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    i prefer both  
    south park all the way  
    already do  
    i wish i can take that back its like i just said id get rid of my best friend michael  
    major south park fan  
    wolverine has cool claws i can use them for climbing  
    hershey's all the way  
    wow im disapointed in the other 57%  
    me too  
    i love pokemon so it was natural  
    its less messy  
    i agree  
    i agree  
    love him so  
    well my friend already has one so why not  
    well i dont get enough attention  
    i hate sushi  
    Taylor is so hot  
    im a girl i have no problem with that  
    its waldo  
    id help them  
    i dont play football  
    harry rocks  
    crocs are scary  
    well its mt=y favorite  
    my 2nd favorite youtuber markiplier lives in l.a of course id live there to mee him  
    tree houses are fun  
    whats the point having a boyfriend that doesnt love you  
    i love tv  
    i love superman  
    dont know what anorexic means  
    friends all the way  
    im a soical butterfly  
    coke is awesome  
    acoustic is more relaxing  
    i always follow that code  
    i wish there was a both buttons on tough decision questions  
    nice people are for me!  
    i could make new friends  
    i do it already  
    i love reading  
    that one was tough  
    i agree with you 100%  
    i agree  
    i love singing so the choice was natural  
    why r u all mean  
    prison scares me  
    that was tough to answer  
    ninja all the way  
    says you  
    its so confusing  
    i heard its good for you  
    i cant stand nightmares  
    someone agrees  
    who's gonna see the new star wars movie  
    small dogs dont take up space  
    i did it too  
    change that answer now  
    fails are funny  
    true love is beautiful and some people dont see that and thats tough  
    i love music  
    cause its awesome  
    id hate wearing that kinda hair  
    says you  
    wow id give most of my money to charity  
    divorce sucks  
    ninja all the way  
    i did  
    mermaids are awesome  
    well some people dont have taste in fashion  
    why guys why  
    i would love to see all my dreams in action  
    wow im sad now  
    this was tough  
    i would like to know what kind of pain a guy goes through  
    i went with my insticnts  
    everyone would respect me  
    id pull the best pranks ever on my friends  
    i have no idea what that is  
    id suffer than be a jerk  
    well i love coffee cant blame me for that  
    yolo is more catchy  
    it would be like living in the walking dead series  
    some people are just greedy \  
    i love the twilight series +1
    im not waking up sore u guys are nuts  
    i would love saving people  
    i dont want tattoos  
    I'd be with my favorite youtuber Jacksepticeye the whole day  
    i'd rather be with my love cause he knows me well  
    i'd be besties with justin timberlake  
    if u knew the cause you'd be ready  
    i like the internet  
    love is better than money  
    im glad its 50/50  
    thank you i love harry potter and besides id ask ron to be my boyfriend  
    I adore chocolate  
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