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    I would take the blame for a friendly honestly 2 years ago  
    i love love 2 years ago  
    i wanna be a ninja unicorn 2 years ago  
    i just want to find my tue love 2 years ago  
    i'm 15 play minecraft i have a zombie named bob 2 years ago  
    pewdiepie is the only one i knew kinda... 2 years ago  
    who's ms.sirois 2 years ago  
    yeah i don't really care for dresses but the other one looks no tgod 2 years ago  
    what's tumblr 2 years ago  
    well o can sing but i'm shy 2 years ago  
    green 2 years ago  
    neither i don't care 2 years ago  
    why you hating on the humpback under the sea 2 years ago  
    color makes me happy i'm a unicorn and i live in rainbowville with all the leprechauns 2 years ago  
    yes 2 years ago  
    you actually have a point now i feel dumb for picking the other answer 2 years ago  
    I already look like an idiot so why not 2 years ago  
    no taylor doesn't need to cut that luscious hair he has been my bae for life 2 years ago  
    haven't seen either 2 years ago  
    i love soccer why???? 2 years ago  
    love chocolate no matter what expect for almond joy 2 years ago  
    i love music so... you have my answer 2 years ago  
    what is mutton 2 years ago  
    honestly i don't care because i'm a female and i really could care less 2 years ago  
    why i don't understand 2 years ago  
    True is agree acoustic is so beautiful and authentic 2 years ago  
    i'm 15 what are these 2 years ago  
    Everything I don't have the guts to say would be said and people would stop taking advantage of me 2 years ago  
    Who are these people 2 years ago  
    but i love both 2 years ago  
    I don't think reading is dumb but I seem to feel more emotions with movies 2 years ago  
    I am a girl and I would want to be a man just to know how they think and to see the difference between a girl's life and a guy's life 2 years ago  

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