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    66% of you are fcked.  
    Preference.. What else?  
    I'm baffled to see this is a 50/50. I thought for sure it'd be 99/1 or 60/40 or something like that!  
    I chose the 'bum' to see if my assumption was right, which my assumption was right. People are assholes.  
    I don't have a 'best' friend. I only have friends. keep them from a distance and have as little as possible to keep the drama at an all-time low.  
    The first half of TSN is interesting, then it seems Zuckerberg evolves more and more into an asshat.  
    Ironically, you are on a social networking website. Ya dunce!  
    I believe iOS has more votes because of the fact that it was the first to ever come out and people are having a tough time adapting to change.  
    LOL... 'Famous' has a count of 23... (Search ''The 23 Enigma" online..)  
    I chose 'just do it' mainly to see if my guess was accurate, but apparently everyone would rather romance.  
    Had Apple not shoved their products down your throat, I may be a user of it but still not a fan. I've used iPhones and Androids and Androids are more customizable just as Windows is compared to Mac's.  
    I'm literally baffled that this 'rather' isn't at least around the 50/50 margin.  
    In this generation, people practically invent their own languages online, and for some of us -- that's VERY ANNOYING!  
    I don't like to put labels on myself, but if I had to speak in front of society, I'd have to be an atheist, but I don't claim the title.  
    Although I picked 'BMW' I will, in reality, pass on both, as both look horrible to me.  
    I've never seen 'The office' to compare the two.  
    I don't drink, but I went with Bacardi because the logo looks cool.  
    They'll both kill ya. Look up 'cooking coke' on YouTube. The purpose of looking it up is knowing what happens when you cook it.  
    %[email protected]# Religion  
    Look at all it does. It creates war (although the 'God' people follow may not say to start wars, people obviously interpret it as such).. Annoying people also  
    I find reading to be nothing but a chore, because I feel like I'm doing a chore as I read.  
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