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Are you Urban or Nah?! 4 years ago 130 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather View my Profile or Die 4 years ago 236 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be friends with ARNOLD or GEROLD 4 years ago 171 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Your Mother or Your Father 4 years ago 229 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Kevin James or Guy Fieri 4 years ago 189 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who did you appreciate more before they went crazy? AMANDA or LINDSEY 4 years ago 200 votes 20 comments 0 likes
What is the most amount of thumbs' ups you ever got on a comment? Comment or I don't wanna talk about it 4 years ago 164 votes 41 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch FouseyTube on Youtube or TrueStoryASA 4 years ago 105 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch Miranda Sings on YouTube or Glozell 4 years ago 158 votes 12 comments 0 likes
List your favorite (impractical) Jokers from most to least? OK, I'LL DO IT. or NO!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago 3,603 votes 292 comments 0 likes
Do you wish you can thumbs down comments sometimes? YASSS! or NAH! 4 years ago 244 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Choose your classmates or Choose your teachers 4 years ago 131 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Dose Jennifer Hudson look better Thick or Skinny 5 years ago 150 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who is your Favorite Avnger? I DONT HAVE ONE! or Comment 5 years ago 1,415 votes 137 comments 0 likes
Who rules the world? God or Satan 5 years ago 140 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Is it LIT? or NAH? 5 years ago 129 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who looks better? Nicki Minaj or Beyonce 5 years ago 414 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Do you think Jehovah's Witnesses are bad people? YES! or NO! 5 years ago 169 votes 18 comments 0 likes

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╭━━━╮╭╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╭╮ ┃╭━╮┣╯╰╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱┃┃ ┃╰━━╋╮╭╋━━┳━┳━━┫╰━┳┳━━┳━━╮ ╰━━╮┃┃┃┃╭╮┃╭┫━━┫╭╮┣┫╭╮┃━━┫ ┃╰━╯┃┃╰┫╭╮┃┃┣━━┃┃┃┃┃╰╯┣━━┃ ╰━━━╯╰━┻╯╰┻╯╰━━┻╯╰┻┫╭━┻━━╯ ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱┃┃ ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╰╯ 4 years ago +4
i liked it... 4 years ago +1
sit down. 4 years ago  
JAMAICA!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
thumbs up if you went to view his page... 4 years ago  
Iggy has no bars...\ 4 years ago  
Cuz to Live dosen't mean your alive! 4 years ago  
i have morals 4 years ago  
i think thats pretty cool 4 years ago  
heck i look like? 4 years ago  
why didnt you just pick the first choice if you liked the question? 4 years ago +1
A lot of questions are annoying 4 years ago +3
how is this home page material? 4 years ago +2
old tvs and technology have more character... 4 years ago +3
nah... 4 years ago  
because i dont own a phone.... but i would get an iPhone, tho. 4 years ago  
I have a fear of open doors... 4 years ago +1
id be the best rapper... 4 years ago  
when i smile only my top teeth show... 4 years ago +4
wat? 4 years ago  
A whole lot of senseless questions...questions about anime... and me...Tevyd123 4 years ago  
R&B and hip hop was always hot...but now its all this Pop, pop, pop...ugh 4 years ago  
WATER! 4 years ago  
trolling is fun... 4 years ago  
sit down 4 years ago  
shes so cute... 4 years ago +2
love your enimies.. 4 years ago  
i love me a burrito 4 years ago  
r u kidding me??? 4 years ago  
