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i have no friends but i have called myself Edulitoh and that is all i need

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    could people hear me? 2 weeks ago +1
    probaly both 2 weeks ago  
    you wont actually sick to it 2 weeks ago  
    misclick 3 weeks ago  
    thanks 3 weeks ago  
    he means when you have too much power does it corrupt you completely 3 weeks ago  
    he is my main 3 weeks ago  
    i dont have cancer 3 weeks ago  
    i am inevitable 3 weeks ago  
    i dont have a job 3 weeks ago  
    it is just a joke take it easy Karen 4 weeks ago +1
    ok 4 weeks ago  
    what does that mean? 4 weeks ago  
    even if you did something wrong you can apologize and at least try to be her friend 4 weeks ago  
    dont push your religion on other people 1 month ago +6
    OUR MONEY *USSR anthem starts playing* (i misclicked) 1 month ago +1
    listen to what Iwillpeeonyourcat said 1 month ago  
    Person a:say manda person b:manda person a:now say lorain person b:lorain person a:now say mandalorain person b:baby yoda show 1 month ago  
    misclick havent seen Heath Ledger joker 1 month ago  
    no she wouldnt 1 month ago  
    because they feel bad for you thats why they gave it to you out of PITY i guess your dumb too 1 month ago  
    you can still be in yor room you just have more things to do 1 month ago  
    r u sure about that 1 month ago  
    we have computers 1 month ago  
    SLIGHTLY thats not bad 1 month ago +1
    pull out the gun and kill him 1 month ago +1
    Every saiyan ever 1 month ago  
    i would help them study 1 month ago +2
    they just gave you diamond out of pity 1 month ago  
    I HATE ISABELL 1 month ago  
    never watched gravity falls 1 month ago  
    true 1 month ago  
    true 1 month ago  
    fist himself 1 month ago  
    nigg- 1 month ago  
    women 1 month ago  
    more pratical 1 month ago  
    i am once again asking for your finaical support 1 month ago  
    how dare you 1 month ago +1
    wtf 1 month ago  
    run away if bad owner 1 month ago +2
    yeah,it's a game 1 month ago +1
    master shifu 1 month ago  
    join the cube earth society 1 month ago  
    thank you 1 month ago  
    my deadly sin has been dubbed sloth 1 month ago  
    rap 1 month ago  
    wtf 1 month ago  
    ima get arrested either way 1 month ago +2
    i already am 1 month ago  
    gamer time 1 month ago  
    the snow is fun to play in 1 month ago  
    im already cristian 1 month ago +1
    wtf is snogging 1 month ago  
    exactly 1 month ago  
    actually when tested cats are much smarter than dogs cats dont move because they are sleeping you are the dumbass here 1 month ago +2
    come on 1 month ago  
    look at his profile questions 1 month ago  
    i havent either 1 month ago  
    thats cold but i dont know what an Armenian is 1 month ago  
    why not 1 month ago  
    stop 1 month ago  
    i call myself me 1 month ago  
    well that depends on what the show is and circumstances 1 month ago +1
    im already trash 1 month ago  
    nuke them 1 month ago +2
    on accident 1 month ago  
    i dont have friends 1 month ago +1
    who does b 1 month ago  
    idc for any 1 month ago  
    i call myself me 1 month ago  
    love the name man 1 month ago  
    where ever i can stalk you 1 month ago  
    SWEET HOME ALABAMA 1 month ago  
    box and box do rhyme dummy 1 month ago  
    yeah it did read RatherGuy509's comment 1 month ago  
    school 1 month ago  
    bc i like mkds better mk7 1 month ago  
    well then obviously mk7 bc it has more stages and racers 1 month ago +1
    i dont get the chicken nuggs 1 month ago  
    yeah 1 month ago +1
    no it doesnt dumbass 1 month ago  
    yeah so have mine 1 month ago  
    i already am 1 month ago  
    do you mean i ogree 1 month ago  
    man i sorry 1 month ago  
    when your chinese friend says he brought corona but you dont see any drinks 1 month ago +4
    lets make it 420 votes 1 month ago  
    damn 1 month ago  
    yep 1 month ago  
    nice votes 1 month ago  
    just come to my house and you can see before you kidnap me 1 month ago  
