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    Then Lets Wish for More Economic Resources, Ability to grant Wishes and 6 months ago  
    AGREED 6 months ago  
    OH NO, ME SAD!!!!! 6 months ago  
    K.O.! 6 months ago  
    CHALIDIKADUBU 6 months ago  
    DId I try this before? 6 months ago  
    Hey RICH people from 1st world countries 6 months ago +1
    BANANANA 6 months ago  
    I'd like both 6 months ago  
    so? 6 months ago  
    Or is it a waffle with blue food colouring? 6 months ago  
    Jaws did eat a few girls in the movie 6 months ago  
    She is too old to have periods 6 months ago  
    What is an antichrist? 6 months ago  
    Hello, is that a video game? 6 months ago  
    whats that 6 months ago +1
    Because I am a crazy horse 6 months ago +1
    I'm a donator 6 months ago  
    huh? 6 months ago  
    cuz why not 6 months ago  
    Children like me would like some vodka 6 months ago  
    Remember you can't use whatsapp/facebook/instagram etc. without the internet but you can still use a tablet to access them if you have no smart phone! 6 months ago  
    I'm going to wipe out myself, I swear! 6 months ago  
    Both, cuz I might prevent it 6 months ago  
    Is my Right Hand a person? 6 months ago  
    $10,000,000 isn't that hard to earn 6 months ago  
    They already are 6 months ago  
    At the face! 6 months ago  
    How would you react if you find out that your boyfriend was born as a girl 6 months ago  
    Unicorns are too rare to reject 6 months ago  
    Define ugly. 6 months ago  
    dats troll 6 months ago  
    I've eaten all of those 6 months ago  
    same person? 6 months ago  

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