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    don't say every one hates me or i have no friends 5 years ago  
    my friend would kick the hell out of his ass 5 years ago  
    if it's a good movie than sure 5 years ago  
    it's a whole jungle i don't think it could find me that easily plus ill hide in a tree 5 years ago  
    on my x-bow i can use my keyboard as a controller 5 years ago  
    I'm a crazy brave and adventures person so i'd jump even if it has no bungee cord 5 years ago  
    at least it may be the Disney cruise 5 years ago  
    don't say your not popular tho 5 years ago  
    canada is 4 eva awesome 5 years ago  
    i need to get sick because your suppose to get sick about 2 or 3 times a year i have only been sick 1 time 5 years ago  
    dawgz are awsome 5 years ago  
    u can sit ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
    make every thing free for me 5 years ago  
    i can't handle the sight of too much blood or i faint 5 years ago  
    i already sleep for 10 hours 5 years ago  
    well u will live with the pain for a long time and if ur eaten then it's done and over with with no big long suffering 5 years ago  
    its funny as hay 5 years ago  
    well at least its happend befor so its not so bad 5 years ago  
    i'm so creative that ill just make it up in my mind 5 years ago  
    well pirates don't exist anymore soo 5 years ago  
    if i never get caught then sure 5 years ago  
    well ur all just so selfish 5 years ago  
    i support my jb 4 eva 5 years ago  
    wish for more wishes and for every thing to be free 4 u only and mabey some friends 5 years ago  
    there practically saying save 5 or thousands of lives 5 years ago  
    either way u might die soo 5 years ago  
    i wanna big husky wolf mix 5 years ago  
    u can't upload any youtube vids so 5 years ago  
    my job is youtube soooo 5 years ago  
    if i ruled every thing i would know every thing duh god knows every thing 5 years ago  
    at least i can eat 5 years ago  
    yoda's voice is fu*king bada*s 5 years ago  
    well then i would actually Rest In Piece. plus if no one sowed up to your wedding that would also mean the person your getting married to! 5 years ago  
    im a tim hortans person... go canada 5 years ago  
    why is the picture for hottest Zach Effron and the smartest look like a mutated Tyler Oakley 5 years ago  
    u could find a spell to magically make money appear 5 years ago  
    my crush and the whole school all ready know 5 years ago  
    well if it was my friends that caght me singing in the mirror than they would just join me 5 years ago  
    i shouldn't have picked that one i have around 36 ex boyfriends 5 years ago  
    i'd rather die that whatch the ONE leave me forever 5 years ago  
    well every time they put them self down ill be right there to cheer them up 5 years ago  
    um my crush is my best friend 5 years ago  
    well my bestie is my crush so yah 5 years ago  
    well at least the next person i will see is my best friend 5 years ago  
    they can go find another friend if they going to hate my soul mate 5 years ago  
    i would rather take a punch to the face than a bullet to the heart! plus I'm so weak i would die either way 5 years ago  

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