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    you can have the power of being so smart that you know everything  
    damm wrong choise  
    (if i picked the other one i would comment)i'm gonna pick this one...wait....what!!!!!!today in 10 seconds noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*ded*  
    she is probebly a girl that wants to have sex with you for the rest of your life  
    who made the big bang  
    step daughter if i have one  
    irish wisky  
    eat more  
    i hate justin bieber(beever)  
    you can eat more  
    thug life  
    may the force be with you  
    i have wii  
    i will take both  
    i'm a dude  
    i will be gay to have younger him  
    god is real so i chose pokemon  
    i am small  
    i have a pool  
    respect for the dead  
    i can have sex in public and not get arested  
    if both are men none +37
    i like both  
    i eat apple  
    he did not say you can still share the knowlege  
    your an idiot  
    i dont have a car and my internet is slow already +91
    i hate jeans  
    i have a ps3  
    who cares  
    it did not say sleep overs  
    i'm a guy what is the worst that could happen  
    only if i'm a girl or if i'm gay  
    more money  
    this is against my kuture  
    i can be an ilegal drugdeler and never get gought  
    i watched both  
    this question should not exist +1
    how good it drives  
    fruit haters get a life  
    more power more sex  
    more sex  
    i can play a dirty game and forget about it  
    i'm 13 both! lol  
    i am a great friend but my friends are fake  
    usa usa usa  
    the other 43% does not want to have sex  
    i don't even play football  
    havent had my first kiss  
    i'm not gay but obama it is  
    more s*x for me  
    i have two tablets  
    i am a geek already and a nerd who said you cant be both  
    one blanket feel a bit cold more blanket(s)  
    at least i can still get the money i spend  
    f**k my back  
    me too well too satan forget satan  
    oops then it is a yes  
    supagoomba 1 km awway (yeah nobody would want to visit it)  
    rome baby here i came  
    getten money btu  
    less babys  
    it did not say that i'm in the pics  
    not gonna pick one cause i'm not gay  
    if it is a bad friend  
    my memory is already perfect  
    free coffee  
    i watched both(both are really great)  
    who likes how cars look  
    ice ice baby  
    do not know  
    i'm all about the speed  
    my friends are terible  
    where is my boat  
    i take the book of faces  
    never watched family guy  
    you can still see  
    i could give the money back  
    just doing what i think is right  
    I could do stuff  
    get drunk bru  
    i don't care about sex  
    those who said alone have a sad life  
    if i was working for a hot chick i would not do it  
    at least i will be pet material  
    I would get donald trumps house  
    take the weakest acid ever (spit is an acid)  
    3 is to long  
    i love my grandma  
    at least there is water under you  
    potatoes are life  
    africa is a great place  
    a 5-star prison would not be that bad  
    you can't say no to that face  
    all my dreams would be the weirdest things to see ever  
    i'm a boy so hair does not bother me  
    at least you won't get bullied  
    internet is live  
    internet is live  
    wizard for life  
    i will look like a cute baby but on the in side i'm old as f**k  
    i pressed the wrong one :(  
    you will make allot of darth vader impressions  
    bees wont bee so scary  
    take all you can while you can  
    yolo is the cause of alot of deaths  
    at the end of world war 3 more people will survive  
    at the end of world war 3 more people will survive  
    hey atleast you saw someone naked  
    i live is africa  
    I will get free candy  
    men have fun lives  
    men have fun lives  
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