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    Don't those two usually come as a package deal? 6 years ago  
    I have both and I love them equally D: 6 years ago  
    Sooo, because I'm a female and chose games...that means I'm a hermaphrodite? D: 6 years ago  
    Sprinkle Town? I love it :D 6 years ago  
    I'm short, fat, and a nerd. I don't see much of a win win besides saving my soul... 6 years ago  
    Except those of us that are only children 6 years ago  
    After I had someone openly complain about a gift I got them, and they hadn't given me anything, I stopped giving gifts to them. 6 years ago  
    I have glasses....chose #1 6 years ago  
    Seeing as how I'm 17 and starting college soon.... 6 years ago  
    My family and I have made it through cancer, suicide of a dear friend, and open-heart surgery all within the past seven years. Doesn't matter where we lived, I know we could make it. Unless it was New York. I don't think we would survive there... 6 years ago  
    I'm overweight AND short D: I don't know what to choose D: 6 years ago  
    I had to skip....why would I want to bring 5 dead people back, just so they could die again? On the other hand, I'm not violent enough to kill someone, regardless of what they've done D: 6 years ago  
    And this question is exactly why I'm against the death penalty 6 years ago +1
    At least if I was married my spouse would come to my funeral....right? D: 6 years ago  
    Each person defines "weird". What is weird to one may be normal to another. 6 years ago  
    I put it to the equivalent of washboard abs or cute little butt. 6 years ago  
    Never dated anyone, almost always been friend-zoned by crushes, so this one was fairly simple hahaha. Though they do say, you should marry your best friend ;D 6 years ago  
    I love big dogs, but my small dog is such a sweetie. Cutest little mutt in all the world. Yappy though.... 6 years ago  
    While I somewhat agree...what we call rednecks around here are the SUPER country, drive huge trucks covered in mud, wear overalls, and are completely set in the "south" mindset (usually involving racism and homophobia). I love being from the south, but I would much rather be called a hick over redneck or hillbilly any day 6 years ago  
    "Go read a book"? Seriously? I graduated top of my class with honors and NC Scholar, and was awarded $44K academic scholarship from my college. I was an AP English student in high school, so I assure you, I've read plenty of books. I'm fairly scientifically literate too, and I love reading different theories of how the world was created. Yet, I'm still a Christian and live right beside my church. But I hate people saying that Christians are such terrible people, when all I see are people bashing us. I don't see a single top comment bashing atheism. I've had atheist friends and have NEVER tried to "convert" them to Christianity. I've had gay best friends along the way that are some of the best people I've ever met. Never tried to change their ways, either. If that's what they choose to believe, then let them. I fully respect that. I just don't understand why people can't respect our Christian values, and jump on every opportunity to tell us how fake it is. Trust me, I've heard it all before. You're not being original. It's starting to get hard to respect people who seem to get no better enjoyment than announcing to the world that God isn't real. I don't see how people can be so disrespectful to others...I'm probably half the age of those being rude, and even I know how to be a civilized human being to other people, regardless of how they believe... 6 years ago  

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