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    both 2 years ago  
    Cash is a gift 2 years ago  
    hell no 2 years ago  
    guy needs to go to the bathroom in the back #lol 2 years ago  
    doge 2 years ago  
    f§ck justin bieber 2 years ago  
    both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 2 years ago  
    the titanic was a ship 2 years ago  
    ??????? 2 years ago  
    you can lie 2 years ago  
    no 2 years ago  
    oh 2 years ago  
    im was gana thero up 2 years ago +1
    no no why did i pick that i can have a flood dummy 2 years ago  
    gnvhrtgj 2 years ago  
    opps 2 years ago  
    run away 2 years ago  
    whaaaaaaaaat 2 years ago  
    nope 2 years ago  
    what??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 2 years ago  
    nope nope nope nope nope nope 2 years ago  
    shut up 2 years ago  
    i did not want that or both 2 years ago  
    who thunk of tthis 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  

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