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    Hogwarts is Just a city.  
    Wizards may be awsome and all. But Come on. Why would you need magic when you can just to a Jedi Mind trick?  
    While Cartoons a Zany and All over the place. Anime is REALLY Zany and All over the place.  
    Honestly Final Fantasy has been falling out of popularity over the years. Also, Pokemon is my favorite Franchise. So yea.  
    Sith are generally heartless Monsters. Even IF they aren't, I'd rather be a Jedi. (Also, DON'T EVER make a deal with a sith lord.)  
    Isn't as Boring.  
    While My favorite Element is Fire. Nothing beats creating a rock barrier to block all on coming attacks.  
    Both are awesome. But Nintendo are the developers of my favorite game franchise of all time so.... (In case you are wondering, It's Pokémon)  
    Don't get me wrong you, 15% if Digimon lovers. I find Digimon kinda interesting. But you can't change the classics.  
    Hey, Pokémon is on :-3  
    Avatar is...Meh. I don't really get it.  
    Damn it, I didn't want that! Oh well.  
    I'd rather not risk death for alot of money.  
    I would save my brother if he ever decided to try and commit suicide.  
    Hey, More snow days.  
    Chrome? What is this Chrome you speak of?  
    Even though You get to be stealthy as a ninja. I'd rather be a pirate matys!  
    I'd rather not steal anything. But if I really needed the money. I would  
    One does not simply choose Dumbledore without considering Gandalf  
    Powers of Fire! Come to me!  
    The Holocaust was a part of the Cause of 9-11.  
    Let's be honest, knowing when someone is lying would be such a great help.  
    Hey, I used to be on games only one hour per day. Besides the Internet Isn't everything.  
    Hey, at least the world isn't destroyed by nukes.  
    Then again, so can world war III  
    I have questions about my ancestors. (Thank god I am white.)  
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