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    This is forgivable tho. +1
    Already this  
    ummmmmmm Trees are alive?  
    Maybe she likes me back  
    this is not embarrassing to me  
    But it is not your fault if you break a heart. I have had people fall for me and I don't like them back, it is not my fault. But I have been in that situation too, it's hell. But in that case it's no one's fault someone was heartbroken.  
    I don't love men. If I have to marry a man he may as well be rich! I'll just cheat on him with a hot side chick.  
    It was an accident though  
    I don't care who your friends are, I trust you. Besides, we gay, so the opposite sex don't do much for you.  
    "It's a miracle! First ever baby conceived by two women! Biologists are shocked!"  
    I dump him anyway because he's a man  
    I am kind of in this situation, it might not be life-long though. Hoping he'll get over me and we can still be friends. But I have been in his situation. I know it is much worse, and he is unlikely to get over me.  
    This would be such a cool story to tell. Also the other option would scare me.  
    Disguise yourself as a man and escape. I mean, I know that's probably not too possible for most women, but this is what I would try to do, and since this is just a hypothetical it would work.  
    How can I play video games without arms?  
    Joke's on you, I have no dog.  
    What...what do you mean by rubber???  
    Newton did more but Einstein is also cool  
    I love airplanes!  
    I am already vegetarian  
    Europe is doomed and Muslim immigrants are at fault.  
    U S A! U S A!  
    Guess people will know about the things that happened to me but it's better than not talking  
    but imma vegetarian I can't do either  
    Jokes on you I don't have a d***  
    Penis freaks me out.  
    If you illuminate marriage you illuminate divorce. Also, the relationship is now yours, no pressure to involve the government or the church. None of their business...  
    They're still adorable  
    I love learning, it will be a sad day if there is nothing left to learn. I live to learn.  
    Same, I only care about the romance, I don't need sex.  
    She never fell so helplessly in love that her IQ dropped  
    clicked the wrong one....  
    you can even buy groceries on amazon. Only thing you can't do is pay rent with it.  
    I prefer windows but to each their own.  
    I don't care. But I guess marrying someone of the opposite sex but a different race would be an easier life. I would know, I am gay, it's not the easiest thing to go through. +1
    I already have the other one and I am very miserable. I plan to quit. I don't have another job lined up but I want to get out so bad.  
    Maybe, but why would you want fame?  
    I'm not ashamed. Yeah, bro, I like you. Want to hang?  
    I have reason to believe that she would be lying to me about me being the one who got her pregnant.  
    I'm not the one who got her pregnant, she's lying to me. I won't fall victim to her lies. Go find someone with a penis to lie to. +1
    Less people die.  
    Love is what makes life worth living, whether it be romantic or other wise.  
    I love food. +1
    You sure don't.  
    I believe it would be colder in Canada, and to me that's a good thing.  
    You're name doesn't matter as much as your looks.  
    So basically, sprite or knock-off sprite? +2
    I've gotten by just fine till' now without a lightsaber, I don't lose anything by not getting one.  
    It'd be rough.  
    We could be separated.  
    Aren't they the same? Just say the opposite of what you want to be true. +1
    "I'm wrong. But am I wrong about that?" +1
    Others' faults for falling for me.  
    He still has money in the bank.  
    What's the point of riches if you aren't happy? If you're happy riches don't matter....  
    I don't want to fall in love.  
    Wrong on! I'd love to by my love things.  
    The people I hate are so bossy, everything I say would be ignored, everyone would make me feel ashamed and stupid all the time.  
    I can still play with toys. And I can do it without the dependance of a bossy, stupid parent.  
    Wtf is viddy?  
    I love nerds.  
    Already there.  
    How is this even a question? +3
    I like Einstein's quotes more. I know that's probability not a good way to judge, but I don't know much about either, so....  
    At school, a mac is all I have. Still prefer windows.  
    Both sound terrible.  
    Not always.  
    I like reading, but I like movies more.  
    I'm a girl, but I would like a man's place in society.  
    I miss camping.  
    You don't get a billion per family. You get a billion total.  
    I'm fine without that money. I don't lose anything by not getting it. But those families need that money.  
    My parents always said I'd make the perfect lawyer.  
    I enjoy being respected and not having my needs and opinions ignored.  
    Both. Banks sometimes pay you if you promise not to spend your money. At the same time, get a credit card. Use it rarely, but by using it you re getting good credit scores. Wind up with more money and a good credit score.  
    Problems teach me.  
    Um, the service. Phone calls and texts don't use internet. stupid.  
    I wish I wasn't broke and had something to offer those in need. If were rich, I'd spend some money on myself, and spend a lot donating to my favorite charities.  
    I'll probably buy all my sh*t from amazon anyway.  
    I'm used to not having a billion dollars. It's not like I'm losing anything. And I wound up helping people. So it's a win.  
    You'd have to keep doing it, though. It's easier to just have a pause button.  
    I have a natural talent for arguing.  
    There are so many opportunities I miss out on because of money.  
    She looks happier.  
    I can't be in one place for too long.  
    I can lose weight.  
    We have to be somewhat compatible. But I'll break up with you at some point.  
    I'm a girl, so, duh.  
    We don't need money to be happy. We can both get jobs and get enough to survive. That's all we need.  
    It's only a year, then I can get back to my life....  
    He might be a nice guy. +1
    FEMALE! HA!  
    Um, he was talking about the titles of the games. The Zelda series is known as to as the Zelda series and the Metroid series is known as to as the Metroid series, even though the heroes' names are Link and Samus.  
