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i am that one creep…i see you…i am hiding behind you.And yay i got meh account back by spying one everybody on the universe...i saw thanos x thor fan fiction in thors bedroom

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Would you rather anime Thighs or Boobs 3 months ago 53 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Borderlands franchise or Kingdom hears franchise 3 months ago 46 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who is better Eminem or Skittles 3 months ago 57 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Traps or Futas 4 months ago 49 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat foot fungus or Eat a human tongue 4 months ago 76 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Burn weebs for dinner or Burn furries for dinner 4 months ago 60 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to Be in ur favourite anime’s but as an extra or Have all ur waifu a come to life and have an legal harem with them 11 months ago 81 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to kill a man without getting arrested or Be able to kill a meme without getting hated on by normies 11 months ago 89 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ZA WORLDO or Rerorerorerorero 11 months ago 47 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Just beats and shapes or Geometry dash 11 months ago 107 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather R/animemes or R/hentaimemes 11 months ago 94 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ricegum or theoddsoneout 1 year ago 55 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather longan(fruit) or logan(paul) 1 year ago 61 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather not be able to swear or swear every 15 mins 1 year ago 82 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have my enemy be that one nerd or that one popular guy 1 year ago 60 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather listen to JJD's songs or TheFatRat's songs 1 year ago 34 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather coconut or hazelnut 1 year ago 62 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather nyan cat or nyan cat rule 34 1 year ago 47 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather save it or FRIKIN SMASH IT TO DEATH 1 year ago 59 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only be able to ask a rather questions or only be able to answer rather questions 1 year ago 51 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather turn anything deadly stuff such as ppl in isis into a random food or turn deadly stuff such as ppl in isis into a random gemstone 1 year ago 48 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather change your username to noobiefartand only be able to play for 15mins a day or lose all ur gaming data 1 year ago 44 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be that one creep or forever be with that one creep 1 year ago 41 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have unlimited doritos or anything else but never be able to even touch doritos such as hot girls 1 year ago 72 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in china with free desert and dim sum or live in japan with free merch,hentai and anime 1 year ago 63 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live alone forever or live with everybody you know forever 1 year ago 64 votes 12 comments 0 likes
What would you eat a living baby husky or a raw rotton egg 1 year ago 60 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have your nightmare come to life or lose all your gaming data 1 year ago 68 votes 15 comments 0 likes

That_one_creep has posted the following comments:

