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    Freaking fan girls you can just buy Disney world and play on your own  
    all the clffhangers  
    Im jewish but i still get free sh*t on december 25th  
    oh lord GabeN i am sorry to dissapoint you  
    chauffeurs arre like a secondary butler  
    Hello there everyone gets computers  
    I dont drink soda  
    i lucid dream so yeah  
    I bet you cant lift up this feather, OH YEAH! *makes feather 100 pounds* *takes a video* *posts it on youtube* *becomes famous*  
    Its okay they will only see youtube and boobs  
    49 percent of you people just dont even  
    roof over my head, three meals a day  
    classy because I can be in a movie all the time  
    colleges last longer than sports +3
    give a couple mil to the kids, FOR THE CHILDREN  
    Itll feel like im at home, but no need to pay rent  
    im da posse  
    squeeze boobs all day  
    no problem  
    i need the internet  
    my funeral will be a party so i want all the people to come  
    im jewish... +1
    lightsabers are not worth it, you can go to jail if you dont have a permit  
    british people, and sex in a hotel  
    yes, yes it is, its a tragedy +1
    this was confusing  
    is it a question  
    bill gates ftw  
    taa is awesome  
    imagine walrus doing it on with yo  
    im not that hungry  
    yo, what if i cut my mouth  
    there wont be no biting  
    at least they dont smell yet  
    im a guy so...  
    thats a damn sexy gramp  
    well you know, it could be a great prank least its edible  
    but then there is the 'too much boobs' moment *cough* *cough* kill la kill +1
    i dont go outside  
    anime is coolio yo +73
    tumma meditation  
    terriblr 2's, am i right?  
    youtbe isnt banned there +1
    5 second rule  
    steam gift cards and i am motivted  
    I got 1 billion there is plenty to go round  
    I fit in a locker and i can get out  
    I can always escape  
    can always go to the gym  
    donate it to charity  
    who said it wasnt a decked out zombie survival motorhome with a gun on the roof and side guns  
    I can always escape  
    vigilante justice, it works  
    if we forget the past it is bound to happen agin  
    i dont go outside  
    wow, im not the only one!  
    overtime man  
    I get all da attention  
    its called bail  
    lets go mates, US football sucks  
    online streaming  
    hearing aids ya doofus  
    darn m8  
    youtube, and twitter isnt banned in india  
    world pece would mean more focus on helping others  
    prosthetic arms, ever heard?  
    gas masks, they work  
    what a way to die  
    hang out with the oldies  
    i can jump off the ski lift  
    i dont drink soda  
    chocolate isnt meat  
    playing computer all day  
    i can wsh for a priceless artifact  
    i can bring back someone who almost killed him  
    if it fell i would have airbags  
    gaming pc ftw  
    i dont wanna bee impaled  
    im one classy motheer f-er  
    marathon hawaii five 0 at night=life complete  
    1 IN 6 CHANCE  
    at least they wont be sad  
    enjoy the journey  
    I can still hear out of the other  
    some humans can survive, but ww3 can eradicate humanity  
    you have gott make the most of your life  
    there is more humans that will come more  
    dang it i chose wrong, I could have given 900 mil to the africans  
    Life is strange, I can stop it before it happens  
    even though i dont even watch it  
    I look like a hot doctor  
    piercings can be removed  
    YEah, I would hate being fat  
    If i tell people the stories of the past people can be remenmbered, and im an atheist fyi  
    knowledge because I can be like bill gates  
    If i live twice as long I get more a bigger chance to win the lottery  
    time on earth  
    I already fond 10 million dollarrs before  
    meh, i like the internet,  
    Just a frand to chill put witth  
    so I can enjoy myself and not spend time being scared  
    creationists... +1
    I will find love myself  
    dont wanna be stuck in debt  
    I dont wanna be famous  
    i dont read harry potter  
    for the greater good of humanity  
    I can still hve wi'fi in te desert, and no heat problems, ay ay *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*  
    go to the future, I prefer indoor plumbing  
    at my funeral when im buried int he ground on top of my grave there will be a letter that says, "The treasure is yours, if you walk on all 4's, in the royal palace, you shall find a talis, go to the graveyard owner, show him this, and the treasure is yours  
    my funeral will be a scavenger unt on my grave, saying go to britian, london indeed, in the royal palace the next clue is seen, then its a scavenger hunt with a hidden fortune, and a letter by me, like the end of bf:hardline  
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