    Always been a Zelda fan. Only played Metroid once.  
    As long as what I'm doing on said computer is coding, it's all good.  
    I wouldn't be known for creating something awful.  
    I'm not social.  
    I can't handle living with more than 3 people.  
    I wouldn't mind having sex before marriage, but if it's my first time, better be with someone damn special.  
    Mila Kunis likes video games? Suddenly she's even hotter.  
    I use the internet like 4 hours a day, not including the FB checks and Pandora usage on my phone at school.  
    Katniss seems whinier. Hermione seems more fun-to-be-around.  
    South Park is so stupid. So is Family Guy, but at least Family Guy is lovable at the same time.  
    Both seem so cool.  
    Closer to my age.  
    I don't care if people think he's weak. HE'S SO MUCH COOLER!  
    More food for the hungry. Forcing everyone to be vegan would mean less cheap options for food, causing more people to go hungry. Hunger is a serious problem right now. +1
    I love you, which is part of the reason I won't support your bad habits. I will pay for you to go to rehab if you want, though.  
    Already there.  
    I've done this before, and it's actually great having the whole theater to yourself.  
    I do this all the time in church.  
    God loves us, all of us. He doesn't care if we are gay, he only cares about whether or not we are being good people to ourselves and others. He wants us to be honest and happy with ourselves, and encourage others to do the same. He wants us to deal with conflicts in thoughtful, rational ways. He wants us to be safe and happy. (By the way I'm not Christian and I don't care what the bible says about any of this. But I do think there's a god.)  
    Nobody uses Yahoo as a search engine.  
    It happens to all of us, people will understand.  
    Dude, the tension would be so hot.  
    Dogs have teeth. Pikachus have LIGHTNING, B*TCH!  
    I'd love it if she knew. But she's an anime character...a very hot, badass anime character....  
    What about them?  
    Hold up, so this crush is part of my family then? Am I dating my cousin?  
    My crush is an anime character.  
    I ain't ashamed.  
    12-20ish people vs millions....  
    You can't buy happiness.  
    At least I can sue.  
    I plan on getting this.  
    There are soooo many hot anime characters.  
    The picture for "now" looks a little like my dad, but with hair.  
    Screw Xbox.  
    Screw Xbox.  
    HELL YES!  
    Rebecca Black is a better person.  
    Wtf is wrong with people? NICK IS DA BOMB!  
    They look almost the same!  
    If I go blind, I can't do my dream job.  
    At least the view is nice.  
    It depends. But out of these two, the blonde.  
    With that stone.  
    I hate having big boobs, and I think I prefer to date girls, so(but I'm not sure, I would still rather have money than a boyfriend)....  
    My older siblings would be protective of me.  
    Wouldn't 10,000,000 selfies take up all my phones memory? Annoying! That was what you were talking about, right?  
    I barely know my sister....  
    Ewww...Jacob has too many muscles.  
    My enemy is kind of hot.  
    Remote area alone, please.  
    I'd rather people didn't believe me when I was wrong. +1
    Trees are alive...I picked the wrong one....  
    It was great while it lasted, just another stop on my life's adventure. +6
    Out of self defense.  
    Into a net! WOOOO!  
    I'd probably ask god how the f*ck I managed to do that.  
    Screw Russia! I don't like their values!  
    I haven't seen this, but I fell asleep to the Notebook.  
    My friends are on facebook.  
    Wtf is CVS?  
    Oh, the memories.  
    Poor people are closer to their families and not desperate to keep their power because they have none.  
    I get bored at parties real fast.  
    School kids need to know how to use computers as most workplaces depend on them. +1
    If you use the internet to communicate, you can talk to people around you AND people on the other side of the world. +1
    I don't want either. Screw apple.  
    Let's be honest, who would want my piece-of-sh*t computer?  
    American football is so boring.  
    I can be a beggar who is secretly rich!  
    Queen ftw!  
    This is a good question!  
    I like how earth is not perfect. Gives me a chance to learn...while in heaven you can never know that anything is wrong because there is no such thing as negativity. I don't want to go to hell, either, though, because that's too much. I like being in-between. +1
    It's almost the same thing.  
    I like 80's style.  
    Anime would be easier to watch.  
    So cool!  
    Rather than being a stupid, annoying b**ch, I'd be an intelligent badass with magic.  
    This is a hard one....  
    I like the comfy look.  
    I could dream of not dying.  
    Lol, the results.  
    I've always wanted to fly...  
    I don't even like lying.  
    I'd seem so smart....  
    Some people theorize that we will be past the desire for wifi and will have something better than the internet....  
    He's cuter...  
    Don't know how to surf.  
    I don't want stalkers, thank you very much.  
    I agree.  
    I've always thought it would be great to fly!  
    Please do not send me back to my crappy hometown.  
    Seriously, though, your crush might be a celebrity.  
    Didn't read, just clicked on the hot girl.  
    I'd take the money, move, and change my name.  
    If you ruled, you would no doubt be stressed out to some extent, and you yourself would be ruled by the public's expectations so that you could keep your power. If there were no problems, though, you would not worry about whether or not you rule, because worrying is a problem.  
    Both are beautiful.  
    Peanut butter cups have chocolate, so...and it's just a last name, so...doesn't mean I share his views.  
    Honestly, what use would I have for a lightsaber? It would probably be confiscated if I did try to use it, anyways.  
    I love boats....  
    I didn't do anything wrong.  
    In an endless life you are never likely to make much of it.  
    Already there.  
    I love the tall slender look. Except she will be over a foot taller than I am.  
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