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Would you rather never have Starbucks or Social Media 3 years ago 101 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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I can;t drive yet so he would drive me everywhere 3 years ago  
does it matter where they are from 3 years ago  
Woman because we get have children 3 years ago  
I hate hockey. I love football 3 years ago  
A controller is smaller so it is easier to use 3 years ago  
I have been on both an I alomost die everything i go on a plane 3 years ago  
depends on my mood 3 years ago  
I don't own any keys so i would not loose anything 3 years ago  
I would be a kid but treated like an adult 3 years ago  
I can make my own money 3 years ago  
MONEY 3 years ago  
this stuff is both bad 3 years ago  
HOW CAN I DESIDE!!!! 3 years ago  
World hunger will save lives 3 years ago  
I live in the USA the world says that it is the best country in the world 3 years ago  
I saw a girl who still lives with one arm but not a girl who lived with one leg 3 years ago  
I would take the chocolate from the cookie and make brownie powder 3 years ago  
The USA has had no terrrist attaks 3 years ago  
My boyfriend lives in Ohio so that would be a one in only time i would get to be with him 3 years ago  
the aliens could be nice 3 years ago  
I would have a husband who would love me for no matter what i look like when i am going to grow old 3 years ago  
I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!! I would have a nice teacher and i would not learn anything. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!! 3 years ago  
I would have my family to keep me happy 3 years ago  
Lion like me 3 years ago  
Kids are worth being handicapped 3 years ago  
everyone would care about me 3 years ago  
I already pee in the sower 3 years ago  
who says you have to choose one. girls can do bith 3 years ago +1
what are you going to use when you fly? x ray vision can help in a lot of ways 3 years ago  
I would make more money on what i would like to do. I would love to have that job 3 years ago  
what if your dream place is home with your love 3 years ago  
I am not a computer so i would not get the virus in the first place 3 years ago  
love is worth dying fofr 3 years ago  
I know what happened in the past, but i will never know what is in the future 3 years ago  
It would be private and i would not have to see his fs=ace when he dumps me 3 years ago  
Everybody wants to loose weight 3 years ago  
i have both 3 years ago  
you can go much farther in life if you are smart not popular 3 years ago  
wierd is the knew normal 3 years ago  
I am not a biy so i don't have a penis works out for me 3 years ago  
i can not live in the outdoors for one second 3 years ago  
I love to read but like movie's 3 years ago  
Never liked the Harry potter and never will like Harry Pooter 3 years ago  
if you fit in to any group then you could fit in the popular group 3 years ago  
you want to be inclusive 3 years ago  
Loosing 100 dollars is not so much that you loose 3 years ago  
If you start your own comapny you can get MONEY if you make your own regilon... then you get no money 3 years ago  
I never had the other guy as the president so i have no idea what he would do to us 3 years ago  
I am 11 so i would dress the same 3 years ago  
it is not that wierd 3 years ago  
akward moments don't stary as long as embarresing moments 3 years ago  
i don't even have a facebook account 3 years ago  
both we need to stop both 3 years ago  
I REALLY DON'T CARE 3 years ago  
I love my boyfriend but i would rather live somewhere hot 3 years ago  
it is so akward to go to a place by yourself 3 years ago +1
depends and what i need to talk about 3 years ago  
If i never speak again... 3 years ago  
Duh I love to sleep. I could sleep all day if I wanted to. And i already control my dreams 3 years ago  
it would be a nice dinner 3 years ago  
better to be sure then take the risk 3 years ago  
when it is our birthday the day is just for you but when it is christmas, the day is for every christian kid in the world. Would'nt you want a holiday to yourself??? 3 years ago  
they look the same but u like the new one a little but better 3 years ago  
I would still be in the world and see everything and both ways i get out of gym so that is good 3 years ago  
harlem shake is better because i can not take one more second of Gangnam Style 3 years ago  
if you get cash you can buy any gift you want 3 years ago  
I am not really a game person 3 years ago  
smotthies is fruit in a drink what can not get better 3 years ago  
I will nevernhave a son 3 years ago  
Like i said before you don't need starbucks but it is good to know what people you know are doing 3 years ago  
Best friends are hard to find but you can keep them forever. Computers can break downmand will be forgoton LOL 3 years ago  
i can not listen to Bieber for one second let alone an hoir 3 years ago  
also i brok my foot once so i know how it feels to not be able to walk up the steps 3 years ago  
if you are smart you can do much greater in life with your smartnest in the world. 3 years ago  
I am already short and i have alwys wanted to be a ginger 3 years ago  
Hawaii because i have ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THER SINCE I WAS 6 YEASR OLD. I put the caps lock on acident:) 3 years ago  
my best friend because i know that even though it is my crush, they still chose a very nice and lovine person 3 years ago  
even 3 years ago  
I love cats but i have a dog of my own and i have alwys liked dogs a little bit better 3 years ago  
If i am going some where and someone is dancing out of nowhere i would love that 3 years ago  
I would have money 3 years ago  
What if you best friend is you soulmate 3 years ago  
neither 3 years ago  
Why not gay marriage they are still a human being and rthey still have a right to be marriaged 3 years ago  
They will help me livev 3 years ago  
I would not go to jail that anwsers it 3 years ago  
I have no idea who Natalie Portman is 3 years ago  
I don't like the blockbuster movies and I can be come more fasmous for singing at the superbowl 3 years ago  
If i watch a movie with no sound i can know what is happeneing by looking 3 years ago  
I hat taking showers 3 years ago  
