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Hello I'm just an average American girl. I like punk, emo, alternative rock, etc. Bohemian Rhapsody is my favorite song ever, Black Veil Brides is my favorite band. It is a glamcore band. Anyway that's it for now.

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    It's just like a regular waffle but blue.  
    God exsists he sent Jesus because he wanted to save us from our sins and that's what Jesus did and if you live a good life you will go to heaven and if you live a bad one you will go to hell, Jerusalem is a real place and Jesus is real.  
    Take care of me!  
    I'm not eating poop soi can make out with people.  
    Sorry I ain't getting raped I'm underage I am too young for that.  
    Let the annoying teenagers commenting: "Muh bf is muh bff omfg I can't live without u hinnnney!  
    As long as they are a real vampire if I find out they are like twighlight I will throw them out of my house.  
    Who the hell would prefer some stupid idiot over their family?  
    I'm not dating any sparkly vampire losers who watch girls sleep  
    Didn't say she would say yes.  
    I'm not dragging my loved ones to some weird place that probably has some weird unknown desies so I am not lonely.  
    Pikachu is a looser. +1
    My sister is 5.... +1
    Missing a verb be, do, have?  
    Let's hope we are both catholic or thus could get real complicated real fast...  
    What am I going to eat?  
    Aren't they already alive?  
    Option b sounds like torture.  
    I'm a great singer bow down to my awesome talent and power.  
    Someone would give me a dirty look and I'd say "hello friend." Take out 5 grand and fan myself with it, throw some diamonds around as I strut in my high heels and designer gown into my porsh being driven by a chauffer and wave my manicured nails to them.  
    I am fine with someone fawning all over me  
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