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Better Youtube Clan Natrural Talent Clan or DoZe Clan 6 years ago 78 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die a painful Death but have a fulfilling life or Die painlessly but have a boring life 6 years ago 231 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Kill your Mom or Kill the love of your life 6 years ago 174 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Punch a baby or Eat a Spider 6 years ago 240 votes 10 comments 1 like

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can i just choose a bullet in the head? 4 years ago  
I honestly dont know how to reply 4 years ago +3
After 2 days i realized Destiny was a waste of my money. Watch Dogs was fun af 4 years ago  
Kill him because at that point the Id takes control and the Id only concentrates on survival, its kinda animalistic. 4 years ago  
we still got lakes and sh*t 4 years ago  
hard one 4 years ago  
dragons are kinda like dinosaurs anyways 4 years ago +1
RS nerd 5 years ago  
Atheist is a form of a religion, i rather have no religion 5 years ago +4
depends who 5 years ago  
im small and to be honest the person drowing will probably push me under in a attempt to get a breath 5 years ago  
I am a xbox man but the last of us just looks amazing 5 years ago +1
i dont have any secrets sooo 5 years ago +1
I live in St.Louis soooo 5 years ago  
spray alot of axe 5 years ago  
Give me head :P 5 years ago  
ummm 5 years ago  
before for sure 5 years ago  
i dont understand the quistion 5 years ago +5
neither 5 years ago  
i only believe in hevan 6 years ago  
ya their two small clans so i put the links in the author comment 6 years ago  
Ya sorry about that 6 years ago  
Nope 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
I can do what ever i want (: 6 years ago  
My dad was in Vietnam 6 years ago  
why damage others? 6 years ago +4
Retard alert 6 years ago  
i meant to click no 6 years ago  
head cruch because it says i could confess 6 years ago  
neather 6 years ago  
..... 6 years ago  
...... 6 years ago  
what about me a talented youtuber with 4 subscribers 6 years ago +2
umm he was crazy 6 years ago +5
i have a $10 phone 6 years ago  
im jewish and i still prefer christmas over my birthday 6 years ago  
5 or 6 times a week 6 years ago  
i need both!!! 6 years ago  
lol nice pick of a gang 6 years ago +3
i would confess to anything 6 years ago +6
i don't have a dog(: 6 years ago  
thats why ur on this 24/7 6 years ago  
STOP commenting on everything 6 years ago  
what are ice breakers? 6 years ago  
babies are smaller 6 years ago  
who would want that? 6 years ago +3
i have to take both 6 years ago +1
I havn't seen men in black buy ive seen prometheus and it SUCKEd 6 years ago  
Big bang is the best 6 years ago +1
its more than a million 6 years ago +2
Drowning is faster 6 years ago +2
There making the game worse and they made the game cost more 6 years ago  
dude this is why the minecraft community is so bad 6 years ago  
Lol bad one 6 years ago  
Minecraft is old Black ops 2 is new 6 years ago  
the guns are wore powerful than swordes 6 years ago  
you can get diomouned and gold guns 6 years ago  
Black ops 2 Guns knifes riot shields and robot pets 6 years ago  
Black ops GUNS!!!! 6 years ago  
Black Ops you can kill Zombies 6 years ago  
You can play gun game 6 years ago  
Call of Duty you get to kill people you probably don't like it because ur aweful 6 years ago  
Looks like somebody doesn't get out of the house... 6 years ago  
Cod commentary is the best!!! 6 years ago  
and there is a special place in hell for you. 6 years ago +4
i am a jew 6 years ago +1
nice job getting that from family guy 6 years ago  
nice to show this while im eating 6 years ago  
it dosnt have have to be pluged in 6 years ago +2
nobody cares 6 years ago  
im confused 6 years ago +1
sad photo 6 years ago +1
can i be spanked by someone hot? 6 years ago +2
50 50 6 years ago +1
arrow it dosn't say it will hit me 6 years ago  
what would you do after a apocalypse 6 years ago  
lol stupid 6 years ago  
why die old and painfully 6 years ago +5
whos ranjit 6 years ago  
you cant get hurt by the lobsters 6 years ago  
climb a tree 6 years ago  
killed by your dad 6 years ago +2
i got no secrets 6 years ago +2
At least u have a better chance on the zip line 6 years ago  
Yesssss!!! 6 years ago  
u would be in the "friendzone" 6 years ago  
i love my family to much 6 years ago  
kill Hitler thats a easy one 6 years ago  
im not fat 6 years ago  
Im a boy 6 years ago  
Not ansering that one 6 years ago  
depends what friends 6 years ago  
the other guy doesn't deserve to die 6 years ago +1
who chose models 6 years ago  
i barley use my cell phone 6 years ago  
i can you my life forever to earn money 6 years ago  
I hate clowns 6 years ago  
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