id be like pass the fried chicken, please... 4 years ago +1
no one said anything about context, tho so... 4 years ago +1
Sell 'em.. 4 years ago  
JFK can sit down 4 years ago +1
REPENT AND EAT AS MUCH AS I CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
i didn't know we had a color blind member... 4 years ago +3
THEY USUALLY DIE FIRST... 4 years ago +1
two bites... because i eat fast. 4 years ago  
how was this accepted? 4 years ago +4
lol 4 years ago  
BYE FELICIA!!! 4 years ago  
im sorry... 4 years ago  
I don't mind being trolled, you know... 4 years ago +1
Better than Michelle... lol 4 years ago  
The Bratz are BAD! 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago +1
then he deaded him 4 years ago  
anyone who post dumb questions, really. 4 years ago  
i dead read the description after answering the question... 4 years ago +1
get outta hea! 4 years ago  
me too... i thought i was the only one. 4 years ago +1
that bat looks like a dog...lol 4 years ago +1
i could do 4'5 4 years ago  
which parta NY u from? 4 years ago  
How bout... wash yourself. 4 years ago  
Indian 4 years ago  
GREY 4 years ago  
BLACK! 4 years ago +1
R.I.P. Jeffrey Greendust (My Turtle) ( ; o ; ) 4 years ago  
I disagree. 4 years ago  
I agree. 4 years ago  
its Thursday, now so... 4 years ago  
i dont like when cats have blue eyes they look creepy to me. 4 years ago  
My whole name is fly, tho. (JAMBREEZ) 4 years ago  
I'll be the RAP GOD! 4 years ago  
i don't like when ppl give un even pieces, so no. 4 years ago  
LOL! What about your friends- By TLC 4 years ago  
YOU MAD DUSTY, YO!!! 4 years ago  
where is the thumbs down button at? 4 years ago  
BOSS! 4 years ago +2
Wrong one, I saw the pizza and just picked it, but Jambreez is my name... 4 years ago  
These pictures are just creepy 4 years ago +4
I like Apple Cider. 4 years ago  
I don't like them, I would eat them, tho. 4 years ago  
R.I.P. Jeffery Greendust (My Turtle) ( ; o ; ) 4 years ago  
that tail is disgusting, tho. 4 years ago  
saber tooth! 4 years ago  
im already fly 4 years ago  
I hate questions like this, like for real 4 years ago  
I find Burping pleasant, but farting reliving. 4 years ago  
Where you at, tho?! 4 years ago  
She has a man hand. 4 years ago +1
BYE! 4 years ago +1
She said no. 4 years ago +4
Rebecca is actually TRYING to sing, tho 4 years ago  
that picture, tho 4 years ago  
WHET? 4 years ago  
ppl just talk nonsense anyway 4 years ago +2
rrrather is not that valid, okay... 4 years ago  
How bout NAH! 4 years ago  
How did this question get accepted?! 4 years ago +2
So, if you had one you would kill her... 4 years ago  
I hate liars 4 years ago  
Jeremy Scott 4 years ago  
just cuz 4 years ago  
Is this a real question? 4 years ago  
Ant is stupid! 4 years ago  
really? 4 years ago +3
I didn't know that was ur business, tho 4 years ago  
well, its this or that, you cant pick both. 4 years ago  
thumbs up hea! 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL!!!!!!!!!\ 4 years ago  
thumbs up hea! 4 years ago  
1st comment! 4 years ago +3
Yea, anime sucks 4 years ago +1
it taste sweeter. 4 years ago  
oopps 4 years ago  
not in this world 4 years ago +1
A is probably a really nice person. 4 years ago +1
man, wrong one.. 4 years ago  
yea its SO hilarious, right? 4 years ago  
ME TOO! 4 years ago  
How you a fan and you only know the songs on the radio?! 4 years ago  
Thumbs up hea! 4 years ago +1
tevyd123 4 years ago +1
YEA! 4 years ago +1
both are just nasty... 4 years ago +1
All the day! 4 years ago +1
voluntarily, maybe 4 years ago +3
i dont really pay attention to the users, but a lot of the questions are dumb... 4 years ago +1
minecraft is gross. 4 years ago  
