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What do you like better ice cream or pizza 9 months ago 80 votes 11 comments 0 likes
For the rest of your life and can't have any other pet would you rather have a dog or have a cat 9 months ago 66 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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I like Blackberry more than iPhones. 9 months ago  
I'm a girl and I don't date girls... 9 months ago +1
if you are going to die by age 90 then, you can do whatever you want like jump off buildings, walk in a fire etc... You could win world records, so when you die you know that you lived a good life! 9 months ago  
mountains are beautiful! 9 months ago  
who would want there loved one to be raped? you more horrible for choosing that question. 9 months ago +1
I'm a vegetarian! But this is making me cry :( i love animals how can people do this ;( 9 months ago  
who the f**k would write this?! 9 months ago  
people are stupid... 9 months ago +1
I picked the wrong one :( 9 months ago  
this is gross 9 months ago  
girls have the big heads! 9 months ago  
its the same thing 9 months ago  
I'm a vegetarian so... 9 months ago  
if it's made by Jethro Tull then I'm happy! 9 months ago  
I LOVE maple syrup! I could never leave it. mmm, I'm going to make pancakes! 9 months ago  
thank u 9 months ago  
hey American dumb ass 9 months ago  
I don't have a partner 9 months ago  
that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. 9 months ago  
what is wrong with you? you'er un-natral... 9 months ago  
I'm a Canadian Gay Marriage is legal + Weed is medical and so to be legal! 9 months ago  
I would break up with them. 9 months ago  
there's no such thing as God... and if you do think God is real Im sorry im not trying to be rude so, don't get mad at me. 9 months ago  
I agree! 9 months ago  
I want to know 5 languages! 9 months ago +1
you can still have an amazing relationship 9 months ago  
I'm a vegetarian! works well for me. 9 months ago +1
plants don't have feelings. 9 months ago  
I'm a vegetarian 9 months ago  
no water for 1 day. 9 months ago  
I'm Canadian 9 months ago  
me too! 9 months ago  
people euthanizing puppies is not ok. I found a definition Euthanizing put (a living being, especially a dog or cat) to death humanely. 9 months ago  
then y did u pick to euthanizing puppies? 9 months ago  
if u knew you would have picked the other one 9 months ago  
first off: don't say retard that is the grossest thing u can say for many reasons... second: is theres no such thing as god and if there was god would be a really mean man for not letting people just be happy no matter oh they are. why would any one hate on a gay person there the same as you but like different people, why would you care who there are with it doesn't change who you are. im not trying to be mean, please don't take this the wrong way. 9 months ago  
what the HELL is wrong with you? 9 months ago  
no you suck 9 months ago +4
then why did you vote for it being illegal? 9 months ago  
I'm a vegetarian... 9 months ago  
you can get fake teeth! 9 months ago  
haha I have a ps3 i get both! but i like ps3 way better 9 months ago  
neither 9 months ago  
I don't have a president. 9 months ago  
what about girls we have to give birth. 9 months ago  
I really don't like Star Wars... 9 months ago  
rrrrright!!!! 9 months ago  
i am 9 months ago  
I do not like this question 9 months ago  
me too 9 months ago  
I'm part German! 9 months ago +1
Canada 9 months ago  
I love Canada! 9 months ago  
Lamborghinis are gross. 9 months ago  
gross why would you say that? 9 months ago  
I like Emma Roberts 9 months ago  
omg no 9 months ago  
I don't have siblings. 9 months ago  
doesn't mean I still can't go into space. 9 months ago  
But animals!!!! 9 months ago  
I like Jethro Tull... nobody knows the band :( 9 months ago  

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