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Which scientific discipline would you rather study? Chemistry or Biology 7 years ago 4,249 votes 44 comments 0 likes
Which country produces better models? America or England 7 years ago 717 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Which Dave Grohl project do you prefer? Nirvana or Foo Fighters 7 years ago 3,793 votes 28 comments 0 likes
If you had to listen to only one style of music for the rest of your life, would you chose... Free Jazz? or Death Metal? 7 years ago 5,600 votes 69 comments 0 likes
Which musical video game is better? Guitar Hero or Rock Band 7 years ago 75,809 votes 334 comments 2 likes
Which drummer is more innovative? Neil Peart (Rush) or Mike Portnoy (Dream Theatre) 7 years ago 387 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which candidate is more qualified to be running for President? Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann 7 years ago 6,645 votes 99 comments 0 likes
Which brand guitar do you prefer? Gibson or Fender 7 years ago 6,032 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Which musical clef do you like better? Treble or Bass 7 years ago 7,098 votes 101 comments 0 likes
Which coconut based candy bar do you prefer? Mounds or Almond Joy 7 years ago 5,396 votes 81 comments 0 likes
For you ska fans out there: Do you prefer... Reel Big Fish? or Streetlight Manifesto? 7 years ago 3,622 votes 21 comments 1 like
If you had to take one to the face, would you chose... a baseball thrown by Randy Johnson? or a hockey puck shot by Zdeno Chara? 7 years ago 26,954 votes 316 comments 4 likes
If you had to live in a vampire ridden world, would you prefer... the world depicted in the Twilight Saga? or the world depicted in Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula 7 years ago 16,044 votes 150 comments 2 likes
When given a choice, do you prefer... Pen? or Pencil? 7 years ago 102,186 votes 717 comments 0 likes
If you had to chose one, would you rather be... Shot? or Stabbed? 7 years ago 129,036 votes 1,469 comments 4 likes
Which Comedy Central host do you prefer? Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert 7 years ago 537 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which Beatle do you prefer? John Lennon or Paul McCartney 7 years ago 65,191 votes 470 comments 1 like
If you had to be one, which would be less devastating to you? Being tone-deaf or Being color-blind 7 years ago 10,728 votes 97 comments 0 likes
Which Chicago baseball team do you root for? Cubs or Sox 7 years ago 69,028 votes 626 comments 1 like

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the population is too high as it is - world hunger keeps our numbers down. 7 years ago  
dragons fly, right? 7 years ago  
opposable thumbs are wicked nice. 7 years ago +1
derrick rose... 7 years ago  
until you die from whatever crazy parasites are swimming around in there 7 years ago  
with that salary i could donate most of it to cleaning up my mess... or buy am iPhone. I'll take the iPhone. 7 years ago +1
dylan is a better poet, but springsteen is a better musician 7 years ago +1
I'll take being itchy over a trip to the ER to get needles pulled out of my ass. 7 years ago  
you need to be ridiculously close to the flame for your fart to ignite. If you're not literally right next to it, the gas will dissipate into the air and become less concentrated and less effective. 7 years ago  
can't i just be both? 7 years ago +1
tacos are more portable. 7 years ago  
If i had a lot of money, I feel like I could get prepared very quickly... 7 years ago +1
'sexually' was certainly implied. 7 years ago  
like, literally a 'ton'? I'll take the sh*t, please. 7 years ago  
rich parents. 7 years ago  
Deb has gotten progressively hotter. Rita peaked in season 2. 7 years ago +1
If I'm only making $20,000, I'll probably need to get a side job strangling the elderly. 7 years ago +1
Romney is too rich to ever understand Americans, but Gingrich is a sociopath. 7 years ago +2
Chicago is the bomb-diggity. 7 years ago +1
my gut tells me that that monkey is a direct ancestor of at least 41% of you. 7 years ago +5
there's always a negative connotation around aliens. maybe they just want to play scrabble and drink cider. 7 years ago  
Am I one of the 10,000? 7 years ago +3
the only reason i don't do a bunch of illegal things is because i don't want to deal with the consequences. with no punishments, i'd go for it. 7 years ago +2
i would euthanize babies and kittens for much less than that. 7 years ago +2
the ocean is so mysterious feeling - there's a whole level of fear that goes with that. 7 years ago +2
I'm not sure I could stop at a punch. Emotions would take over, and I'd get in trouble. 7 years ago +4
These are effectively the same options. Learn grammar. 7 years ago  
i prefer sierra mist. more refreshing. 7 years ago +2
So, the Queen has no power - who cares? I'd take her salary for the amount of work she does. 7 years ago +3
I have faith that I can block out that memory. My parents, on the other hand, would be all awkward about it. 7 years ago  
both are boring, so i chose the one where an injury is inevitable. 7 years ago  
I have a feeling most animals are dicks... I don't really want to find out for sure. 7 years ago +2
I like my extra seven cents an hour, thank you very much. 7 years ago  
Who the hell chose camping? 7 years ago +6
for 5 hours, the ski lift could be fun... 7 years ago  
I don't speak German. 7 years ago +2
With $10,000,000, I can pay someone to act like they love me. 7 years ago +1
lemieux seem like more of a team player... 7 years ago  
Taking the grunge out of grunge? 7 years ago  
AC/DC is not metal. Hard rock at best. 7 years ago +10
what? 7 years ago +9
you'd think being indestructible would lead to not giving a damn.... 7 years ago +23
I hear babies are tender. 7 years ago +5
yes, but it's easier to BS with written answers. Plus, partial credit.... 7 years ago +12
i saw satan at walmart yesterday. he said he wasn't doing anymore deals after his whole ordeal with justin beiber. 7 years ago +6
mother theresa was a sociopath. 7 years ago +2
who cares if you're not a lesbian? it's skin either way - might as well pick the clean skin... 7 years ago +8
wait, so god invented big bang theory? do you think he cast kaley cuoco as penny? god has good taste in chicks. 7 years ago  
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