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    im a girl so he wont fight a girly sooooo yeah 2 years ago  
    waaaa this is the hardest one ever both so cute ahhhh 2 years ago  
    stop saying god isnt real people he is 2 years ago +1
    i am a midget 2 years ago  
    shot with no bullet 2 years ago  
    its time bullying stoped 2 years ago  
    daniel radocliff is my dream boyfriend too bad im 10 2 years ago  
    absolutely hogwarts i love it woo 2 years ago  
    stop eatiing or lose wight 2 years ago  
    simon cowell is wors britains got talent judge but he is right most of the time 2 years ago  
    no thats rude even i would wanna do that but no 2 years ago  
    hate math 2 years ago  
    hate drugs 2 years ago  
    yeah i dont know either i thought it means help im only like 10 2 years ago  
    girly girls are attention seekers 2 years ago +1
    i alredy have hair up to my butt so yeah im like a living rapunzel 2 years ago  
    little dude wont even know how to start the car hahaha 2 years ago  
    just get a wig and glue it on or grow it back 2 years ago  
    you could change them 2 years ago  
    il spend money on people 2 years ago  
    im scared of snakes and bugs 2 years ago  
    hard one 2 years ago  
    gifts are cash just sell them duh 2 years ago  
    i piked wrong one 2 years ago  
    wish i piked outside sorry 2 years ago  
    ill go to hospital straight away 2 years ago  
    hard one 2 years ago  
    yeah booty / gold 2 years ago  
    ninja suits are uncomfortable 2 years ago  
    you can stop being a thief 2 years ago  
    i see that but they are cute 2 years ago  
    big dog big hugs 2 years ago  
    in the 6th movie 2 years ago  
    dumbledore died 2 years ago  
    if its a monkey you could have it on u shoulder 2 years ago +1
    oh you are right 2 years ago  
    they could mention a zombie invasion that wouldnt be good 2 years ago  
    and looks way better 2 years ago  
    hermione is 2 best in harry potter 2 years ago  
    what is the holocaust 2 years ago  
    sorry monkey penguins are cuter 2 years ago  
    ew 2 years ago  
    my fave movie is harry potter i want to ba a wizard / witch 2 years ago  
    aliens are too creepy 2 years ago  
    what kind of a question is that 2 years ago  
    puppy's are too cute sorry baby kid 2 years ago  
    harry potter is my favourite movie 2 years ago  
    if you rewinded you culd never die and have 2 lives and never do bad 2 years ago  
    if your a doctor you have to cut people open ew 2 years ago  
    never get a tatoo they ruin your skin 2 years ago  
    that wuld be creepy to be so thin 2 years ago  
    if you are rich people wanna kill you duh 2 years ago  

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