    just starts reading this aloud in school 1 month ago  
    misclick 1 month ago  
    yeah 1 month ago  
    whoops 1 month ago  
    no it wouldnt 1 month ago  
    i already sleep for that long 1 month ago  
    it is true 1 month ago  
    there isnt many changes but i like playstation 1 month ago  
    thank you 1 month ago  
    idk what that is it is kung flu 1 month ago  
    ps4 includes ps4 pro and regular aslo about xbox i just put what it was 1 month ago  
    red bull gives you wingsssss 2 months ago  
    i just put what the console is 2 months ago  
    "911 whats your emergency" "yeah this guy ate my slaves" "wtf" 2 months ago +1
    take it off 2 months ago  
    xbox more like trashbox 2 months ago  
    thanks 2 months ago  
    what slaves? 2 months ago  
    TBH I DONT FUKING CARE 2 months ago  
    lol 2 months ago  
    you cant go out and get food 2 months ago +1
    no it will be super squirt september 2 months ago  
    shIt he's on to me 2 months ago  
    i dont live their so 2 months ago  
    idk what that is 2 months ago  
    do what 2 months ago  
    assumng that we are all stupid is an asshol* move bro 2 months ago  
    you need a body to take the hits,good speed,and be able catch or block now with that said i love both sports 2 months ago  
    everybody commenting that americans are dub saying their football is a sport yall are a*sholes because you guys have dumbas*'s in your communtity as well some actually pay attention 2 months ago  
    what asthomasa said 2 months ago  
    lol 2 months ago  
    i would smash waluigi and have dry bones for smash 2 months ago  
    do what 2 months ago  
    do what 2 months ago  
    I had a wii and i have a ps2 i love both but misclick 2 months ago  
    it is who would you rather have for the game smash bros 2 months ago  
    *megalovania* 2 months ago  
    what about kids? 2 months ago 2 months ago  
    i dont have a father in law 2 months ago  
    i dont know wtf a vibe check is 2 months ago  
    i dont believe you 2 months ago  
    oh wait misclick i dont live in EU 2 months ago  
    i donĀ“t want to wrestle harambe 2 months ago  
    you are wrong he said no loopholes 2 months ago  
    eat with your fingers 2 months ago +1
    just sell you bath water 2 months ago  
    is you 2 months ago  
    i dont even know who you are 2 months ago +2
    but no one looks on your profile because no one cares about you 2 months ago +1
    nope im just the friend who repeated it louder i would get the credit 2 months ago +1
    you never trademarked it tho. when i made the joke just now i trademarked it 2 months ago +2
    why do they want round two 2 months ago +1
    sloth,gluttony and sometimes greed and pride 2 months ago  
    nope trademarked it before you did. HA! 2 months ago +1
    who said i was flashing you you dumb*ss 2 months ago +1
    i am a minor 2 months ago +1
    turn invisble then phase through hot girls door 2 months ago +1
    alreadly do 2 months ago +1
    Australia is pretty lit if you know what i mean. (Tm,C) 2 months ago +1
    if the board games lead to having sex with them 2 months ago +2
    always carry an onion and a knife and farm money 2 months ago +2
    yeah 2 months ago +1
    you have friends i didnt know cats could use computers 2 months ago +1
    thats just mean 2 months ago +1
    don't over react bro it just a joke 2 months ago +2
    not even a contest 2 months ago +1
    oh i always believe in forgiveness with the lord 2 months ago +1
    later could mean 1 second later 2 months ago +1
    i didnt even know what Monkey Joe's is 2 months ago +1
    no one does A 2 months ago +2
    forgiveness from what? 2 months ago +1
    not just one weird candle anymore 2 months ago +1
    nope 2 months ago +1
    this question was inspired after someone had the question would you rather 2 hearts but no brain or two brains with no heart 2 months ago +1
    boi look it up 2 months ago +1
    LOL stands for luigi over here looking thicc 2 months ago +1
    yep 2 months ago +1
    skedadle skoodoodle your dickle is now a noodle 2 months ago +1
