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    one question... who has the bigger tits? 1 year ago  
    you'd get that backround laugh from them tv shows. 1 year ago  
    good while it lasted. 1 year ago  
    RESPECT 1 year ago  
    Well F*ck you someone! 1 year ago  
    I ain't got no lover... 1 year ago  
    My heart already broke 2 years ago... Her name was Shyanne…. 1 year ago  
    Better him be happy! 1 year ago  
    DED 1 year ago  
    She'd be just like me! 1 year ago  
    To the batmobile!!!  
    if your black and bald, you could be mace windu +1
    I wanna hurl  
    god does exist  
    hint, the tiger shark incident  
    angry birds has a rap for it's self  
    never said how many!  
    cheat on it, and it would haunt you forever  
    i'm a guy  
    I can touch boobs without her noticing!  
    wrong one!!!!  
    oh! in this world, hitler and trump don't exist!  
    everyone knows that guest from California!  
    Mario: stomp and sonic: super speed dodge do this x100000000000000000000000  
    ooh! I got a cool glowey eye and when I move my hand, bones come out of the ground, and I have sans powers now  
    ahhh!!!!! I got struck by lightning!!! ahhhh!!!  
    can appearance change be gender change  
    i'm literally laughed at by everyone in my class  
    burger king!  
    that smile is ccreepy  
    I am a cat  
    mr chuck? you wouldn't hurt an innocent cat like me, right?  
    atleast I don't look ugly like him  
    it's a vork out  
    gia love me please!!!!  
    frick!!! chose the wrong one!!!!  
    i'm already adorable  
    I agree  
    chicken nuggets!!!!!  
    hint: forest= slenderman  
    like if you saw that kid and picked the opposite picture  
    oh no!!! the titanic of 2017 is happening!!! that poor family over there is dying! People that chose boat: oh no!!! we should have picked motor home!!!!!  
    I wonder what it's like  
    die dog!!! die!!!! +1
    hated by most from first choice + ugly from second choice, = Donald trump  
    I feel fruity!  
    i'm a guy  
    umm... no  
    i'm a boy  
    they are exactly the same  
    if there are forests, and I run in, there would be people to help me  
    my fave isn't that bad... well, I am adorable  
    add on- your faverote woman  
    dan tdm is about to be in a movie!  
    plus, if I was in pokemon, I would probably be a litten!  
    piiiii.... kaaaaa!!! chuuuuuu!!!!!  
    i'm a cat that can type. I won already  
    she adorable  
    I love the beach, plus, I could die from slender in the forest  
    the cake is mine!!!!!! all mine!!!!!!!  
    I like snow  
    i'm a winner!!!!!  
    I don't have one  
    i'm small already! i'm a cat  
    I speak... FOR THE TREES!!!! Lorax: i'm so proud of that cat...*tears up*  
    head butt!  
    I didn't eat the dog!  
    I don't want to be, or look like Donald trump  
    I don't have a job!  
    if I could have choclate pudding, i'd eat it!  
    i'm adorable, and that bird looks good to eat!  
    bullies are evil!!!!!!  
    I don't have a daughter yet, but GRANDKIDS!!! +1
    i'm adorable  
    I do it already  
    I don't wear clothes, i'm a cat  
    i'm adorable. this cuteness can't be hidden behind speakers!  
    take off their shirts and bra, and i'll see +1
    I hate both  
    I want more stuff!!!  
    i'm so sorry predator... don't take this seriously!!!!  
    wouldn't they be poor too?  
    I am in middle class now  
    be trump, or be loved. obvious  
    don't look at my future wifes parts noobs!  
    I wanna eat an exotic birds for dinner for once  
    minecraft taught me how to survive! I just need to find iron! and finish breaking this wood!!!  
    *gets some scissors and cuts the strips* I know how to use scissors too!  
    fresh fruit juice!  
    like a BOSS!!! (mlg airhorns sound in the backround)  
    i'm very smart for a cat!  
    I love computers  
    city life!  
    i'm a very happy cat!! so, I would listen to the good news, then ignore the rest!  
    the first cat wizard ever known to earth!  
    mmmmmmmoney money money money!!!!!  
    hot tub!  
    I want sight, just for a little bit, like, until i'm 300 in cat years  
    I want to learn to swim!  
    what would it be like to have boobs?  
    I win! chess club!!! i'm a cat that can type, and play chess!!!! i'm very talented!  
    Chevrolet! but, I don't know how to drive  
    I cant have eather... but if I could, I've always wanted to try choclate,  
    I don't need memories! I've got cuteness!  
    I don't think little Kelly minecraft is a cat, and/or 11 years old  
    I want more friends  
    this guy cusses!!!! he's rough! just like the dog... remind me torrarow to get that scratch checked out  
    I drink perfume all the time! (yeah right! I might be a cat, but i'm not that stupid)  
    die!!!! muahahahahahaha!!!! he's dead!!!! finally dead!!!!!  
    coffee doesn't make my hyper, coke does  
    i'm a cat! I don't have homework! I win!  
    lightsabers are awesome!  
    aka, girlfriend, and i'd lend her half of my money  
    do the Mario!  
    I've always wanted a lightsaber  
    do the Mario! swing your arms, from side to side, and that's how you, you do do the Mario!  
    mmmmmmmoney money money money money  
    water hair!  
    everybody knows that!  
    i'm not flying with Donald trump  
    I don't like the cold  
    I am ignorant  
    i'm not having dinner with Donald trump  
    give me powers!!!!!!  
