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i am that one creep…i see you…i am hiding behind you.And yay i got meh account back by spying one everybody on the universe...i saw thanos x thor fan fiction in thors bedroom

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    Pedophilia 9 months ago +1
    How about both,I want to know what it feels like to finger yourself as a kid 9 months ago +1
    Don’t have one yet 9 months ago  
    ZA WURLDO 9 months ago  
    Already do 1 year ago  
    By old age 1 year ago  
    Just eat minty gum 1 year ago  
    Probably 1 year ago  
    Neko 1 year ago  
    Im still a kid kinda 1 year ago  
    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm taste like calories and dirt 1 year ago  
    Already do 1 year ago  
    Also known as a trap or futa 1 year ago  
    This sucks ups that leaked out of my mind 1 year ago  
    Actually I want to be a futa more 1 year ago  
    ppl from china uses baidu and yahoo 1 year ago  
    ppl from china use aid and yahoo 1 year ago  
    just to troll 1 year ago  
    hi i am heybeatrootfartinguglymcdugky 1 year ago +1
    i'm a bay no need makeup  
    i am 11  
    i live in hk so i mostly use yahoo  
    i'm a weeaboo  
    or just draw the eraser thingy pencil  
    tentacle monsters and anime waifuuuuuuuuu  
    i meant hitler  
    my name will be ugly fatass stupid teacher  
    too risky dude  
    zombies are stupid and retared  
    i don't like babies  
    if i am famous i will be chased around the world  
    pause button=even you will be paused  
    hide and seek master  
    the sea is dangerous  
    join what?  
    just to troll my freinds  
    grandpa is dead  
    girls do dat in porn  
    i'll just take the smallest bite ever  
    on a subway  
    i am already one  
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