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Would you rather watch the movie Aliens or Predator 68,915 votes 396 comments 0 likes
Would you rather shop at Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy 68,393 votes 312 comments 1 like
Would you rather own an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 183,165 votes 2,271 comments 7 likes

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wth is with the first one. suck your blood? what are they goth or something?  
the chocolate pudding loocks way more good than that chunky pile of crap. +4
thats kinda mean guest from florida  
crap i chose the wrong one!!!!!! also the tounge of the cow is all moldy and gross.  
they both are slow. it just matter what kind of connection you have.  
thumbs up if you hate waking up in the morning freezing and you're like that all day no matter how many layers of clothes you put on. +4
you don't have to touch cat poop either.  
the guest from massachusetts who said "they both suck" probly plays golf.  
notice how the video is a vhs. about how many people have those. 1 in 1,000,000 +1
cmon really. chocolate all the way!!!!! i mean look at that delicious thing of chocolate!!!  
i would want to speak 5 languages because you can probably get a high paying job to give you more money than $75,000.  
baths just get colder and colder as you sit in that dirty water. showers have a long length of time for warm water.  
cold room because you can always make yourself warmer. +3
arms dealer. you're most likely not to get in more trouble than drugs because you're just selling weapons. +1
i choose cats because you don't even have to feel or touch the cat poop when you scoop it up. but oh no no no you have to feel that wet sweaty dog sh*t when you pick it up in that thin piece of plastic bag. +2
this was a hard choice because you just want to play and hug your little dog all day long but they can't protect you in a situation.  
read mind because someday technology will be advanced enough for you to fly.  
when i first saw the "sox" symbol i thought it said sex. LOL! +1
i don't have a problem with either of them, it's just that i live in Minnesota so i prefer snowboarding. no effence taken?  
marvel is better than dc so i have to go with spiderman. but just that red girls underwear just doesn't make superman look very attractive now does it?  
i agree with justinh, but cmon really? anyone can climb a mountain if they wanted too. it's kinda hard to get to skydive.  
i would probably say both because pc is better for gaming and stuff like that and mac is good for there internet and design of the computer.  
why would you say that genesis? that's terrible. +2
ick. i can't even stand the thought of my toenails being ripped off.  
true love is worth more than $10,000,00.0 +1
avatar stole vehicles from halo! so i chose star wars  
yeah IKR!! xbox is so much better. +1
at blockbuster you get to rent video games and on netflix you don't  
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