wrong one but MirandaSings, FousyTube, and... 4 years ago  
I only picked this one because i thought you meant nicole watterson from gumball 4 years ago  
idk who A is but pewdipie sucks and is overrated 4 years ago +3
with milk and im good. 4 years ago  
not me... i have a life 4 years ago +1
are people just trying to be nice? 4 years ago +4
i wouldn't call it being stupid... people are free to use short-handed and an informal setting. Where ya thumbs tho?! 4 years ago  
was i suppose to laugh? 4 years ago  
I could take a punch. 4 years ago  
just cuz ur homeless doesn't mean your poor 4 years ago +1
And then when I ask a similar question, it gets rejected, right? 4 years ago +2
Hmmm... Kanye or Chris? 4 years ago  
for being a bad boy 4 years ago  
yea 4 years ago  
I just cant stand dumb questions, then my questions get rejected. 4 years ago +4
BETTER THAN MINE CRAFT!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
LOL 4 years ago  
Really... 4 years ago  
The foolishness is real! 4 years ago  
FOOD! 4 years ago  
tevyd123 4 years ago  
who is you?! 4 years ago  
im blind. 4 years ago  
i hate orange 4 years ago +1
None of them makes me FRUSRATIUNG... 4 years ago  
Umm... genres? 4 years ago  
picked the wrong one 4 years ago  
Kinda question is this?! 4 years ago  
how about NAH! 4 years ago  
BuzzFeed? 4 years ago  
Polo! 4 years ago  
There should just be pack of pink Starburst, tho 4 years ago  
1st! 4 years ago  
You thought I read this question. 4 years ago  
SPONGEBOB!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
thanx 4 years ago  
gosh 75 pounds... 4 years ago  
You wouldn't know your in a coma, tho. 4 years ago  
I could be like" I told you so!!!" 4 years ago  
Low expectations and do better than what they think! 4 years ago +1
Neither they're both violent! 4 years ago  
nah! 4 years ago  
why would you do this to me?? 4 years ago  
da heck? 4 years ago  
I'll talk to all them hittas i don like! 4 years ago  
They're actually both fruits- they both have seeds, but i still prefer an eggplant. 4 years ago  
I love Black Beans, tho. 4 years ago  
I am young and forgetful. And an old person can say anything and everybody will think they're talking crazy.. 4 years ago  
LOL 4 years ago  
BECAUSE ITS EITHER OR, DUH!! 4 years ago  
The heck I look like?! 4 years ago  
wrong one.. 4 years ago  
Soo... U have no life... 4 years ago  
STOP with the questions! 4 years ago  
SAME HERE! 4 years ago +1
Right, those questions are so annoying. 4 years ago +2
6th! 4 years ago  
the question TV, not any other technology.. so... 4 years ago  
I would drown myself. 4 years ago  
2hrs and some minutes. 4 years ago +1
I am a Wimpy Kid fan to the bone! 4 years ago  
DUMB!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
sal's laugh, tho. 4 years ago +1
thats not what the question is asking, tho. 4 years ago  
being out of school gets boring sometimes 4 years ago  
YES! 4 years ago  
Don't Care 4 years ago +3
Sal, Murr and, Joe are kind of on the same level for me, but Q is not all that. 4 years ago +4
u wouln't know if u were in a coma 4 years ago +1
Aww Man... While each Nobel prize laureate receives a diploma, a gold medal and a cheque worth 10 million Swedish kronor ($1.5 million, 1.0 million euros), several studies show the award is worth far more to the winner and companies and universities with which they are associated. 4 years ago  
DON'T TOUCH ME! 4 years ago  
now option b is what I call a CREEPY CRAWLER...mmm 4 years ago +1
Kim is used... 4 years ago  
r u trying to be funny? 4 years ago +1
once again, foolishness gets posted, yet i sometimes get rejected. 4 years ago +1
I CANT.. 4 years ago  
shut up 4 years ago  
How about no violence?! 4 years ago +2
