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    Non-Religious, but he's got an awesome beard  
    Ron White  
    Resident Evil, Meets Silent Hill, Meets Blair Witch  
    Statham as 47  
    Duh, shift into a rocket ship lol  
    Tough choice  
    It's all about that short sleeve  
    Teleport straight into a Taco Bell, then into a Sexy Goth Chicks bedroom  
    Then I'd Smash Their Heads in with an Anvil but not before having a lion eat his schlong, and also not before letting her get raped by 12 very horny horses  
    And kill them both, bury them and eat the corn growing from their rotting corpses and be like' and her death will one day become a mystery even to me" :)  
    We'd double team her  
    Cut of his head and replace it with mine  
    Mortal Kombat's fighting always felt too stiff  
    Either way they both suck, Obama is just as bad as Bush, Obama was obviously Anti-American  
    as long as I can fugg all the angels I want, if not then Onward to New Zealand  
    Hmm Sexy body, whimpy body, Claws or tiny nuts  
    But only if Goblet of Fire never happened cause she was a Cu**  
    If you're in Japan you'll probably be on xnxx getting used up.  
    I'd rather be a guitarist for Dimmu Bogir  
    Windows 10 "No Es Bueno"  
    Would rather create Skynet  
    I could make any ugly woman look like luna  
    Short Life but a Good One  
    Lol technically they do both simultaneously  
    That's Two, but yeah  
    Ummm, Already Dead Mate  
    Dogs never stop yappin at every little sound at 2 am +1
    I could Name the Baby Goku  
    Don't know about you but...that's a lot of weiners  
    A Irate Pirate Ninja  
    Instead of Crack give'em Pop Rocks  
    Can I be a Masked Murderer and Live Forever?  
    Fuggin Majin Super Saiyan God lol  
    Then I'd make him eat the chili Scot Tenorman style!  
    Fap to the Ice Queen when she's like 23  
    I'd Be the fist Mo'Ron to skydive into a Twister with a parachute and goggles :)  
    Lol those Latino Soccer Gradma Vids  
    I'd Stab Them All Lol  
    I'd rather have Ron White as The President and Bear Grylls as the Vice :)  
    Because he's a Biatch like Merryweather  
    How do we now if they're really Retarded, they could all really be geniuses faking it to have us do all the work, sitting back and waiting for the right time to dominate us? +1
    Because It's FUN !  
    I'd Wreck both LOL  
    The Perfect relationship, Your hand  
    Fluttershy !!!  
    They should have a Both Button :)  
    I'd take the Blame mostly cause I'd like to experience Prison, Never been shanked before...looks down/ so that's it huh? :)  
    Me anyway, cause I look like Michael Myers and people think I'd kill them if they pissed me off "and I would" :)  
    This one but I'd wear a Gothic Lolita Dress anyday  
    But Produce so much Methane, but they are cute though  
    I want George of the Jungles Toucan  
    I'm Fatman  
    My voice is very Deep and has way too much Bass so yeah  
    I already don't brush and I have decent teeth  
    Rebecca Black is like your Sister, annoying as hell and sings loudly even though she knows she sucks  
    At least I'd smell nice :)  
    Justin wouldn't be so Blah if he just grew up  
    Don't need Religion to live my life happy +1
    Spiderman is cool and all but is always portrayed as a whiny or emo kid. Where's the Buff, Tough and Considerate Peter Parker/Spiderman that I grew up with on Fox Kids? +1
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