    I am an actor of cuteness  
    love me gia!!!!!!  
    I know!  
    #trick or treat smell my feet give me money that I can spend  
    Gia love me please!!!!  
    i'm not in colledge  
    I am the older sibling  
    I am loved and i'm not allowed to have money  
    what does anarchery mean  
    everyone knows how to pronounce Catland, right?  
    aka- girlfriend  
    I land on my feet, and UNBLURR THAT  
    date an infant? no thank you (i'm 11  
    I need to be cuter!  
    i'm not talked about at all. not even in obedience classes  
    bye bye  
    I live to to type  
    coke makes me hyper  
    I am hairy. with fur. cuz i'm a cat  
    i'm a cat. if there's wifi, ill do it  
    I agree  
    I have a darth vader helmet  
    friends all the way! ahhh! dog!!  
    how about a werecat for a change? +1
    please...don't kick me in he nuts. that hurts so bad  
    usa! usA!  
    I don't really have perents  
    LA baby!  
    cat friends!!! get the human!!!!!  
    I love trees.  
    cat party!!!!  
    where is my money. I should get it anyway cuz i'm cute  
    yeah! plus! in my dream, I invented the life grower!  
    hint: I love fish  
    I love to have friends  
    a can't watch eat  
    I do- plus, girls die in china  
    typing is my talent. oh no! wrong one!!!!!! noooooo  
    I love music. plus- other than typing, I mostly sleep  
    more computers!  
    I picked the wrong one  
    what is this bird poop  
    Gia do you like me  
    technecly, I am Spider-Man. just without the spider, and man  
    kitten now, kitten forever  
    Gia! please date me!  
    I know, right!  
    i'm not a bad guy!  
    I don't really like ice and snow! its water!  
    i'm still cute like this  
    the adorable cat buffet! only cats are allowed! no dogs or humans +1
    go bush  
    I already have good vision  
    i'll create the castle of catlandia!  
    er... cat wars!  
    a good movie is star wars  
    usa! use!  
    macdonalds chicken sandwiches only have 50% chicken! or is that subway?  
    so... i'm not good at sleeping?  
    she ugly  
    coke makes me hiper  
    what is "William and kate"?  
    a want a sweater  
    Gia is a stranger. I met her at the first day of obedience classes  
    I want to feel money for once  
    I can eat macadamia nut butter and put it I'm my guacamole in the mourning  
    i'm a fast cat.and i'm not a human  
    i'm a good hider. hint: i'm a cat that can type and play video games. I think I know how to climb up a tree  
    i'm too cute to die!!!!  
    I can play both  
    cats will rule forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11  
    i'm inventing the pet private airplane  
    money money money!!! it feels so good in my paws!!! ow! paper cut!!!  
    I would make him get rid of I tor I would spank him until he says I wont be gay anymore daddy!!! that's right! I know how to spank! watch out people! here I come!  
    no more racism!!!!!  
    what's that Gia? you really like me? yay!!! we can adopt kittens now!!!  
    I like to sit down plus- l like to lay on chairs more  
    I already have great sight! all cats do! I could always use the extra sight!  
    I really need a hair stylist. this fur of mine, way overgrown  
    i'm really good at climbing, plus, I always fall on my feet!  
    it's all you can eat!!! of course I would! (if one let cats come in)  
    movies forever!!!!  
    I will never become can, and no other cat will have to suffer from it  
    my owner doesn't trust me with his money  
    i'm not allowed on eather. but, i've always wanted to be a pirate  
    I cant understand german  
    Gia is hot  
    I can play the X-box too!  
    I love to meow  
    eat the puck, then poop it out at goal  
    I just gotta be with Gia! plus- they wouldn't let me on a plane!  
    plus, that guy, looks like he wants that girl just for chest size  
    aka, girlfriend  
    I can buy myself to fame!!! plus- I can get more money with my cuteness  
    I can use a computer, but my paws don't work on a cellphone  
    I must stay adorable! now lets eat guacamole!!!  
    with peace, everybody in the world would want to stop world cat- I mean human hunger  
    I don't want (you know what) "womanly features"  
    I cant drive  
    i'm a cat... I have 3 more  
    you wouldn't hurt a cat that is able to type, right? RIGHT?  
    I'm a cat. my owner taught me how to type. I don't need family. I have skill.(no jk)  
    I want to have fun while I am still a kid  
    they both can hurt you (get ye sick)  
    Donald trump sucks!!! no one wants to be like him!  
    I need some alone time with my crush. plus, I only have like...4 friends in my life  
    I can debug my computer  
    I cant swim  
    I must see if I marry my crush or not!!!  
    the people on the left are doggone ugly  
    tell my kids I love them guys...please...before I die...  
    i'm a guy and it hurts like someone just put a bomb in your pants  
    I couldn't resist!!!! I have to have popularity for once!!!! I wanna know what it feels like to be popular!!  
    I agree  
    bye bye 100 bucks... I only have 107 left now  
    I was adorable as a 10 year old. plus, i'm 11  
    guy on the right is just plain old ugly. plus, Obama is my faverote president ever  
    that baby is ugly  
    i'm smart, (really really Really smart) but I am not popular is school  
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