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    Then Lets Wish for More Economic Resources, Ability to grant Wishes and 11 months ago  
    AGREED 11 months ago  
    OH NO, ME SAD!!!!! 11 months ago  
    K.O.! 11 months ago  
    CHALIDIKADUBU 11 months ago  
    DId I try this before? 11 months ago  
    Hey RICH people from 1st world countries 11 months ago +1
    BANANANA 11 months ago  
    I'd like both 11 months ago  
    so? 11 months ago  
    Or is it a waffle with blue food colouring? 11 months ago  
    Jaws did eat a few girls in the movie 11 months ago  
    She is too old to have periods 11 months ago  
    What is an antichrist? 11 months ago  
    Hello, is that a video game? 11 months ago  
    whats that 11 months ago +1
    Because I am a crazy horse 11 months ago +1
    I'm a donator 11 months ago  
    huh? 11 months ago  
    cuz why not 11 months ago  
    Children like me would like some vodka 11 months ago  
    Remember you can't use whatsapp/facebook/instagram etc. without the internet but you can still use a tablet to access them if you have no smart phone! 11 months ago  
    I'm going to wipe out myself, I swear! 11 months ago  
    Both, cuz I might prevent it 11 months ago  
    Is my Right Hand a person? 11 months ago  
    $10,000,000 isn't that hard to earn 11 months ago  
    They already are 11 months ago  
    At the face! 11 months ago  
    How would you react if you find out that your boyfriend was born as a girl 11 months ago  
    Unicorns are too rare to reject 11 months ago  
    Define ugly. 11 months ago  
    dats troll 11 months ago  
    I've eaten all of those 11 months ago  
    same person? 11 months ago  

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