As a extra character who nobody knows 3 months ago  
I don’t drive 3 months ago  
Pedophilia 3 months ago +1
How about both,I want to know what it feels like to finger yourself as a kid 3 months ago  
Lolicons unite! 3 months ago +1
Don’t have one yet 3 months ago  
ZA WURLDO 3 months ago  
Sorry for the typo kingdom hears is kingdom hearts 3 months ago  
But everybody can agree on thighs...right? 11 months ago  
Make nekos real 11 months ago  
Yes 11 months ago  
Already do 11 months ago  
By old age 11 months ago  
Just eat minty gum 11 months ago  
Probably 11 months ago  
Already did that 11 months ago  
Neko 11 months ago  
Im still a kid kinda 11 months ago  
Purity 11 months ago  
I’d be a random extra person with no benifet to the story at all 11 months ago  
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm taste like calories and dirt 11 months ago  
At least you cpuld still fap 11 months ago  
Already do 11 months ago  
Already do 11 months ago  
Also known as a trap or futa 11 months ago  
Where are thighs? 11 months ago  
Kakyoin is better than dio 11 months ago  
At least I heard of this one 11 months ago +1
My pillow is my blanket 11 months ago  
I’m into lolicon and I’m not saying anything else 11 months ago  
Kawaii 11 months ago  
Gotta eat before I smash 11 months ago  
:( 11 months ago  
Fake and gay yet lovin it 11 months ago +1
Mayo chiki is a not bad anime in my opinion 11 months ago  
This sucks ups that leaked out of my mind 11 months ago  
Actually I want to be a futa more 11 months ago  
Yanderer 11 months ago  
No,her neck snapped for no reason and died of a corruption 11 months ago  
It’s not like I like you or anything Baka hmpf 11 months ago  
That is why catgirls are still not real 11 months ago  
Humor 11 months ago  
Protect Komi chan 11 months ago  
cool cartoon drawer > random money flexer pink tuxedo yellow lamb bragging easily insulted youtube 1 year ago  
ya he is a cool youtube who draws 1 year ago  
lol 1 year ago  
i think ppl who wants to save the spider watched avengers.infinity war 1 year ago +1
also helping the ecosystem with food 1 year ago  
JJD's youtube channel 1 year ago  
thefatrats youtube channel 1 year ago  
they are close but thefatrat is just better 1 year ago  
........ 1 year ago  
just to troll 1 year ago  
me 1 year ago  
there is porn in dailymotion 1 year ago  
mmmmmmyea she is thiiiccc 1 year ago  
kirishima from bnha 1 year ago  
this is some good sh*t 1 year ago  
ppl from china uses baidu and yahoo 1 year ago  
ppl from china use aid and yahoo 1 year ago  
felix 1 year ago +1
just to troll 1 year ago  
hi i am heybeatrootfartinguglymcdugky 1 year ago +1
ANIMMMMEEEE 1 year ago  
:( 1 year ago  
ghost are ugly men in a white cloth 1 year ago +1
nomnoomnomnom 1 year ago  
mega 1 year ago +1
chinese 6 foot tall 12 year old creep 1 year ago  
dolls are scared of the heat but clowns are scared of nothing 1 year ago  
hotler 1 year ago  
idk why i chose it but i did 1 year ago  
cuz he look like jake paul 1 year ago  
no it's not 1 year ago  
in all games 1 year ago  
i made my account to ask 1 year ago  
ikr 1 year ago  
and thats how you end world hunger 1 year ago  
thefatrat 1 year ago  
on my butt 1 year ago  
i'm a bay no need makeup 1 year ago  
i am 11 1 year ago  
i live in hk so i mostly use yahoo 1 year ago  
living with a dead man then…stinks 1 year ago  
i did it on purpose 1 year ago  
yup 1 year ago  
dark 1 year ago  
smart but i bet u can't kill john cena and adof hitler 1 year ago  
i think you know donald trump and hillary clinton also kim jung un and adof hitler also isis…go live with them too 1 year ago  
i had myself on hentai 1 year ago  
oops auto correct turned dessert in to desert srry guys if it confused you 1 year ago  
:) 1 year ago  
read my name 1 year ago  
sundaddy 1 year ago  
gv 1 year ago  
i live iinn china 1 year ago  
i live there 1 year ago  
i live there 1 year ago +1
if u choose dorito ur in dorito gang 1 year ago  
i'm a weeaboo 1 year ago  
…………….. 1 year ago  
better 1 year ago  
undertale is better 1 year ago +1
i'm a weeaboo 1 year ago  
i mean…i guess it's better 1 year ago  
or just draw the eraser thingy pencil 1 year ago  
tentacle monsters and anime waifuuuuuuuuu 1 year ago  
i meant hitler 1 year ago  
my name will be ugly fatass stupid teacher 1 year ago  
too risky dude 1 year ago  
zombies are stupid and retared 1 year ago  
i don't like babies 1 year ago  
if i am famous i will be chased around the world 1 year ago  
pause button=even you will be paused 1 year ago  
hide and seek master 1 year ago  
the sea is dangerous 1 year ago  
join what? 1 year ago  
just to troll my freinds 1 year ago  
grandpa is dead 1 year ago  
i'll deal with it 1 year ago  
girls do dat in porn 1 year ago  
i'll just take the smallest bite ever 1 year ago  
on a subway 1 year ago  
i am already one 1 year ago  
dogs taste good 1 year ago  
other than this and roblox i don't play games 1 year ago  
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