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    the summer Olympics (basketball, swimming and track mainly) is my life  
    bush did  
    boss and nymeria are going to hell +1
    my moms dropped her iphone alot, its been drooped on concrete, weve spilled water one it, and my 4 year old brother uses it, its been working fine for 3 years  
    my school gives us chrome books  
    modern family is freakin hilarious  
    i go on hikes and i do mountain climbing a lot, ive never been skydiving  
    spider has weaknesses  
    i love minecraft, and the chick that said minecraft is for nerds is probably more nerdy than me  
    i hate reading, i dont think its dumb, i just dont like it  
    girls always say they would kick the guys ass, ive never seen it done, and i dont think i ever will  
    gay people are nasty  
    bush did  
    cats suck, dogs kick cats ass  
    i hate the patriots, giants are my scond favorite team  
    football is the second best sport ever, hockey is like second to last  
    basketball is my life. but i hate the lakers  
    i would sell the good house, move to america, and get an average house  
    all you do is slice fruit. that is extremely boring  
    everyone wants to be american, america kicks ass  
    in 1776 you would by horses and stuff like that, not ipads and mac books  
    i love both, but soft chewy chips ahoy are amazing  
    i would just hide the whole time  
    god is already real  
    ten years older would be in their twenties  
    i cant stand looking at Annorexic people  
    working out is not easy if your that fat, and dumb is not forever  
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