any time any place 3 years ago  
u forgot the evil laugh at the end!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
defo! but Emma is my fav person ever 3 years ago +1
I aint marrying ma mom 3 years ago  
LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
HOW THE EF IN A NOT WINNING!?!?!?! 3 years ago  
The Croods 3 years ago +1
haha! that wud be hard 3 years ago  
YES!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
TWIX!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
ill pass. it looks like its mainly just the well known users 3 years ago  
3 the most I have had is 47 3 years ago  
cant live with out B 3 years ago  
doctor who? 3 years ago +1
DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!111 3 years ago +2
Notice Me by Alli Simpson 3 years ago  
miss click.. the last one I saw was Corner Gas.... but I would rrrather Dexter 3 years ago  
pop... or rap 3 years ago +1
I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN! 3 years ago +2
Avenge Sevenfold, Maroon 5, Bruno Mars 3 years ago  
The Blind Side, White Chicks, The Notebook and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 3 years ago +1
MY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
already dun! 3 years ago  
for how long? 3 years ago  
haha 3 years ago +1
haha 3 years ago  
nuthin... never mind 3 years ago  
Red 3 years ago +1
hit meeeee!! 3 years ago  
*eye roll 3 years ago  
I dislike like blondes 3 years ago  
i died! 3 years ago  
fridge and popcorn 3 years ago  
countrychic 3 years ago  
thanks! :) 3 years ago  
;) 3 years ago  
yay!!!!!! 3 years ago  
"what the hell?" 3 years ago  
NICE!!!! 3 years ago  
my dad alive... 3 years ago +1
dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaa 3 years ago  
yay! 3 years ago +1
bring it 3 years ago  
defo 3 years ago  
MY FAV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago +2
haha! cheers! but i was with my little niece 3 years ago  
actually yes i am 3 years ago  
i have no clue 3 years ago  
wtf dude! 3 years ago  
oh duh! h20 just as water 3 years ago  
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