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    If i was immortal, i would have to watch my family and friends grow old and die before me. I'd rather be rich.  
    I don't believe in god but if he was real, definitely heaven  
    I can't stand public toilets..  
    My favourite sport is nothing so F YEAH!  
    The photo of the little kids perfectly described me and my best friend  
    The Simpsons is probably the most boring show on telly these days  
    I usually take cold showers anyway  
    ROME! +1
    Both are horrible  
    I'd have others to tell me  
    Nicki Minaj can actually sing  
    I could always work it of  
    wipe in of  
    both suck'  
    Guest from California, if there weren't any religion there wouldn't be hell in the first place  
    What do you think?!  
    Plato is amazing because he wrote about Atlantis  
    We don't have a summer break so i'm good with that.  
    We CANNOT be alone in the entire UNIVERSE!  
    Mmmm Steak..  
    Australia sucks, i live there, i would know.  
    I would be going, ITS A DISEASE ASSHOLE!  
    Keep YOUR opinions to yourself Guest from New York  
    F YOU.  
    No disease is good enough for me  
    Pretend she had a nightmare  
    Don't know what they are  
    She would be blonde and her name would be Lyme  
    I freaking hate lag  
    I would undress, and i burn to easy so i would probably dress like that anyway  
    The world has gone to sh*t  
    I can relate.. i freaking hate it.  
    Girls are not WEAK +1
    If you don't age you don't die. Win win  
    Omfg Predator pumpkin!  
    I can't take a person without a sense of humor  
    What about NO Olympics?  
    both crap  
    No responsibility!  
    I'm a girl :)  
    Then i could sing in public and have everyone say im good  
    Im to lazy to talk  
    My parents actually care about me  
    I would love space but the chances of dying are to high  
    I'd just tell them to stfu  
    i can get one of those robotic legs and go around stores without it acting like a zombie  
    I would get punched in the face alot, i would also be candor  
    illegal for people to say either yolo-swag or to wear they're pants below they're waiste  
    If they cared, they would help  
    You sick bastard  
    They just had a prince  
    At least i would have a roof over my head and a meal every night  
    Guy from Kuwait, go shove your controler up your ass  
    April fool sucks  
    As long as they hate eachother as well, so they won't kill me in my sleep  
    Class is for learning  
    get a new computer  
    I would read divergent :)  
    As long as they're kind  
    Beatris Prior  
    It's already happening  
    I'm sure that Ignorance would be worse  
    I'm already weird.  
    I do that anyway  
    NOPE. No answer  
    Pay my teachers to stop giving me homeork  
    I would fit MY group  
    24 of you are assholes  
    I've never seen snow, so you can probably guess  
    Phone mothaf***a  
    You don't need marriage to love someone.  
    Pepsi Next  
    I'm to uncomfortable with my body to do that  
    I'm going to kill whoever came up with this  
    You would be warm in an elevator at least +2
    Being paralized would be awesome, going past everyone like, MAKE WAY BITCHES!  
    Pfftt, you can go outside in minecraft  
    Obviously you don't know what it's like to be human, guest from Virginia  
    In what way do we support? Support him quiting or support him doing the drugs?  
    Your an asshole MoNoXide  
    The world has gone to sh*t.  
    Voyager, and no it's a Borg ship  
    Aerosmith, all the way, WAYWARD SON  
    Please don't make this depressing Guest from Florida  
    How do you bribe the police into thinking your mum gave you 150,000 dollars for your birthday?  
    I don't believe in Heaven, God ect, but if it was real i would definitly go to heaven  
    How is that even a question?  
    Change into someone else but keep my personality and family  
    They're both crap  
    Who wants to live on as an old disgusting Grandma/Grandpa and have to watch your family die before you?  
    I don't honestly like Harry Potter, so yeah.  
    It's only 10% Icould live with that  
    i could just adopt, i guess..  
    i would learn baby just to annoy the crap out of people  
    They are both crap  
    Knowledge leads to power.  
    walk behind people and breathe on their neck.  
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