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I like emoctions. I'm part German French and English. I LOVE KITTIES!!! :) I have a cream colored Maine coon cat named Avery. I love life and nature!!

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    i dont have a computer  
    really.... really dued.... really  
    Because this way kids wouldn't feel bad about wearing the same clothes over and over again and can have their main focus on education rather than worrying about what others think about their fashion sense and financial circumstances.  
    im left handed  
    even though i am a girl  
    follow me on  
    My last words would be my motto  
    Your a rat nymeria  
    Dang it wrong one  
    God would not be pleased  
    Both. Either God made the big bang to create the universe or the big bang created god  
    You don't have a fast toward button so you cant get back  
    I'm shy so no use for the other one  
    Oh sh*t  
    Sadly obama did win  
    Being a boss= Hatred  
    Lose weight  
    I would buy a huge fridge that can hold items for 10 years and the item wouldn't be over cooled or under cooled and then buy 1000 starbucks coffees  
    Didn't say incouldnet have the perfect relationship while living too 100  
    They both suck  
    I am 10 years old  
    Dang how old are you benedetta four?  
    I'm not even answering that  
    I'm part german  
    No it doesn't it's 2014  
    I could be like rapunzel  
    My cousins live in Dallas Texas I could go and visit them  
    Some people don't like ninja's  
    Either way I would be dead +2
    Men can't hit girls  
    She's mature now haven't you guys seen rising star yet.  
    Wheelchairs are fun  
    Ha I don't have a dog  
    The big bang created the universe the question said which one created just the world  
    I like the dress on side A because I like the flowy stuff at the bottom  
    He looks cute  
    It didn't sag that you couldn't have fun before you lose  
    It is still worth the fun  
    If you lose your freinds then doesn't that include the freinds on the Internet?  
    Im not gonna get my luggage(or whatever you bring on a train) stolen by some survivors  
    I can buy my fame  
    I can but my fame  
    Aetheist's are annoying because they think God isn't real  
    I picked the wrong one  
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