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    So they finally made me choose aids!  
    work slaves are prisoners. inmates have it easy...  
    Wow 50 50, i dnt see that coming  
    Then i'd go to heaven and live forever in a perfect world  
    i can fly! +1
    Alright, but no one pee on the pool!  
    I don't know why it took me so long to answer...  
    I'll kick him in the nuts!  
    games back then sucked compared to now.  
    we're not talking about girls right?  
    both would turn me off  
    I'm curious about the taste...  
    I don't know what a rubber is, but i'm not anti-baby!  
    I'll get over it...  
    They don't have that many games for it and it's more expensive with apple. plus, PC's are cuztomisable like the one i'm using.  
    guys picked 4,9" and girls the 6,4". it's all about dominance XP  
    Crap, i didn't read the picture. NO VOTE PEOPLE!!!!!!!  
    i'd just shave  
    A world without the true God and his goodness would be chaos too, but worse.  
    Immortal until we run out of resources and we all starve to death! then it would cost like 10 days just to get a doughnut, mothers would have children just to steal their time and then that would only create further inflation.  
    2nd place ain't too bad. like at least you get to be the second richest person in the world XP  
    pretty much if you don't get rid of the computer, you do lose your friends XP  
    If there was a real distribution of wealth, no one would go hungry.  
    I want God to be my true love and not be distracted.  
    God said that he would bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them. as you can see, the U.S is doing pretty well while the middle east is a war zone. +1
    I'm just being honest. XP  
    I love chocolate so i would just change my name to 'nice hitler'.  
    I would get the light saber (assuming i'm the only one who can have one or that they're very expensive), and sell it to someone that i may save some African children. so for me, lightsaber is the same thing.  
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