good question. 4 years ago  
And u think im gonna read all this.. 4 years ago  
ohsnapitzari 4 years ago  
the proud family is so ghetto I LOVE IT! 4 years ago +1
i dont like pudding... 4 years ago +1
when i walk next to a skyscraper, it looks like its about to fall...NO, THANK YOU. 4 years ago +1
9/10 4 years ago  
JW.Org 4 years ago +1
i dont like wendy 4 years ago  
I said OVERALL not just in these pictures... 4 years ago  
Bend blood! 5 years ago  
'The answer I picked' 5 years ago  
I CANT. 5 years ago +1
How much times am I gonna see this friggin question!? 5 years ago  
RITE! 5 years ago  
Wrong one! 5 years ago  
DISNEY SHOWS NOW SUCK! 5 years ago  
R u kidding me?! 5 years ago +1
U think ppl r gonna read this?! 5 years ago  
The stupid questions!!!! 5 years ago  
Nah! 5 years ago  
I don't get how my questions get rejected, yet foolishness like this gets to be posted. 5 years ago +2
I don't like strawberries or bananas but... 5 years ago  
Spongebob all the day! 5 years ago  
Jambreez Rosco Le Plus Grand 5 years ago  
i want more comments 5 years ago  
Wish for three more wishes and every last wish, three more wishes! 5 years ago +1
Somehow is so corny,UGH. 5 years ago  
That's just nasty. 5 years ago  
Giraffe! 5 years ago  
I want to destroy JBs face, but I don't like that creepy stuff, uh uhh. 5 years ago  
That was stupid... 5 years ago +2
What I look like? 5 years ago  
My food will never fall on the floor again!!!:) 5 years ago  
AWARD-WINNING!!! 5 years ago  
Topa da topa 5 years ago  
Thor 5 years ago  
2nd 5 years ago  
More like YASSSSS 5 years ago  
81st! 5 years ago  
if you meant COOLER, I agree. 5 years ago +1
the x-men would slay the whole dc, themselves. 5 years ago +2
i think trolling is funny, so. 5 years ago +1
I dont like rock music. 5 years ago  
If i can teleport, i dont have to be invisible.. 5 years ago +1
The heck? Im sure the earth was created in the position it is currently in for a very good reason. 5 years ago  
both are kinda scary. 5 years ago  
Live there for like two seconds, then take a one way trip to America. 5 years ago +2
Austin and Ally!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago +1
either way we die. 5 years ago +1
ur ears have been raped and are now angry! 5 years ago  
uh-OH. 5 years ago  
i love myself...tevyd123 5 years ago  
well, yeah because its kinda everywhere. 5 years ago  
wrong pick! 5 years ago  
G-Force...UH-UH. 5 years ago  
how u sound? 5 years ago  
137th! 5 years ago  
i would let myself lose in two seconds. 5 years ago  
What if im not, like completely dead. 5 years ago  
i like thick girls... 5 years ago  
egg salad on bread! 5 years ago  
wrong one 5 years ago  
I talk to myself all the time, so im good 5 years ago  
ummm... that kinda became popular in the 90s. 5 years ago +1
Homeless, not bummy 5 years ago  
6th! 5 years ago  
lol 5 years ago  
i don't think Rosanna Pansino from Nerdy Nummies is that nice. 5 years ago  
10th! 5 years ago +1
I consider it music, but i dont think it should be a genre. 5 years ago  
I thought a small amount of humans DNA can be tested or something. 5 years ago +1
You don't even have to read the bible to know the answer. It is so evident that Satan rules the world by looking at the wickedness getting worse than ever today. 5 years ago +1
Thor! 5 years ago  
Ash+Eddy= Ashy 5 years ago +1
Guests shouldn't be able to post questions or else there's no reason to be a member 5 years ago  
right? THANK YOU! 5 years ago  
what i look like no shoes?! 5 years ago  
1st!!!!!! Yess! 5 years ago  
If I die, then the i wont have my money. 5 years ago  
dont be corny 5 years ago  
NO! THIS IS PATRICK! I am not a krsty krab! 5 years ago +2
I want to be 5'8" anyway 5 years ago +1
