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    jump off a cliff into water, the cliff would be 4 ft xD  
    i've done it before, i'll do it again  
    with no tiger in it  
    even though meeting sebastian would be nice, i would much rather prefer to scream " TURD WAFFLE " and get sssshed by people watching 50 shades of waffles in the movie theatre  
    do the whip and nae nae? in my car!!! listoning to the song  
    i would never punch my granny but i would do it very very VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY lightly, like a poke. Instead of knocking her teeth and eyes out of her head  
    atleast i was born happy and died happy  
    i can have a party in the game with my friends online. Who cares about real life these days xD  
    My dad would take my electronics off me for a full day, make me do chores and then shouts at me all day. My mum just goes " stacey! dont say that! " and the punsihment is over  
    bottled water  
    If the dog was old, i would put it to sleep nicely and gently. with a vet, injection so that it feels no pain. I would let the 5 puppies live the life they were born for, and if the dog was healthy and had no reason to be killed, i wouldnt do anything to the pups nor my dog  
    hung by arm :P for 1 minute then let down ....  
    love is better than money  
    nobody would see you, and if space men flew in space it would be galactic porn  
    Dont judge  
    No water .... for how long? Anyway theres milk and engery drinks and smoothies ...  
    All genders started out as a female, bet u didn't know that did ya? so males were once females, they just dont like to admit it :) We all have our girly side ;)  
    i don't have an annoying grandma :3  
    I only need a car that'll get me to places i need to go and if it can do that then i'm fine with it. A beautiful house means that its perfect for family to come over and we can spend a night having dinner  
    i dont watch TV anyway, who needs it when you have netflix on your computer  
    Im a girl so no matter what i pick it doesnt matter  
    dip my finger in Acid (Vinegar) or get my big toe eaten by a camel .... hard decision. lol  
    take it off and wash it, simples ;  
    more presents on christmas xD  
    bears are to cute  
    ugly hair, you can fix that  
    coke is black goo btw  
    kentucky friend jerry (the hamsters name)  
    Video game programmer cuz i would create some beast games  
    all pups are cute, drunk or not  
    i would not eat my alfie or tt  
    depends which friend :P  
    i luv ur comment  
    im female  
    hahahah xD  
    italians have PIZZAS. why wouldn't you go there? they also have ice cream. BASICALLY HEAVEN  
    tests are fun xD u can mess around doing them  
    Pewdiepie gets to much money for uploading him screaming curse words into a cool looking microphone. so does tobuscus but still, he's a nicer person. i think. I DONT WATCH THEM  
    the name funnyjunk scares me ....  
    shaving would take a long time if you looked like a wolf so just save time and get a wig :p  
    i wouldnt take the chance at 5 million, to good to be true. 1 million is reasonable  
    i hate both so much  
    i dont get the point of this question  
    what question is this  
    this is to complicated for me +1
    bad choices  
    what if you dont like the future and you spend your whole life worrying because you know exactly whats gonna happen. Didn't think about that did ya?  
    jammit i picked the wrong one, i would rather be religious. i didnt know what atheist meant and i clicked it but i couldnt turn back :(  
    give up computer and get a new one :P  
    cancer SUCKS  
    imagine how painful it would be to take all the duck tape off ........ EXACTLY  
    i must say gumballs but juicy fruit is so yummy  
    train crash ..... you serious. Yeah i would so love to leave earth with a bunch of strangers getting my body smashed into metal and my brain exposed ....... no in the ocean with the waves, dying in a peaceful place.  
    i went for the best shirt lol xD  
    never ate any of them but hersheys has better packaging so them i guess?  
    I'm 12 quiz, i'm 12  
    coke is black goo btw  
    the money is tempting but money cant buy you love or happiness  
    i would invent internet goggles, you put them on and then BOOM ... INTERNET  
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