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    have syblings  
    dress like santa +185
    live longer  
    look at state then look at map  
    add a addition better then the nice house  
    more cash  
    dont like lemonade  
    more sex  
    [email protected] you austrailia  
    didnt say need new fender  
    cant run fast  
    i carry around a bottle of bleach with me for no reason  
    last name passed one  
    no idea chose the one with the gun  
    bring down the roof  
    ask for gas-X  
    adoption don't want to lock up the guns  
    an american wants to be an american and better tec in 1920 then 1901  
    you can have loveless sex  
    i like jazz  
    taliban kill westerns  
    im a guy  
    i dont have one  
    i want my little mind blown  
    my luggige might be a laptop  
    here here solo  
    ohio gets cold ish  
    not gay  
    speak latian, old english, cat, fish and catfish  
    allready am  
    sleep all day  
    safty first  
    wrong thing  
    i am a man  
    dont have one  
    my b day i jan 1  
    not gay  
    lot of kid  
    pens check paper check  
    less crime  
    eat owl  
    make your own record  
    i am wierd  
    free games  
    fire extinguishers is near by  
    the terrorists wont probe you and they my be hot  
    dont talk about me  
    thats nasty  
    i agree with amiij  
    i like my name +2
    the bed  
    three way time  
    im a christan  
    wont freeze and there is an emergence exit hatch  
    save our selves  
    sick em body  
    i am a fat nerd  
    i saw the flag the my teleoscope  
    kadafis dead  
    make money from stocks  
    ya what orangeNinjas said  
    24% lie  
    if it goes gown hill for your friend swoop in  
    best friend because if thing go down hill for the your closer to her  
    iys there chose  
    stupid but able to have sex  
    hicks have guns +6
    coke didnt say what kind  
    if i had money its going  
    long song  
    i want to die some day  
    be a wizard  
    i might be the doctor that sleeps there  
    i'm not gay so that was the reason  
    wont go to hell and they will burn  
    i would make a few million right of the bat by solving the rest of the million dollor ?s  
    wine makes you live longer  
    im an assassin already a ninja is the assassin of assassins  
    i hide in wagons full of grass then assassinate them when they come close  
    games are fun  
    my siblings are annoying  
    the death star  
    i would have an excuse to act like an idiot  
    i would have a les friend vid there sex  
    am useing chrome  
    i dont like getting whiped  
    i would be a ass to the younger ones  
    dont change the past  
    just relax with a good job  
    i would wish for all the weapons on earth  
    i would learn the truth then deside what should be leaked  
    its winter  
    i would be the leader that concors the world  
    you wont be assassinated if your a bum  
    nail the b*tch  
    less distactions  
    i have good dreams  
    it would be a privet wedding  
    i sit at a computer practaly all day any why  
    change then rape  
    i dont want to fear something  
    mj has 1 or 2 good songs  
    i have dogs  
    yeah, you get to watch the U.S. girls play volleyball in tight bikini bottoms! yeah! that i agree with Supreme  
    with in 10 minutes you for get your dreams.  
    i use a very well polished metal plate  
    pass down the family name  
    you can train monkeys  
    i want to die one day and if there is another immortal ? i will sceam  
    wont be a big target to assassination  
    its easier  
    i sleep on the ground for no reason but to sleep on the ground  
    i would read the mind of dogs  
    one of my friends is my significant other  
    if the holocaust happend the world could be over populated  
    its not billons its millons  
    pc rocks  
    you can hire hors for every body  
    the people i know are hot and i have a chance to nail them  
    i would forget that you tube has a sex change tape  
    i want to die one day but not now  
    it's sad that outsorceing turned taiwan in to little U.S.A.  
    i lost friends eather way but i like the friends i met face to face  
    i agree with texains  
    really good friends can become best friends  
    i have no style now  
    make a death ray  
    i like walking  
    fast death then being mauled death  
    im a pc minecrafter  
    twilight is for girls or gays or mested up people  
    lots of land and an illegal security system  
    start speacking russian in the midle of a consusation  
    the entire earth was discovered already except the oceian trenches  
    better chance to live  
    we win +1
    bigger is better  
    i will test my luck  
    im a creture of habit  
    look where her hands are  
    i dont like sick ness  
    protectoin agents people and zombies  
    golden coral  
    i have a teacher like that  
    im from ohio i like familiar places  
    no legs but famaly  
    top half hot but no hole you can ride a unicorn and impale  
    the physical pain might last for .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000009 seconds  
    thats millons  
    at worst the virus destroys you computer being sick at worst death  
    its in rome alot of other sights  
    my back hurts  
    can get in to a relatoinship and take them some where very nice  
    im getting a laptop and you could get only 2$  
    saves time and money  
    im a man  
    alcohol and games plus costumes  
    i have seen Quantum of solace  
    can you change back and forth then i would  
    mit would sold the U.S.A. to china buy now  
    i like good looks  
    i dont feel like changing history and you could bring back hitler torture him then kill him  
    its a mill  
    you can make more friends  
    some corn flakes with cut up bananas and suger is the breckfast of chams  
    my eyes suck all ready so not a problem just thicker lenses  
    they might be naked  
    i would just below average hight of my age  
    i agree with jordieb4 that Tom boys are Stupidly sexy +1
    gandalf split the earth dumbledore lit things on fire and die  
    it a move you would be happy by your self no body to destebe you  
    my hair is already crap looking so what and i could ware a hat  
    the short clip might be your death  
    being paralysed is like being in a coma but can see smell and hear whats going on  
    i don't have a cell all ready  
    breathing like darth vadar would be annoing  
    your crush could all ready like you then you would know  
    everybody does coke  
    here here jukio  
    i dont like camras  
    you best friend might be the same sex  
    bad divers are getting rid of them self by crashing and what if one day your drunk and start to driver your a bad drive and poof you gone with that choose  
    you will beat the game then buy a new one wasting money  
    i like suits  
    you would get bored of living forever but cant die  
    the celb might be a porn star or some body just as hot  
    at least you gave so they wont think your an complete asshole  
    i agree with omega  
    your dream vac might be with that person  
    i like my lungs and you wound speand the on cigeretts in 6 months  
    i am all ready smart  
    dont think about it to much  
    i ageer wih colorado  
    my ancestors were crazy i know from records of what they did  
    think about it solotary can't have kids  
    can evesdrop on importan conversatoins  
    make money  
    hit the rewind botton to fix mistakes and not die a horribale death  
    make some really nice dreams if you know what i mean  
    hell be a king if all his aunts famaly dies  
    1 in 6 chances of going to hell is not worth100000000  
    only in the U.K women cannot be doctors  
    my dreams are messed up  
    baby is hell gangnam style you can dance to or try to learn the word  
    fails are funny  
    i know i only live one  
    dubstep rocks  
    i'm not going to hell and a good begger makes 200$ a day  
    i already bad at some thing i love MineCraft  
    sweat shop workers are staveing  
    nate olmsted sounds good  
    that depends for me eather is 10% each day or 10% every year  
    my way is i'm the man so mc could have been the man  
    hello weed in the U.S.A for 5 and up  
    i would make the moron misrable with brain power  
    god created the big bang  
    i would did it if it was a sex scene but not a nude scene  
    you're chose of luxury of 5-6 hours or 5-6 days  
    tell him to get a job and there are home less shelters  
    you would loss that mill fast +2
    one direction has one desent song J.B none  
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