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Would you rather Receive an unwanted dick/vagina pick or Have someone you're not interested in ask you for nudes 9 months ago 56 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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zoom an ear is a weird verb...amplify huh 9 months ago  
why waste money 9 months ago  
We have both everyday here in 'murica 9 months ago  
your 1950s property is worth a lot now in 2018 9 months ago  
I have bipolar disorder the jokes on me 9 months ago  
The raise a family thing always ruins it for me, so ill go get a lover with my well paying job 9 months ago  
At least I know I mean something other than money to them 9 months ago  
No teaching, no point in schooling 9 months ago  
Not really into people telling me I cant eat hot cheetos for breakfast 9 months ago  
Lemons for the shark huh 9 months ago  
Gothic beauty yes 9 months ago  
The best religion is NO religion, screw people like guest from Ontario, Canada 9 months ago  
In school, you go to study 9 months ago  
I like reading but i don't read as much as I should. I guess I like being passive more than being active 9 months ago  
Accidents kill more people than terrorism 9 months ago  
Pollution IS animal abuse 9 months ago +1
Me to best friend: Say (insert location), Him: Why? Me: just say it. 9 months ago  
Getting that sleep I've wanted in 9 months ago  
I like it when they pretend to care 9 months ago  
Need some time to spend that though 9 months ago  
really depends who 9 months ago  
able and stupid, living with a disability like that is VERY hard 9 months ago  
uncle sam will know 9 months ago  
Doesn't say at once, but I know I'm not surviving the first option whether is one or two 9 months ago  
Justice is as meaningless as revenge, does nothing more than satisfy the human urge to repay treatment. Liberty is our nature, good or bad 9 months ago  
Guess whos getting thin n.n 9 months ago  
you cant make laws I don't approve of 9 months ago  
How is that going, buddy? 9 months ago  
I call it self development 9 months ago  
you gotta have peace at some point 9 months ago  
I already took this choice 9 months ago  
Prostitution can be dangerous...umm like murders and abductions aren't a thing 9 months ago  
lol I won, I got both of these 9 months ago  
Infinity power provides opportunity for intimate knowledge, you can't control that you do not know 9 months ago  
I think I can become a master of all languages but for music id have to do magic - also thinking that would lead me to becoming a musician for a living -which is good money 9 months ago  
no marriage, its an institution and it means nothing, no marriage also means no divorce 9 months ago  
I'll wish for a business of my own, that will bring me money or things to sell - so I got 9 wishes left 9 months ago  
you can get shot, but it doesn't necessarily have to be lethal 9 months ago  
I picked all foreign languages because I imagined speaking with animals would be like speaking with children and that would annoy the sh*t out of me 9 months ago  
I care about smarts a lot myself but ill tell you why I picked looks. No matter how smart you are and the potential you have no one cares about what you have to say unless you are able to attract attention to yourself. Also not being smart but the smartest would leave you feeling alone and with very few people to truly share your ideas. Sad thing but true, people treat you how they see you 9 months ago  

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