I would count it as two big drops. 5 years ago +2
wrong pick :^( 5 years ago  
gLeek? 5 years ago  
im in to black(African, African American) girls, indian girls, girls from nepal, and british girls. 5 years ago +1
cloudy with a chance of meatballs!!!!!!!!! you know, before the bad part... 5 years ago  
rite?! Thank You! I cant belive ppl would accually pick B. 5 years ago +1
do on to others as you want them to do to you...lol 5 years ago  
THANK YOU!!! 5 years ago  
swimmin is mad work 5 years ago +1
6th!!! 5 years ago +1
am i to think nevative? 5 years ago  
aww, man I just have mace u win, I guess. 5 years ago  
im just gald u can take a joke. 5 years ago  
PLEEZ LETS KEEP IT 100%!!! 5 years ago  
rock...paper...scissors...say shoot! 5 years ago  
U NO WAT? Lets settle this right now... 5 years ago  
bad for all of us cuz we still ain't fight yet! 5 years ago  
well, then that's too bad! 5 years ago  
I love 90s music! 5 years ago  
like shut up, yo! This is an informal setting so i can write anyway i choose, giddih? 5 years ago  
Where's the 'both' option wen u need it?! 5 years ago +2
tru dat, tru dat! 5 years ago  
enema and laxatives! 5 years ago  
im going hurricane SANDY on you, then. 5 years ago  
thanks 5 years ago  
SUAMYOB, and what do you mean that my 'language is horrible'? 5 years ago  
r u kiddin me? 5 years ago  
lactose free ice cream 5 years ago  
76th! (DONT RESPOND) 5 years ago  
If u dont care then dont respond, like shut up, yo! 5 years ago  
10th! 5 years ago  
Bring it on! 5 years ago  
rite? 5 years ago  
Because I care. 5 years ago  
Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
the manda show, doug, rockos modern life, all that, catdog,HEY ARNOLD, spongebob sqarepants... and mad more THE BEST! I can't believe CN got more picks! 5 years ago  
art with coffee sound like a mess! 5 years ago +7
Grey's Anantomy! 5 years ago  
steroids! 5 years ago  
NOT angry, and Im black, pleez no. 5 years ago  
rite. 5 years ago  
fight me then. 5 years ago  
i hate when ppl say that after watching iCarly! 5 years ago +2
lol your picture goes with your statment! 5 years ago +1
that's more bossly... 5 years ago  
opgesluit dom 5 years ago  
go eat 'em! 5 years ago  
FUNNY! 5 years ago  
dont be doltish 5 years ago  
I am Usine Bolt. 5 years ago  
change my mistakes! 5 years ago  
2nd!!!!!! 5 years ago  
whaty did i just say? 5 years ago  
btw, 32nd! 5 years ago  
i picked the wrong one 5 years ago  
i picked the wrong one 5 years ago  
pleez dont speak to via anything, thank u very much! 5 years ago  
lol 5 years ago  
I hate perry! 5 years ago  
2nd! 5 years ago  
I just clicked just to see the results! 5 years ago  
opposite atracting only work with magnets! 5 years ago +1
Donald didnt kill any minority that we know of yet! 5 years ago +1
that money wont do much. 5 years ago  
1st!!!!!!!! its lit! 5 years ago  
THANK U! 5 years ago  
thats just wrong. 5 years ago  
i love pranks 5 years ago  
23rd! 5 years ago  
i just liked the picture better. 5 years ago  
and.. imma boy, so. 5 years ago  
i dont get option b. 5 years ago +1
so lemme get this straight... okay i quit. 5 years ago  
if u go to the left, nothing is right (or correct). If u go right, nothing is going to be left there... i think. 5 years ago  
It's an Urban thing. 5 years ago  
It's an American thing. 5 years ago  
113th! 5 years ago  
a is nasty 5 years ago  
*is 5 years ago  
haha! thats funny! 5 years ago  
the onion did that fake thing about Justin Beiber being a molester, which was really funny! 5 years ago  
30th! 5 years ago  
1st! 5 years ago  
thought lead to actions.. 5 years ago  
nah! 5 years ago +1
really? 5 years ago  
