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    oh no, who is going to tell them? 5 months ago  
    today's music is TRASH! 5 months ago  
    you just do not like sex. 5 months ago  
    true love is not real you bimbos! 5 months ago  
    I get much more time with earth & real people (dear people on this site, ever heard of that?) 5 months ago  
    I hate liars! 5 months ago  
    '80s hairstyles are awesome! 5 months ago  
    I can already see my dreams when I wake up lmao... 5 months ago  
    Armenia holocaust 5 months ago  
    well, sex is important 5 months ago  
    I can't eat chocolate anyway. 5 months ago  
    relevance to the world is communication with PEOPLE.. 5 months ago  
    starbucks sucks! 5 months ago  
    i am the one who cheats. 5 months ago  
    yeah right most of you people wouldn't donate to Africa lol 5 months ago  
    Lawyer hehe 5 months ago  
    lol so many people are stuck on the illusion of attractiveness. well, who would want them to be smart anyway? we need the underdogs to keep under. 5 months ago  
    tons of celebrities are ugly inside & out 5 months ago  
    the world would be so much better off with me as the ruler 5 months ago  
    i am encouraged and intrigued by my ancestors. 5 months ago  
    religious. i need someone who agrees on the politics. 5 months ago  
    Weddings are personal. Funerals is the final set-back. 5 months ago  
    bye bye enemies! 5 months ago  
    I make fine without a cellphone already! 5 months ago  
    exactly, you get my point! 5 months ago  
    Hard yikes - you people on this site are lazy! how could you pass up an awesome European vaca for a lousy water vaca? lol. 5 months ago  
    Internet = knowledge ! 5 months ago  
    Time to gain knowledge, produce art, meet people and make money. 5 months ago  
    [email protected]#$ true love, it ain't real. but money, now that is real! 5 months ago  
    People are toxic. I love nature. 1 year ago  
    There just isn't enough time to do everything an intellectual wants to do 1 year ago  
    The cause would trigger tremendous fear and make me scared of living in my last days. I would rather know when not how so I can enjoy my life. 1 year ago  
    i need more money so I can do things within time. +1
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