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    never seen either but glee will make me want to shoot myself  
    im technically doing homework right now. its called productive procrastinating  
    i like ike  
    i only like bach for his memes lol  
    my goal is to never work again  
    i have zero patience to read a book  
    and youre from new mexico. nice  
    lol i was almost about to say what happened 70 years ago then i remembered  
    at least you'd be shaded from the sun  
    i clicked the wrong one...  
    i like guns but some candidates are crazy af  
    at least you have time to save what youre doing  
    i dont even know what these are  
    if you live in a haunted house the rest of your life youll eventually get used to it  
    18 b*tches  
    Like if you're not from Europe  
    dafuq is a parthenon  
    jets fly private, s5 hybrid, baby test drive my whip  
    i dont want the world to end up as one big purge thank you very much  
    i dont want to get shot in LA and plus i loved the hangover  
    i can remember a dream i had ten years ago but i cant remember what i had for breakfast this morning  
    coke up the ASS. i could buy pretty much anything  
    I think imma roll with my man Sokka on this one (avatar the last airbender reference)  
    im a guy but im just gonna make this apply to girls  
    Netflix biatch!!  
    i live in New England so when in rome...  
    superman: cant touch this duh nuh nuh nuh, nuh nuh, nuh nuh cant touch this!!!!!!!!!!!11  
    beauty has no boundaries. unless its rocky dennis  
    As far as call of duty zombies goes, i work better alone rather than having a bunch of 12 year olds in my lobby killing everything then dying every two seconds  
    i would work in a group just to have everyone do it for me  
    chinese food is FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    microsoft made the f***ing XBOX and wtf did apple do for a game console? nothing so far.  
    I only chose bush cause i hate obama. I still hate bush tho.  
    wolves are cute and cuddly until you piss them off  
    as a person of Russian origin, BRING ON THE TATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Easy solution ladies...dont get raped +1
    didn't say the acid had to have a pH level of 3 or below :)  
    i dont go anywhere anyway  
    i could do it spiderman style  
    id rather not spend all my money on bomb shelters  
    i cant stant league of legends.  
    i would have nutella toast...minus the toast  
    i wear camo clothes every day so good luck finding me  
    id rather not get blown up thanks  
    aw sh*take i picked the wrong one  
    aint nobody got time to read  
    at least we stfu when people are talking to us  
    i hate pictures being taken of me  
    i hate the fear of falling but im also sort of an adrenaline junkie]  
    hehe this guy's name was spank  
    i would keep bugging him to let me drive  
    i know what goes on at a football game better than a hockey game  
    american girls have bigger tits  
    i am simply more controller *cough* XBOX *cough* oriented  
    if i lived in antarctica i would do this  
    why haven't we colonized mars yet??  
    i could drive to the apple store and get a new phone. tbh the one in the pic is old af  
    have sex every day  
    how the hell do you go on a fly?  
    star ward battlefront came out today :)  
    Audi R8 for those who dont know  
    can the gender be interchangeable i hope?  
    i like guns  
    Me, myself, and I  
    literally everywhere in my town there is a stop sign with the words "the war" under STOP  
    the part with the white stuff falling looks like a bukkake  
    sharks dont usually attack humans  
    i need two arms for masturbating (said every 12 year old ever)  
    i voted for the one on the right just for the pic lol  
    who else has no idea who voted for what in the comments because the money bags are hard to see?  
    i wouldnt learn anything either way so...  
    where else would there be wifi to watch p0rn?  
    my friends would be there to comfort me  
    i used to think that it was E=MC square (as in an actual square) and not E=MC^2  
    reading sucks  
    i could run at people while screaming ALLAHU ACKBAR  
    screw my oast  
    i have no fam  
    i think i will take the non-white-chick side on this one lol yolo jk swag 420  
    thats one ugly b*tch  
    i know i voted for the other one but if you had the power to make people fart on command that would make for some pretty kinky sex  
    the one time where obama is actually favored  
    im already unpopular  
    nobody f***in cares about religion except jehovas witness and ISIS  
    what do you get when you cross a cow and an earthquake? a MILKSHAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    milkshakes will always be better than smoothies  
    i dont remember who wore what when i was -3 years old  
    christmas is cool. besides no one cares about my birthday  
    havent you seen the internship  
    once i got a physical from an indian dude. it was weird af  
    top comment war? wtf is this ifunny?  
    MORE SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    i dont like taking chances  
    fat people suck  
    cash. nuff said.  
    dogs are the master race  
    who were the 27%? morons  
    i would be able to fap either way and plus i would get a derp ton of sleep  
    i would rather not live under someones rule thank you very much. also i would just buy a ton of guns  
    i feel like the scene would be awkward for the both of us  
    i like to beat stuff up  
    im already stupid so it doesnt really matter for me  
    where tf is croatia? CANADA?  
    i have no son...  
    i dont really care  
    i would rather have my ears bleed than my soul raped by bustin jeiber  
    we would have to man up (or woman up for all you feminists out there) and work together  
    i could just invest and get more money  
    RAIN DEFINITELY RAIN!!! Hi from New England btw  
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