SCONES!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
I can sing a chorus. I cant sing a bass. 5 years ago  
21st! 5 years ago  
really? 5 years ago +1
i picked the wrong one. 5 years ago +1
I need my right hand---thank u. 5 years ago  
ain't no such thing as spring anymore.. 5 years ago  
Lets keep it @ 100%, y'all! BTW... 5th. 5 years ago  
Wat? 5 years ago  
really? 5 years ago  
25th! 5 years ago  
not funny! 5 years ago  
really? 5 years ago +1
lol 5 years ago +1
not funny! 5 years ago  
llol 5 years ago +1
polygamy - no! 5 years ago  
CA$H OUT! 5 years ago  
Where the 'BOTH' Option at? 5 years ago +5
where the 'BOTH' Option @? 5 years ago +1
not funny! 5 years ago  
me dos! 5 years ago  
people can do what ever they want but dont always expect to get back home 5 years ago +2
who cares if you never care? 5 years ago +2
"your stupid!" *BOOM* in your face, back to where you came from. 5 years ago  
11th! 5 years ago  
Oh...hee hee hee. 5 years ago  
Comedy all day!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago +1
i dont like the guy that voices mr. pee-pee head! 5 years ago  
i look ugly when i cry but i look mad sexy! 5 years ago  
rite? 5 years ago  
they hatin' 5 years ago +2
im not married...HAHA! 5 years ago +1
Modern Family is over raided and not that funny. 5 years ago +1
what I look like?! 5 years ago  
don't be corny.. 5 years ago  
wheres the thumbs down button? 5 years ago  
YES! 5 years ago  
no! 5 years ago  
i like to be on the ground, thank u! 5 years ago  
what i look like?! 5 years ago  
wrong 1 5 years ago  
if my least favorite comic doesnt make me laugh, then he needs to die! 5 years ago  
wow, thanks. lol 5 years ago  
5th! 5 years ago +2
i cant belive ppl accually picked A. 5 years ago  
Study shoes you're lying. 5 years ago  
u dont have to be like patrick from spongebob dumb. 5 years ago  
i would lose both 5 years ago  
Dubble Stuf Oreos!!!!! 5 years ago +1
crispy or soft... you can do crispy with panckes. 5 years ago  
GO USSAIN BOLT! 5 years ago  
thats how it originally was! 5 years ago +1
first! Thumbs up hea! 5 years ago  
one piercing per body part listed, Thank You. 5 years ago  
i was just kidding. 5 years ago  
you can get anything you need from behind you. 5 years ago +1
i meant no. 5 years ago +1
whats a motherfvcker? 5 years ago  
CUZ HES white right. 5 years ago  
MY Cat is the bestes! 5 years ago  
I was waiting for the image to load. LOL! 5 years ago +1
NO EARS, No MUSIC! 5 years ago +1
me to. 5 years ago  
HECK YEA! 5 years ago  
that s stupid. 5 years ago  
I like neither but, the black one. 5 years ago  
i didnt mean to pick a choice. 5 years ago  
everyone should know that evelution is not real. 5 years ago +1
i spelled that wrong 5 years ago  
that less embarracing 5 years ago  
NO,REally? 5 years ago  
Being African American and 1700's don't mix. 5 years ago +1
In this imperfect, crule world, NO! 5 years ago +1
pleez. Miley is on the right! Nicki on the left. 5 years ago +4
A is so stupid. 5 years ago +5
im gonna cry now. 5 years ago  
REGULAR SHOW ALL THE DAY! 5 years ago +1
ok, i understand. 5 years ago  
neither 5 years ago  
imma dude, so yah. thumbs up 4 me. 5 years ago  
gross, but cool, iguess. 5 years ago  
idk, im not into that. 5 years ago  
don;t feel ike reading long questions! 5 years ago  
aww...man 5 years ago  
thumbs up hea! 5 years ago  
neither, but i just like the picture. 5 years ago  
I lie too much 5 years ago  
He seems like a nice guy. Don't know him, tho. He could teach me how to get that skinny. 5 years ago +1
first! thumbs up hea!!!!! 5 years ago  
OHHHH OKAY! haha. 5 years ago  
wats a bi tch? 5 years ago  
relly? thumbs up hea! 5 years ago +3
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