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What makes you think he's real, Is it because someone told you or you read it in a book. Guess what, Spider Man is in a book and some people believe in him do you think that he is real? 6 years ago  
without god I would be doing the exact same thing as I am doing now. Why do you believe in something just because someone told you to or you red it in a fairy tale 6 years ago  
wtf shut you religious idiot 6 years ago +1
God is a thing out of a story book kind of like harry potter 6 years ago  
I didn't choose but I personally would give a few million to the less fortunate 6 years ago  
to do 10x more things 6 years ago  
scamming isn't that hard 6 years ago  
LOL people thing Italians speak french WOW, I picked the wrong one anyway 6 years ago +1
3/4 of gamers actually believe that lag is bad performance on computers, well you're wrong 6 years ago  
I'm 16 and 6' 3" 6 years ago  
See look us Australians are smart and don't do drugs 6 years ago  
wheel chair races 6 years ago  
torrents 6 years ago  
I have no idea who these people are but anyway... 6 years ago  
Already kill kittens with my hands everyday, let's change it up a little bit 6 years ago  
I believe that global warning exists in fact I know it exists, I just don't give a sh*t about it 6 years ago  
Ok all men out there do you understand that we get erections from blood, No blood = no sex 6 years ago  
For some reason all my teachers go crazy with me in the class. 6 years ago  
or redo the question and get the spelling right. 6 years ago  
I'm a flippin' Ninja 6 years ago  
I like strawberrys 6 years ago  
abortion is fine because technically if you are allowed to abort it, it isn't human yet. However I would still accept the unwanted child depending on my gf's choice unless it was badly mentally challanged 6 years ago  
Eddie Murphy raw 6 years ago  
The best part is watching the idiots embarrass themselves 6 years ago  
no one ever thinks of thirst 6 years ago  
i'm black so... 6 years ago  
could not choose 6 years ago  
quick save is F5 and Quick load is F9 i think 6 years ago  
Canon, what can you fire out of a Nikon 6 years ago  
exactly all believe in Zeus 6 years ago  
religion actually causes all these wars 6 years ago  
Jailbreak =) 6 years ago  
The dumbest question I have ever heard on there was would humans ever walk on the sun O_o 6 years ago  
No kidding, was that the question where the answer was practically stick your whole body inside 6 years ago  
god damn it read the question wrong, I thought it said never stink no matter what 6 years ago  
It really wouldn't worry me I'm not shy with this sort of thing 6 years ago  
I Really can't choose do do any of these 6 years ago  
explain why not 6 years ago  
alien vs preditor 6 years ago  
id rather have my neck cut off 6 years ago  
uh we have free healthcare, gay marriage, polite people and BACON along with the giant death spiders, salt water crocodiles, Blue ringed octopus, deadly stone fish, fierce snake, red back spiders, blue bottled jellyfish ect 6 years ago  
didn't really have a choice 6 years ago  
My dream is to get rich and never work again so... 6 years ago +202
read, it's annoying rewinding 20 times 6 years ago  
Si, I'd antes speak uno language fluentemente 6 years ago +1
Fallout 3 b*tches 6 years ago  
first of all i'd give her a make over 6 years ago +7
it was the egg, a turkey and a duck had sex which then one of them laid an egg and there you go 6 years ago  
you wish 6 years ago  
saying that we believe in god because of the bible is the same as a kid saying that he believes in spiderman because he read the marvel comics 6 years ago  
god is real, do you believe in that because of the bible. If you do that means that spider man has the same chance of being real. 6 years ago  
my friends are assholes so the dare would be horrible 6 years ago  
it says less intelligent so it can be only 1 IQ point 6 years ago  
If only he was real 6 years ago  
ocean, Have you not seen marble hornets with slender man 6 years ago  
I'm a baws comedian 6 years ago  
if you list the specs, 360 is actually more powerful but you have to pay to play online 6 years ago  
the sign actually says Japan NEXT EXIT 6 years ago  
Deaf, blind sex could be a trap 6 years ago  
