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    I don't like JK Rowlings Either so it is fair  
    My Phone Keeps on getting broken every year..........and I am already to used to not use the internet at most  
    Not the Chocolate. Sieg Fried! Heil Hitler  
    I owned phones like that before and they are useful to me and also having no internet is fun  
    diarrhea is not what I like  
    I'd rather make a better question  
    I won't get hurt easily but instead say "can we have some threesome?" and it is still worth it  
    if it is ancient rome  
    I won't choose any of it  
    I am from the Philippines and it's hot as hell here  
    I can't go to Germany cuz of the current rape epidemic there  
    unless if I was a am I girl I would like a sex slave  
    I am a music lover  
    I live in the Philippines and my friends already have a vacation to Thailand and that's not what Thailand really looks like  
    Drug dealers are failing to bring in better drugs on sale  
    I am a loser  
    Pollution is the real deal animal abuse comes after that cuz pollution threatens everything....and the 51% are just blind about the threat of pollution  
    I love to have a Gardevoir to protect me for eternity till we both die +1
    Harry Potter are for pussies if you haven't read the book all about Susan's suffering as an adult  
    History has secrets not known to everyone so yeah  
    Saudi Arabia has no human rights to Filipinos especially Filipino women once in jail  
    I love to hit the Belibiers  
    I never had gay fetish  
    Putin Is da best  
    I prefer being like Wallace  
    I chose the wrong one  
    killing beiber removes all the belibers  
    Walt Disney made real sh*t unlike the current Disney which is just copy paste from the originals of it  
    1800s was a turning point during the civil war era  
    why did I even go for this sh*t  
    the guy on the left has no arms no legs  
    I prefer not being a cannibal....I prefer eating my dog if I have one  
    tumblr a(no even a)genders are now gonna attack  
    PETA makes this kind of sh*tzu  
    I agree with you  
    I love both but I love an Earth setting so star trek noobs  
    I experienced taking blames so yeah  
    Russians are great people  
    death is better than physical immortality  
    I am the silent hill so yeah  
    Height has no matters here  
    I had step sisters so...yeah  
    I don't like fat people cuz fatshaming makes me feel better  
    A common high school life or maybe a college exams  
    I just like pewds vlogs nothing else  
    Tumblr has sjws around so nope  
    either is worse  
    filipino life minute to win it is so funny  
    I can hunt if I wanted to so it's simple as life  
    I am a nighter so what about it?  
    it depends  
    Jerks usuall are like that unless if needed  
    Keep safe than never  
    I prefer JennaMarbles  
    I rarely brush my teeth doe  
    Well I am on a country where religion coexists properly unless if we move the assholes in here. And if it is in the middle ages or the pre-fall of the Roman Empire than that would be great  
    I prefer dying than being immortal that is why  
    I am college student duh  
    Hearing thoughts are a paladin's duty lol  
    I always respected atheists and agnostics and never put sh*t unto you unless if needed (the needed part are for paranormal investigators usually). But other than that I'm ok as long as we respect our own opinions and ideas.  
    I am an open-minded religious person and hell I have some people whom I befriended are atheists and agnostics and as long as we both don't force our sh*t to each other then all sh*t is fine  
    Since I am a student I can try stop playin g for my grades somehow  
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