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the population is too high as it is - world hunger keeps our numbers down.  
can't i just be both? +1
If I'm only making $20,000, I'll probably need to get a side job strangling the elderly. +1
my gut tells me that that monkey is a direct ancestor of at least 41% of you. +5
there's always a negative connotation around aliens. maybe they just want to play scrabble and drink cider.  
Am I one of the 10,000? +3
the only reason i don't do a bunch of illegal things is because i don't want to deal with the consequences. with no punishments, i'd go for it. +2
i would euthanize babies and kittens for much less than that. +2
the ocean is so mysterious feeling - there's a whole level of fear that goes with that. +2
These are effectively the same options. Learn grammar.  
So, the Queen has no power - who cares? I'd take her salary for the amount of work she does. +3
I have faith that I can block out that memory. My parents, on the other hand, would be all awkward about it.  
both are boring, so i chose the one where an injury is inevitable.  
I have a feeling most animals are dicks... I don't really want to find out for sure. +2
I like my extra seven cents an hour, thank you very much.  
Who the hell chose camping? +6
for 5 hours, the ski lift could be fun...  
I don't speak German. +2
With $10,000,000, I can pay someone to act like they love me. +1
i saw satan at walmart yesterday. he said he wasn't doing anymore deals after his whole ordeal with justin beiber. +6
mother theresa was a sociopath. +2
wait, so god invented big bang theory? do you think he cast kaley cuoco as penny? god has good taste in chicks.  
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