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    Sign language so I can communicate. Acting isn't essential and will hardly get you anywhere. 1 year ago  
    Classical is the best. 1 year ago  
    Just knock yourself out during a tornado and maybe you will live without much transparent damage 1 year ago  
    Everyone does it so why not? Lol there are worse things to lie about. 1 year ago +2
    People are toxic. I love nature. 1 year ago  
    There just isn't enough time to do everything an intellectual wants to do 1 year ago  
    The cause would trigger tremendous fear and make me scared of living in my last days. I would rather know when not how so I can enjoy my life. 1 year ago  
    I've done that. It's not that big of a deal 1 year ago  
    Much safer in Spain! Viva Espana! 1 year ago +1
    No one would listen anyway 1 year ago  
    Kylie is way too fake. 1 year ago +1
    Essays are easy, man! 1 year ago  
    taylor has too much of a smooshed face 1 year ago  
    don't look for someone and someone will find you when you are feeling lonely 1 year ago  
    single. overweight = more problems on the relationship and it's unattractive. 1 year ago  
    too much pressure in a hospital 1 year ago +1
    she is 'pretty' 1 year ago +1
    I guess rape. Because then I can still be able to afford good therapy afterwards with my money. ... I'm sorry body, but money is important. Lol. 1 year ago +1
    Capitalism man ... I gotta make that money! 1 year ago  
    children are less noisy and unless they are going to let me hang with their dogs, I would find it rather annoying. 1 year ago  
    People who have lived under communism have suffered greatly and know the negative consequences of that evil system. 1 year ago +1
    Very hard to choose... but I would not want to touch or kiss someone who smokes. Drunks can be fun and unaware of conflict so ... I guess ... but it depends how the person is! 1 year ago +1
    If you give me your e-mail I will sign you up for daily motivational quotes 1 year ago +3
    A motion picture lol... I blame pop culture! 1 year ago  
    i need more money so I can do things within time. 1 year ago +1
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