My one law can be to get rid of one law 3 years ago  
My family would be happy becuase i have money 3 years ago  
I have a sister and her life is more important 3 years ago  
snow is much better then rain 3 years ago  
If i can control it in real life that would be cool 3 years ago  
I could goo in to the core and not die that would be cool 3 years ago  
I would be old so i would not care if people there are hot or not 3 years ago  
Both very pretty 3 years ago  
I love food but transportation is much harder to get 3 years ago  
You would work the same amount of time if you think about it 3 years ago  
I would want to know everything in the world 3 years ago  
One extoridanry home can make and extraordinary city 3 years ago  
I have no idea who rebecca black is 3 years ago  
terrorism kills more people at a one time then car accidents 3 years ago  
depends on how heavy or big the object is 3 years ago  
it is just bettter 3 years ago  
I don't like minecraft 3 years ago  
I would freeze to death if i was stuck on a ski lift 3 years ago  
I like who i am 3 years ago  
Heaven is the world you want it to be 3 years ago  
I don;t want to see anything scary 3 years ago  
better to live somewhere then be in the streets 3 years ago  
tryed coke hate it 3 years ago  
I am a girl so.. 3 years ago  
Pirate 3 years ago  
I could just write everything i want to say 3 years ago  
you can get more money if you beg 3 years ago  
no one wants to read what i look up 3 years ago  
i have a small dog so 3 years ago  
10 percent is not a lot 3 years ago  
don't know what the hell these people are 3 years ago  
They are funny 3 years ago  
I hate both 3 years ago  
I would not want to have sex with random men 3 years ago  
Health is what matters not looks 3 years ago  
I don't drive yet so... 3 years ago  
I jave a dog so i can live with a wet dog 3 years ago  
They are my best friend. I would like to date them 3 years ago  
fails are funny 3 years ago  
I would want both can't choose 3 years ago  
Apple makes the best stuff 3 years ago  
I would know when people would be talking behind my back in a different language 3 years ago  
BOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
If i know everything I can come to power easily 3 years ago  
MONEY KEEPS ME ALIVE 3 years ago  
You would not even get a divorce if you are not marries 3 years ago  
Don;t like harry potter answers the question 3 years ago  
I have listened to older music. It f**k sucks 3 years ago  
I HATE WEARING DRESSES! That answers the questions 3 years ago  
UNICORNS ARE BAE!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
if I never find true love I will never have sex. At least I would have found my true love 3 years ago  
both of them were really bad but i think the holocaust was worse 3 years ago  
I am a kid so... 3 years ago  
I lye a lot 3 years ago  
both i can not decide 3 years ago  
If my hair had an 80's look... i would be living on the streets 3 years ago  
I don't want to watch my dreams in real life. that would be too creepy 3 years ago  
these are photoshoped 3 years ago  
I would have no idea how much money are on the gift cards and i could use that money to buy stuff on Amazon 3 years ago  
a 5 star prison is impossible 3 years ago  
Like i care if we have good sex 3 years ago  
Love is worth risking money 3 years ago  
Go deaf is forever but you at least get to use the internet 3 years ago  
You can train your self to be a ninja but a wizard has MAGIC 3 years ago  
I would be a nice dictator and i would be the representative dfor the country until i die 3 years ago  
You have a less risk of dying if you are invisible and telaport to anything you want to 3 years ago  
I wold ove eerybody to hear me roar 3 years ago  
If i can speak any language i would be able to do anything i want to say 3 years ago  
I use spotify for my music. But overtime i go to starbucks for free it make me happy 3 years ago  
I have no idea what is so... 3 years ago  
depends on how long i will be in that place or time 3 years ago  
I would love to live in a perfect world and be myself 3 years ago  
i would want to know if my boyfriend is cheating on me or not 3 years ago  
If you become a zombie it will be much better then dieying 3 years ago  
the aliens could be nice 3 years ago  
I love baby's and puppies too much to kill any of them. 3 years ago  
It would make me feel a lot better about my self if i gave money to african families 3 years ago  
I hate harry potter but twilight is my idol 3 years ago  
I could make up all the mistakes i have made 3 years ago  
i have wanted to be a doctor since i was 2 3 years ago  
i would get a small tatoo on my foot 3 years ago  
i am very skinny so i would not weight so much 3 years ago  
i would love to live forever. I don't have to worry about dieng 3 years ago  
I had to chose the world so.. 3 years ago  
you can go much farther in life when you are smart. also if you are the smartest person then you can make yourself hot 3 years ago  
MONEY IS WHAT KEEPS ALIVE!!!!!! of course i want money 3 years ago  
love is better then fame 3 years ago  
Money is what keeps me going and not killing me in life 3 years ago  
If your famous you get all the spotligtht 3 years ago  
I would like to know what day i would die so i can live life to the fullest 3 years ago  
not an ocean fan and that is what i am doing now.. surfing the web 3 years ago  
i would to read boys mind and see what girls they like 3 years ago  
love is worth leaving money in a ditch 3 years ago  
I have a boyfriend who is not famous so... 3 years ago  
I hate harry Potter and he lives in a life of fear but to be famous and be rich i would die for that 3 years ago  
If I had no problems... I would not have to be stressed all the time and I would love that 3 years ago  
I would love to meet the first president in the U.S 3 years ago  
I would love to stay a child forever 3 years ago  
I would not know who whould be at my funeral becuase i would be dead 3 years ago  
I can not survive without both but no internet is better then having no phone 3 years ago  
If you are jewish and chose to change you name to Hitler.. you are in trouble 3 years ago  
I have already been to london 3 years ago  
I am not a big starwars fan so... 3 years ago  
Love is worth not getting money 3 years ago  
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