terminator, easy just build a small emp 6 years ago  
You don't actually pick, being attracted to the same sex is a problem with your hormonal system and a mental illness. Not trying to be an asshole just telling facts 6 years ago  
What do you think you'd look better in then 6 years ago  
blind from birth means that you will not know anything of what anything looks like 6 years ago  
I-pad because i can crack macintosh onto a hdd and use it on a pc 6 years ago  
BF3 = team work, MW3 = spawn kills and little kids 6 years ago  
not in mw3 6 years ago  
get raped so I can play hero and slit some throats, then help my partner get through it 6 years ago  
A serial killer might have only killed a group of people because of something that that group did e.g. murdered one of his fiends or raped his wife ect 6 years ago  
God damn I would love multiple orgasms 6 years ago  
Low self-seteem means you could make them feel better 6 years ago  
God's an excuse not a theory. 6 years ago  
done that like a boss 6 years ago  
a 6 year would be messed up and there are some pretty hot 26 year old's though 6 years ago  
I'm glad that I live in Australia BTW 95% of our stereotypes only occur to about 8% of our population 6 years ago  
depends on the shark, they don't really fancy humans 6 years ago  
sorry but I have to be a nerd here, with X-ray vision you will only be able to see the things affected by that type of radiation e.g. bones and thingd 6 years ago  
it would be more awkward trying to take a sh*t in an elevator rather than hanging your ass over the side of a ski lift. 6 years ago  
with all the porn on the net it will be quite hard for someone to find it, Just make your own website and put it there but don't allow it to be found in search engines 6 years ago  
I think I love you 6 years ago  
A mental institution is worse than any prison and or hospital 6 years ago  
I chose pirate because of Johnny Depp 6 years ago  
I would absolutely hate to be a lawyer. Imagine if you had to defend a rapist or murderer. 6 years ago  
I have both.Torrents FTW 6 years ago  
The question still states that you will do your homework so definitely the first answer. 6 years ago  
Id wish that the rule against the money was lifted 6 years ago  
God does not give you friends, also he did not give you the sun or anything like that, these are created from atoms forming chemical reactions 6 years ago  
not hard to control dreams, I used to be able to do it every night on purpose 6 years ago  
When the kitten grows up it may sleep with you, when the polar bear grows up it's gonna bloody eat you 6 years ago  
You'd want to hope that your partner picked fly as well, otherwise that could get messy 6 years ago  
Wow 26% of people would rather die than play a pc game 6 years ago  
You could try but might not be as enjoyable 6 years ago  
Or have 2 Hard drives and put hackintosh on 1 6 years ago  
Well you can you might just need to change your angles 6 years ago  
Id rather have buttons and triggers like a game pad but rather look around with a mouse 6 years ago  
it is still more fair in an authoritatian nation rather in an anarchy 6 years ago  
If the masseuse is a female she can still make my sammich 6 years ago  
I have a great immune system and a great knowledge of computers 6 years ago  
dumb ass 6 years ago  
i'm really skinny and really tall so... 6 years ago  
if your in a coma i would feel like seconds 6 years ago  
lol what's the question, rather stroke one's beard 6 years ago  
I play online multiplayer games solo,I get all the reward and get to do things my way 6 years ago  
It would be pretty boring having sex with someone you don't love 6 years ago  
Screw Obama I'm just going for Air Force One 6 years ago  
I'd rather Know everything. If I rule everything i'd probably end up blowing something up. 6 years ago  
Uh well... Shit! 6 years ago  
Pfft I only sleep 5 hours a day anyway 6 years ago  
The person who created the bible only caused war and fights 6 years ago  
A 10% chance isn't too high 6 years ago  
I want to see a Hermaphrodite.Imagine the News then. Reporter: "So what have we here, A little prince or princess." Kate: "Um... well uh, we have to go." 6 years ago +2
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