    does it tho 2 months ago +1
    alright Bob 2 months ago +1
    who said we will wage war why not drop a nuke 2 months ago +1
    sweet home alafranca 2 months ago +1
    one punch man does it well with comedy 2 months ago +1
    i will get a sweet eyepatch 2 months ago  
    my heart has the same ambitions as my stomachs 2 months ago +3
    i will spend a day with him by killing him with kyrptonite 2 months ago +1
    drop the atom bomb 2 months ago +1
    who says your going to be in a movie 2 months ago +1
    like this comment if you reached the end of rrrather home page 2 months ago +1
    i thought it said virgin surpreme 2 months ago  
    i love how no one comments about the super strength picture 2 months ago  
    read your past comment 2 months ago  
    i ask this to prove my dad wrong on who would win 2 months ago  
    you had at first you deleted it when you were bored because no guys liked you just like girls 2 months ago  
    the only thing you see is gay.exe 2 months ago  
    i mean eat 2 months ago  
    HELL NAW 2 months ago  
    oh yeah its big brain time 2 months ago  
    i see life.exe you dont because you dont have it 2 months ago  
    what life 2 months ago  
    nope 'i ran' away 2 months ago  
    you said 'should i make some would you rather questions' not more 2 months ago  
    misclick 2 months ago +1
    they wouldn't let me upload it because it was too small and i don't have space on my computer 2 months ago  
    green mario vs red luigi 2 months ago  
    the flash has a healing factor as well 2 months ago  
    the flash can phase through people and kill them like that 2 months ago +1
    hi adopted im not your real dad 2 months ago +1
    im vision 2 months ago +1
    i will end it with memes 2 months ago +1
    gotta catch them all 2 months ago  
    so can flash tydee 2 months ago +1
    idk either 2 months ago  
    i have the power of jesus and manga on my side 2 months ago +1
    i dont know either 2 months ago  
    you save ONE child while with the light saber you can save many by selling it and becoming rich 2 months ago  
    like if you read this after the election 2 months ago  
    Dart vader? 3 months ago  
    who saw beiber and just clicked away 3 months ago  
    im not a tiktokker 3 months ago  
    im 13 3 months ago  
    dont have a sister 3 months ago  
    Its-me a mario 3 months ago  
    like if you are reading this after the election! 3 months ago +9
    do what 3 months ago  
    misclick 3 months ago  
    if the one is a bad person 3 months ago  
    both 3 months ago  
    go visit 3 months ago  
    who said he threw it hard 3 months ago  
    i hate you you hate me lets get together to kill barney 1 shot 2 shot 3 shot 4 no more purple dinosaur 3 months ago  
    peanut butter jelly time 3 months ago  
    escargo 3 months ago  
    whats a "puch" 3 months ago  
    dbz,code geass,fullmetal alchemist 3 months ago  
    i never watch highschool musical 3 months ago  
    I love anime but i can live without it 3 months ago  
    my computer is trash 3 months ago  
    soccer football (american) 3 months ago  
    foxy 3 months ago  
    hi 3 months ago  
    spiderman 3 months ago  
    i am already religious 3 months ago  
    misclick 3 months ago  
    do u have a gf 3 months ago  
    dont have one 3 months ago  
    the abilty to steal anyones power by just being near them 3 months ago  
    deaf means i cant play games guest from new jersey 3 months ago  
    i dont have friends 3 months ago  
    have a 5some 3 months ago  
    isnt this every kid nowadays 3 months ago  
    staline isnt a person 3 months ago  
    comeadian job 3 months ago  
    ALABAMA THREESOME 3 months ago  
    who said they are from my father 3 months ago  
    just b/c they feel fresh doesnt mean they are 3 months ago  
    i dont have a social life 3 months ago  
    sumo wrestler 3 months ago  
    shrek 3 months ago  
    i have no friends 3 months ago  
    duolingo 3 months ago  
    grubhub or food delivery apps 3 months ago  
    god is real 3 months ago  
    BACON 3 months ago +1
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